April 30, 2014




My brother told me I shouldn't post my address, seriously, what does he think is going to happen? People are going to send me pizzas and catalogs?


People who are going to break into people's houses, aren't reading private posts on facebook, they're walking around their neighborhoods looking at houses... I mean how can me writing my address to my friends be dangerous? What's the worst that can really happen? I get sent a pizza as a joke, or get signed up for some catalogs? Which are free?


I am not worried about anyone knowing where I live because houses aren't invisible, it's not like a thief is thinking, man I wish I had a house ot break into if only someone would post an address so I knew where a house was....


April 29, 2014




Live responsibly, giving neither credit to Gods nor blame to Devils, for we are here now and we must do the best we can with the time we are given.


April 28, 2014




Here's the problem with the saying, "Great minds think alike"... I'm fairly sure mediocre minds think alike as well.




I believe


I'm a little old fashioned... for example, I don't think Facebook needs 56 gender choices, Male, Female, Other seems fine to me. I believe in getting to know someone before sleeping with them. I believe that the phrase all people are created equal has to do with our soul, and really not much else. I believe in silliness, being proud of our awkwardness, singing in the shower, being naked as much as possible, and that everyone is imbued by our creator with an adorable nature, with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe marijuana is a tool and a medicine. I believe we were not put here to rule or hold dominion over but to live in harmony with Earth's creatures and our fellow people. I believe in one family, and everyone is in it. I believe every piece of the universe is crucial, and that silence will always say more than words.


Everything I just said cannot come close to what I mean to say, they are like the shadows of shadows on the things I hold dear.




What matters is not is the factual or fictional nature of religions, rather what matters is what truth alights the path of those who practice the religion and in what manner and by what intentions they follow its precepts. There is light to be found amidst every religion I have ever studied, from Paganism, to Wicca, to Judaism, to Christianity, to Islam, to Satanism, you name the religion, you can find some morsel of benefit somewhere most likely in them all.


April 27, 2014




The ocean and the shore have a relationship interpreted by our state of mind. Is the tide eroding the land or embracing it, nurturing it with nutrients? Are we the ocean, are we the shore?




My cat Jupiter does this thing that's intriguing... he'll reach out with a sort of neediness, and then pull back and lash out instantly judging himself for being needy and attacking me for seeming to exploit him for his neediness, and then he realizes I'm just loving him and not exploiting him and he lays back down and leans deeply into my hand... all of this flashes on his face like a slideshow in half a second, it's such an amazing dance of thoughts and emotions he experiences, but he really wears himself out in the process...





April 26, 2014




Everything we live by in society, the laws, the social morays, the way we do anything, was created at one time by fallible beings, so at any time in given history, all methodology of the past and present and outcomes for the future should be strictly scrutinized and questioned. If your response to why something is done is because that's how it's always been done, than that's a terrible reason, and the world is hackable, we must question everything, we must hack the way we think of everything, so we can use our creativity and ingenium to make things better. Convention for college and debt and the promises of power have shown themselves to not really know wtf they're doing, and future generations see that clearer than anyone else. We are evolving....


April 25, 2014




When the dead speak the truth, the people call him wise.

When the living speak the truth, the people call him crazy.




The demons within propel the heart forward to find extraordinary inspiration others simply don't feel compelled to look for.




We are guinea pigs. Biologically we are not set up to handle all the information that flows through us these days, receiving every bit of bad news from around the globe, it's too much, that's why it's not just a good idea to unplug every day for a few hours, every weekend for more, it's a health issue, and this being bombarded and overwhelmed with so much information is causing serious blowback to the human psyche today./.. oversensitized, desensitized, can't sit still, can't slow down, can't turn off,can't let go... we're all underwater and most people don't even know it.


I've been talking about this stuff for years, but I'm glad to hear more and more people starting to realize what's going on. These stressors will push our evolution in new directions, not for a thousand years maybe, but shit's gonna change.


April 24, 2014




Unplug from TV. Unplug from Sports, Unplug from the News, Religion, Politics, and drugs, incessant cleaning, facebook, movies, into all the distractions they want for you to stay unempowered and unquestioning. Just turn it all off... now I'm not saying turn it off forever... burying your head in the sand isn't the answer, but you have to turn it all off at least for a little while every day, every week, and re-establish your volume control to the connection, your birthright connection to the cosmos, otherwise, you float down the lazy river of distraction and reaction... the causation of suffering, medicated on whatever distraction suits you... let it go... return to the side of the river, return to the breath.


April 23, 2014




The science tells us that the co2 emission levels our at unsustainable levels, they inform us that as the icecaps melt, the amount of solar radiation being reflected back into space safely, drops, but we don't hear anyone talking about this, not MSNBC, not Fox, not CNN, not ANYONE but the few scientists working in the respective fields who come out of their holes, talk about it in an interview briefly and then vanish as quickly as they came, and no one ever talks about it again.... garbage patch anyone? The environmental concern is where the real hope and change must come from, or who cares about the rich, the poor, abortion and social issues.... it won't matter if we're all dead. What I'm saying is, climate change and our effect on the environment is the single most important issue.


Climate change is seen as an attack on big oil, so the political puppets all pretend it's not happening.


April 22, 2014


Cozy summer prep




The world can become an interrogation room, where everyone questions each other but themselves. When bridges crumble to the sea, and the way has become unclear. Choose silence as your remedy, pluck presence from the air. Speak the words that alight the path for you and you alone, for as you least expect it and little do you try, someone finds the crumbs to guide them home through troubled times.




The educational system in America is a joke, and the republicans want to make it worse with larger classrooms, less one on one time, kids are crucial individuals, they need those relationships, bridges built to explore the mind and ideas, they are not to be treated like livestock, hell, livestock aren't to be treated like holocaust victims, unable to move, our food is in genocide and our farmers wear hazmat suits... We're way off course as a people.




If you want to start a shitstorm on the internet, it doesn't take much, just speak your mind. Nothing scares people more than having the beliefs that they hold dear questioned in a reasonable manner.


April 21, 2014




Focus on being love rather than being loved.


April 21, 2014




There is nothing you need add to yourself in order to become whole. No special tool, crystal, mantra, method or expertise... merely realize all life is a stream and you are ever at the water's side... and as life pulls you down stream, fret not on what dragged you and why, rather return simply to the water's side again. Freedom is, it is not acquired. Unity is, it is not created. There is no lack, no hole to fill, an empty room is more full than room so filled there is no room left to move...




Many people never get to see just how much people actually care about them, it usually comes out only after it's too late... perhaps there is a valuable lesson I learned here, Phil will be fortunate to see just how many people he's touched who care about him, and we remember to always let those we care about know, before it's too late... when it's too late it can be the most heartbreaking feeling in the world.


April 15, 2014




I was never happier than in the times I spent without technology.


The fascinating thing and what i love about Judaism is the way they will unplug every week for Shabbos, and I think I like to do that more often regardless of Shabbos or religion and everyone should unplug more often.

I already do that very religiously as far as when I go to sleep other than my iZenGarden windchimes and water meditation

I don't say things just to say them or to sound wise I speak my heart all the time I try to speak the truth

When I wrote this post I was really thinking about my childhood and the adventure that had nothing to do with technology, how fulfilling it was and how easy it is to get caught up as we get older and technology and making money and responsibilities thinking that this will lead to happiness.




I was born a Jew, but I do not believe in obligatory religion by birth, I believe in free will, choice and personal responsibility - the god(s) do not interfere in the affairs of man, if they're even up there at all... We're all we've got.




if there is anything i can do, you know how to find me...
just click your shoes together and hold up a cat and i will be there...

for I am the Wizard of Awww's.




The methods by which we build up excuses to justify, exact and defend, judgment, defines us. Take heed of your inner dialog, and how it is expressed to others, mindfulness is the keys to your liberation.


April 14, 2014


We live in a culture of opposites, of dichotomies and dualities, competitions, winners and losers... but we do not thrive there... I believe people thrive when we transcend these petty conflicts, resolve science with religion, the body as a temple, the body as an amusement park, excess vs asceticism, there is a path of balance through life that is not boring, nor without the profound highs and lows of human experience and emotion... but which accepts responsibility for all things, and recognizes, even rejoices in the unquantifiable, undefinable, unlabellable moments of our lives.


Our energies are constantly put at war by those who would seek to control us to compensate for their own sense of lack, but to be simple is not to be a simpleton, but one who knows where to begin. All that lives is within the walls of a single family, and I treat everyone thus, it has only been my failing in doing so that I have accepted far more abuses than I deserved, in hopes that mankind would seek unity and not conflict, but this is so often not the case, as we all know.


Perhaps it is not my duty to achieve this, but to live it as I know it to be true, and worry not with the pitiable and heartless, but rejoice in the kindling of shared fires.


Today is a new day. I have walked between the worlds, and I have more than I require for the journey.


April 13, 2014 : The Truth About The Red Bar Radio Show


I give friends endless chances, enemies, too many, but eventually, we have to shore up the senses and take care of ourselves... I tried giving Mike David at Red Bar Radio a million chances, I took the abuse with a laugh, I always supported and believed in him, and all he had for me was hatred, but he's the guy who every time you let him in turns out to be a mistake. He talks about being a curious, open-minded person whose interests can get really out there... but if anyone else does he abuses and ridicules them, only that which he does is valid, but we must try to be open to the offerings of others, so I let him go, for the final time... I just don't need toxic people like that in my life. He doesn't just play an asshole, he really is one.


I remember a recent episode where he was yelling, demanding that he was cool, well, cool doesn't have to demand it, cool doesn't have to to hurt others to feel more of a man, cool isn't a 31 year old with an army of angst-ridden teens as his only friends, while pushing every sane person away, burning every possible personal and professional bridge that comes his way... we reap what we sow... I remember he also asked on the show recently, why things haven't worked out for him, amazing he doesn't get it... you need to work with others, appreciate those who appreciate you, it can't be all about you, or you'll be like the guy who picks up fire and wonders why he got burned...


I will always prefer to be a crazy person who cares about everyone, than a sane person who hates everyone.


April 12, 2014


Everything you do will be met with criticism, because other people will always believe how they see the world is the one true perception, whether they love you or hate you. In the end, follow your own truth, if you try to be true to everyone but yourself, you just wind up nowhere.


April 8, 2014


To think outside the box we must first understand what is inside it.


When people are too emotionally attached to the wordzs, they fail to see the message.


April 7, 2014


Hipsters make it impossible to come out for cool things... such as: I was into records years before the hipster resurgence. I was into Sriracha a good 15 years before the hipsters and the cooking shows took it up on as their own... I mean back when it was only in one restaurant in town, a traditional Chinese buffet, no one knew what this stuff was back then (1992), but I can't talk about them or people think I'm a hipster who jumped on a bandwagon... it's not that big a deal, I mean you do what you love and who cares, but still... if I were Hitler, I'd be fine with the Jews and the gays and go after the hipsters. Those guys, talking veganism while smoking a cigarette... hypocritical fucks.




So many people in need, and no one knows need like those with children to provide for. I want to be one who can be there for them when they need a little help. This should be the mantra of every rich person, but it is not, so it must be mine.




Humans live 100 years, the world is 4+ billion years old, our senses are very limited, we are not capable of apprehending the true nature of realilty, so ask yourself... what do you think you will discover of facts or truth or anything with any certainty? This entire thread is a waste of time, an argument of children and fools.




We have science that can test how long it has been since a rock has moved in the desert,... some have not moved for millions of years... this would not be possible if the world were only 6000 years old, ergo, the world is either not 6000 years old, or everything we know of science in any capacity from the microcosm to the macrocosm is incorrect, in which case, these are not words I am speaking but living creatures.... at some point we must accept what we are seeing and what is a fairytale.


Doubt is not a weakness, it is a courage to see all possibilities open, and approach the vast overwhelming majesty of the universe. The well intentioned I have love for, the abusers deserve the sharpened sword of truth. It's not my job to tell someone how they see the world is wrong, but when their view meets a wall where I see a hallway, I try to show them there is a way forward.


April 6, 2014


Information has never been disseminated as quickly or profoundly in the way Youtube does in any time in history, therefore it's time to reset time... Before Youtube is the new BC. BYT. Wake up people, we are not the same.


The Internet is the new messiah. The amount of information we have today must be changing us at a genetic level, pushing evolution... where? Creating new connections, hypersensitization, clutter, choice.... What are we becoming?


April 5, 2014


This isn't a country of rich people and lazy people, but rich people and desperate people. More and more of the women going into porn aren't idiots, but young, smart girls trying to put themselves through colleges that cost $60,000 a year where only minimum wage jobs are available. This is what I found out from my adventures into the world of cam girls... so many of them are smart, articulate, young girls actually trying to go to school in a world where their options are shrinking, especially for those with families. I guess one can say the silver lining is that virtual porn is a lot less dangerous than real porn, being that real porn has some of the highest statistics of suicide and drug abuse out of any other profession, but what does this level of disparity and disappearing middle class tell you about the current reality of the world, and where do we go from here?




Holidays and Birthdays are the training wheels of making every day special for the ones you love.




The biggest problem I have with Atheists is hubris. You can't sanely judge others for believing in something they cant prove by disbelieving in something you cant disprove. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Science cannot answer everything, and neither can religion. No man can. Because we are using limited tools and limited faculties by which to use, analyze and understand our findings. Our senses are limited, we cannot apprehend all that is, therefore we must accept incomplete gnosis in all things and be okay with that, at least until we as human beings further evolve... this is not the end, it is only the beginning.


April 4, 2014


It seems the mainstream of people run from negative emotions, in so much that they create fear and anger and hosility in the attempt... I do not judge them for that, I try to be compassionate... as a poet and musician and practitioner I try to teach others to accept all emotions as creative potential... we can be deepened, moved and inspired by all energies, all emotions... we must allow them all to be... that way we swim through them with ease and clarity. Learning to swim as it were, is not something we know intellectually and thus know experientially... we are always learning...


April 3, 2014


More people would play guitar while drunk if they were as light as cigarettes. Just sayin'. Figure it out, Luthiers!


April 2, 2014


If you want all your dreams to come true, hell, if you want just one tiny one to come true, it's going to take a little initiative. And if you didn't have it in you, you wouldn't be alive... so compliment your life and do it.


April 1, 2014


Only when we stop comparing ourselves to others can we calibrate to the cosmos, and walk a righteous path of personal truth and virtue, whose capacity to help others is infinite, and finds its inspiration in the earth, and resources in the heavens.