By Jonathan Berman


August 31, 2014




Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder alone, but rather it begins in the mind... reaching out with all the senses.


August 29, 2014




A Friend Who Comes Around


Friend is such a complex word, that means so much to me,
Some will share in what you love and some just love uncertainty.

But I have seen the depth of this kept hid behind your eyes,
The love that rules a place in me in my reflected skies.


And now and then when silence rings and land cannot be found,
When I'm lost at sea you're there for me,

A friend who comes around.


August 27, 2014




Do not hide your tears, for as the dew on flowers show dimension in every leaf that twirls, the same is true of tear-stained eyes which reflect your inner world.


August 21, 2014




Music In You
~By me


Some are drawn to join the dance, others scoff at your romance, but no one can ignore the beat, that does something beyond your control, in the blood flow of your feet.




The first thing that has to grab me is the music, and the lyrics tie me down.


August 7, 2014




I am attracted to smart girls, because I know long after their looks have faded, as the green house whose timbers decay, within there grows a beautiful flower, that blossoms in the light of day.


August 5, 2014




Forever You

~By me 


I become your shady tree when the sun becomes too warm The wind that softly stirs and cools you as the shelter from the storm


A gently blowing autumn wind, light poems through your hair The bellows fanning flames within that burns the chill of air


And if ever you feel the mountain's edge, that haunting beckoning drone Like a whisper that cackles the chasms wide like ancient cracking tomes From the darkest dreams, where the cold and blind crumples In the hardest empty planes I'll be the torchlight at the end of the tunnel that forever you which remains


The forever you, for which you seek is the solace that I see Smiling back from your stormy eyes whose gaze reflect eternity


So I will wonder and I will wander and I will lay me down For I have seen the proof of love that forever you I've found.


So I will wait and I will wander and I will lay me down For I have seen the proof of love that forever you I've found.




Today I walked through a familiar doorway,
one that I've been through before
But this time my eyes were wide open,
and not squinting at the floor.


This time I recognize the difference,
between the light and flame
and the shadow of the promise I'd longed for
And the promise that remains.


Though the dream is still quite beautiful
Like a river it still ebbs and flows
But 'lo how I walk up on the waves
No further down I go.


I have found much deeper waters up here upon the hill
And if you wish to come with me I'll wait until you will

For jewelry of passion still shines as cold, and empty of this earth
This door stands open to receive us all once you know what you are worth.


August 3, 2014



The Unicorn

~By me 

If ever there were a unicorn that walked the earth,
The horse with horn would simply metaphor be
And you'd be the embodiment of all that it represents
The magic of the myth in your eyes looking back at me

The horn become the voice of truth
The mane become your love
Untouchable grace become unpossessed
Opened as the sky above

Dancing in the city, forest cleared of trees
With each embrace, returns them all to me