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August 31, 2013

Some people live in tyrannical fear of doing the wrong thing, I say fuck it, I'm leaving the room, and I'm not turning off the light! I've got electricity, and I'm going to use it! Imagine if you lived in the times of stagecoaches and oil lamps, ya it'd be awesome... would it? Would it really? Or would it massively suck? Don't live in fear, you live such a short time, enjoy your time. You were born in this time for a reason. Embrace that. We can romanticize the past, I do it all the time, I think there's beautiful things from history we should embrace and assure don't pass away, but there are things right now we should treat the same.


Do you want to know the moment I stopped listening to President Obama? It was when he called all missile strikes on civilians an act of terrorism, while drone striking civilians in 5 middle eastern countries, campaigned on transparency and then disallowed his press secretaries from even acknowledging the drone program even exists, and yes, many civilians have died so far from these drone strikes, look 'em up, Democracy Now has covered them extensively. Look up the wedding that got hit where 30 people died including the bride and groom, and what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. Ya, that's when I stopped caring about the seat of the presidency.

August 30, 2013

I don't believe in ghosts, but I'm fairly sure my cat is in direct communication with all of 'em.


if we could love and support each other the way we love and support our pets, utopia would be a place not of fantasies, and not of challenge-less plateaus of apathy, but a starting point.


Many organized religions are all about the weakness and inadequacies of man... we can't become liberated without Christ or some other messiah figure, God won't give us more than we can handle, you must believe in God or Christ or be damned forever, why is the cornerstone of the most popular religions so unempowering? Is it because it makes people easier to control? Let go and let God? Why then did God give us freewill and a neocortex designed for critical thinking, to solve problems, if he didn't intend for them to be perfect and designed for mastery? After all what is free will, what is love without empowerment? If we are dependent, are we using our free will, are we empowered, or are we slaves? I believe God gave us free will and the power to question, the power to truly explore and to become free through our own efforts, and to do otherwise is to live under tyrannical rule, within the prisons of our own mind, willing sheep, to the dictators who are nothing but other men, who taught you a truth, like baited hooks to simple fish, who were just too young and impressionable to have a chance.

August 26, 2013

Good things come to those who wait, but so does procrastination.


I grew up believing my sensitivity was a weakness, that thick skin was the way to be, so I tried to suppress my sensitivity and became neurotic... It was only when I embraced my sensitivity that I found the strength I had been taught to believe I lacked, it was in me all along.


You can now go to jail for being homeless in Columbia, South Carolina, but not for killing 11 people in a corrupt non regulated oil disaster or nearly destroying the national economy, war seems okay too... right when you think the world is starting to make sense, we humans throw this wrench in the works...

August 25, 2013

Hope & Change literally means, False Hope and Loose Change, because that's what they offer us. If you want real hope and real change, you have to take it for yourself.
Self-reliance, accountability, personal responsibility, freedom comes from within, it can't be voted on.

August 24, 2013


Whenever I meet someone who still uses ICQ, I feel as though I've just come across a time traveler.


Conventional wisdom tells us, extraterrestrial contact is not possible because of the vast distances in space, the amount of energy output necessary would be too much for any physical spacecraft to endure... but, I invite you to ponder this little granule of theory... what if extraterrestrials did not have to travel through the physical, linear universe as we comprehend it with our five primary senses, but instead blended their senses like we do our primary colors to create new colors, but not colors, instead, new senses, and with the mastery of these new developed senses, traveled between distances by bending space-time with their minds, opening doorways between vast distances with our help, knowingly or unknowingly, by say... going fishing in our world, and once attention hooked, pull on our energy to get them the rest of the way across? What then? What then?

August 23, 2013

The shorter your life, the more meaningful, the brightest candles, hottest flames, you know? I imagine a fly that lives 72 hours must be tiny flying buddhas, zig zagging sutras in the sky.

* I feel good this morning. Yesterday was a tough day, no ones fault it my own, today and for the weekend I have no work to do, I can work on music, promoting the album, working on the book case project, listening to my audio book... You know it's really easy to get vovwrwhekmed, that's not a word, let me try that again, it's real easy to get overwhelmed by all the information being thrown at us constantly, it's changed how our neurons fire, it's changed how humanity will evolve, it's changed the way we experience time itself, and it becomes imperative that we find the time to unplug, embrace what is, before anything but consciousness was added to it... No fear, identification, structure of past and future, just the embrace of now. Life is such an event.

August 22, 2013

They say you can please some people some of the time, but you can't please all people all of the time... I think it's more like you can please some people all of the time, because they're just easy going people, and then there are those you can never please who are just looking for ways to be displeased with everything.


Perhaps God is real in the same sense that Mind is real. Neither can be pointed to, but both can be experienced and thus transcended.

August 21, 2013

People were made to disappoint. Life isn't about waiting for perfect people. When you can have compassion for the part of you that is hurting, take responsibility for your own empty spaces creating expectation that lets that disappointment hurt you, you put a salve on it, and thus find compassion for those who let you down.


Sitting outside, listening to a cicada symphony, Jupiter rubbing is face against my feet... a baby crying from a nearby home... a kid on a skateboard goes by, dancing... life is performance art, and everyone plays a part.


If you want to experience life as a diamond, where everything is beautiful and everything shines, you first have to go through the pressure, the heat, and the long journey out of the mine.


What if baby drops had to learn to swim before joining the ocean?

August 20, 2013

Dream Theory:

If you dream of monsters, keep sleeping... but once you dream of something nice, it's time to wake up... dreams are like highway off ramps, don't stop until you get to the one you love.


All great minds have mediocre moments, and you can choose to weigh people down by their flaws, or raise people up by their triumphs, but friends take a different road altogether.


Success doesn't come to those who wait, hoping for luck, chance or a big break. Success comes to those who forge a path for themselves, using their own light to cleave a path that can be followed in this world.


The ultimate question for me perhaps is, how do you find out your heartmost creative passion to give you strength of purpose and meaning in your life? Maybe some people just know right away, I went halfway through college before I had a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I knew from a young age that I loved to sing, write poetry, draw, doodle more truthfully, paint, anything to do with the arts was like a wellsong of magic to me... the question is, if you are not a singer, a writer, a poet, an artist, how do you find your wellsong of magic? I liked that so I said it again Wellsong of magic. It's so airy fairy stupid and nice and meaningful all at the same time, lol. Okay, anyway, I digress. How does one find their passion in life?

First, lighten up, give the same patience and love and compassion to yourself you give to others. Tickle yourself with silliness! The lubrication of life. Stretch out, and once you're relaxed... make a list of the things you love to do, the little things that give you pleasure... maybe one of those could be expanded on in your life?

August 19, 2013

Politics is what happens when love and God are removed from the lives of the masses... people become creators of a complicated game of manipulation, treason, betrayal and war... perhaps it made sense that church and state be separated, but surely not love and God, not in the real sense of the words... and by real sense I mean highest good... but this highest good does not exist in politics, it is as if the apocalypse already occurred, and mankind in its heartless, apathy and idle time constructed their own Hell to stand dominion over... I find it fascinating, but I want no part in it. I believe there is a higher purpose for mankind... one of love, healing, creativity, kindness and unity. The system we have created cannot be fixed with votes, it cannot be fixed with our attention, no it can only be walked away from, back to the earth where our forefathers are waiting...

August 18, 2013

How do you expect people to listen to you, when they don't even listen to themselves?


I am about to post something controversial, it is not my intention to offend anyone.

If God did not intend for man to lean on his own understanding, why give us the capacity to understand? If God did not intend for man to question everything, why give us a neocortex? The things written in The Bible said to come directly from God, are written thus as to demand absolute unquestioning authority, which contradicts everything give us by God we stand witness to. If they say the greatest trick the Devil played was in convincing everyone he did not exist, perhaps the Devil then is the real author of The Bible.

August 13, 2013

I had come to a point in my life when I much more prefer the unknown and obscure offerings of history to the all too well known ones. The thrift store vinyls no on ever wanted. The hidden corners of mid century modern fair. There's a beauty hidden there, a diamond in the rough that fell between the cracks, and in bringing it into the light, we find a little piece of humanity that had been left behind.

August 10, 2013

Comedians and Fanatics don't get along because while we try to awaken the world to important issues through humor, they are like the Bible bouncer, yelling out in furious and self righteous fear and desperation, but change does not come through yelling at people, it comes through drawing them in. They say to women, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? The way to a consumer's pocketbook is through his funny bone. You need to be invited in, you can't just break down people's doors and expect an audience.

August 9, 2013

It is a shame how people judge, we love or hate, never allowing a person the respect of being complex, imperfect, full of failure and success, mistakes and triumphs. We focus on one more than the other, less of each with ourselves... perhaps we can find it within our hearts to give them patience, and a hand up, wouldn't we hope for the same, in inexhaustible supply?

August 8, 2013

Was just talking to my local USPS manager about work stuff, her name is Levita, and right before we hung up, I said, Okay, Livin Levita Loca, thanks so much... and she started laughing and laughing... the day is not complete until you make someone happy.


I think at each moment of the day we can ask ourselves, is this level of comfort helping or hurting me, or is this level of challenge helping or hurting me? We must tune into ourselves, once we know what our balance is and how to master the efforts towards that equilibrium, we feel less worried about where we push ourselves, but first question must be... am I comforting myself, or am I challenging myself?


It is not our life's task to see what is wrong in the ways of others, but to seek the hero within them, and help that gift be realized to the world... that is what will save us, hope, not despair. The time for darkness is past the sun will rise again.... well, for a few billion more years anyway.


Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth.
― Fyodor Dostoevsky

I've been watching the final season of Smallville this past week, and this show reminds me of the last thoughts in a pre 9/11 world. Sometimes we get a glimpse of what we used to be, or perhaps what we feel we've lost, in the undertow of our experiences, but uncertainty does not have to be a loss , it can be a liberating gift, a welcome to a larger world. One that does not extinguish the hope of our innocence, but compliments it.

August 7, 2013

So... I tried signing up for Lumosity today, and the first game stuck on loading for... ever... oh well, my brain must not need it, since I already used my psychic powers to break the website.


I feel like Whoopie Goldberg in Jumpin' Jack Flash trying to figure out the lyrics to the theme song to the show Suits... See the man in the mirror steal for your meal?? Give another pizza pie to your wife? SPEAK ENGLISH!!!

August 5, 2013

I don't know exactly when it happened, when it took hold, this belief that what we can gain in the world is more valuable than what we came equipped with when we were born.


I tell ya, even though I don't believe in ghosts, when you're standing in a room in your house you know to be haunted, and you ask yourself out loud why you can't find something, and then the light turns off all by itself, you definitely come face to face with something.


There are not 7 wonders of the world, there are... hmm, total # of sentient life forms + total number of non sentient life forms, well, I don't know the sum but it's definitely higher than 7.


Our fight is not against nature, but with ourselves.

August 3, 2013

It's interesting that we are taught in religious circles that our lack of belief powers Satan, while our belief powers make believe, faeries, angels, God... an intriguing dichotomy don't you think? But a peculiar one... for if belief is power to one, how can the absence of belief be power for the other? It sounds like trying to power a device without batteries... doesn't seem to work from a logical standpoint.


Schrodinger's Cat is not about common sense in that yes we know if we put a cat in a box and close the lid, the cat is alive, and not neither dead nor alive, no, the idea is that on a subatomic level, common sense does not exist. Mull that over for a bit...


Pocahantas is always portrayed in movies as a very strong, yet docile, beautiful, tall, thin, practically flawless, waif of a woman, when in reality, she would likely appear much differently... She'd have hairy legs, and armpits, she'd be very strong, and be neither docile or a waif of a woman, perhaps she would be more like a Viking in demeanor. A warrior, badass, and weathered by the elements you wouldn't dare fuck with. Is the world ready for a real woman?

August 2, 2013

White society will never understand the race issues until they realize that black people would rather defend the other blacks trying to kill them, than subject them to the white man's prison system... The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and until we stop exploiting people, and squeezing them deeper into poverty, the streets will always be a dysfunctional place instead of the Utopia that belongs to everyone. Everything that lives is equal and deserving of love and kindness, there are no exceptions.

August 1, 2013

This is how we spell irony in my household. My mom calls me to apologize for having to hang up on me yesterday, the call coming through was very important. I say no problem! Then as we're talking, she gets a call, it's my sister and mom quickly says, Oh! I have take this! And before I can say anything, she's gone. Now I've considered all the ways I could take this, but I've concluded the only proper response is to admit, that like the platypus, I am evidence of God's great sense of humor.