February 26, 2014


I think Hillary Clinton is going to be the first woman president, I really do. It's just the natural progression of revolutionary steps... first African American, then first woman, and in 2024 the president will be a Grey Alien.




Whenever someone mentions bitcoins, I feel like I'm living within a Dystopian Science Fiction story written 100 years ago that wasn't supposed to come true, but since the corrupt 'powers that be' read cautionary tales as "How-to" books ala 1984, it happens all the same...




My life has recently taken a turn for the bizarre and thought provoking, which is a vast improvement over the alternative. Now, let's just see what roads open up ahead...


February 22, 2014


My fish inspired me...


There's something truly beautiful and humbling about how interdependent all life is on this planet... we drink the same water that fresh water fish live in... we breathe the oxygen trees exhale who breathe the carbon dioxide we exhale, it's a beautiful dance of cells and structures, constantly moving between us all, separated only by the illusion of forms... our unity is a fact...


We are all on each other's side, all else is a lie. Suffering is based on the attachment to illusions. Bubbles burst and chariots of mind dance on the water that is time... ah, the embrace! Ah, the trouble that returns which I call a face.




You ever have like... no popcorn for awhile, then you have some and think it's gonna be popcorn, but then you taste it, and it's like... POPCORN!!!! And you go, wow this really tastes better than I thought it was going to....

Okay well... goodnight.


February 21, 2014


They say the meek will inherit the earth, but that's stupid, after all you can't refuse to inherit the earth, if you're born, it's pretty much too late.


February 20, 2014


In the conspiracy theorist's mind, the more nefarious something sounds, the more they're likely to believe it to be true based on either no evidence or the loosest of connections based on either a complete absence of scientific understanding, hasty conclusions, and a Dunning–Kruger effect so profound as to be revolutionary in its quest to feel powerful in an otherwise powerless position in a world currently held captive by corrupt governments who seek to pull the wool over the eyes of the people in order to keep them enslaved for their own diabolical agendas.


And yet, we know so many of the conspiracies are true that it becomes equally, nearly impossible to discern between the insanity and the reality of the situation and the environment in which we live, because there really is so much corruption, lies and deception concurring in our world... sooooo ya, good luck weeding through it all to find the truth... Mulder tried... where's The X-Files now, huh?


WHERE IS HE NOW?! Whew! That was a mouthful...




If you think the world is only 6,000 years old, how do you explain where oil comes from?


February 18, 2014


I now "understand" the phrase, 'rather rule in hell than serve in heaven'.


Consider Hell to be the primal mind, and Heaven to be the higher intellect... The primal mind is a battle field, forever on the defensive, scheming for safety, a wild animal, confident when the way is clear yet utterly strait jacketed by narrowing of vision, self righteous and self serving... and how one suffers in its scope... all to rule with the false sense of serving the ideal... To serve in heaven is to recognize the humanity reflected in all things, to be a cup to the water of all questions, open hands of unattached reception, birds fly over and there is union, communion, not the wandering demands and delusions of ego, but the forthright unknowing of mind, humble and kind.


Life can hit us like crashing waves or like tiny gift bubbles, popping upon impact.


February 17, 2014


I heard women berrating Girl Scouts today for allegedly supporting Planned Parenthood... how insane is that? Planned Parenthood helps girls, Girl Scouts help girls, berrating them for their help with abortions which amounts to like 3% of what they do is counter-intuitive and counter-productive and just ignorant. Some people are just too stupid to realize they're on the same side... except that while some live in reality where one must take an active role in helping women, the delusional far religious right believe in defending their archaic dogma more than the people the dogma was created to protect. That is when religion has been twisted into a strait-jacket and lost all power for good and must be discarded. The question must be, how do I best serve God? By helping his children, or by incarcerating them with the interpretations of God's words?


February 16, 2014


More people have died in history than walk the earth today. Perhaps today I will light a candle... for them all.


People just think and post, they don't often consider what they're thinking...


February 15, 2014


I love the way the book Zen Flesh, Zen Bones ends... the story of the fish and the queen fish, and it gives an answer, but then says Another answer: and when you look for the other answer, that's the end of the book, the rest of the pages are blank... in that moment you are the fish, recognizing the empty pages and all around you as the sea... beautiful, eloquent ending to a book, I love it, I hope you do too <3


February 12, 2014


Someone asked me what watch they should wear to the Opera with his girlfriend... he then showed me two watches, going into detail about them, their straps, leather or bracelet, yadda yadda yadda.... simple answer? Wear the one your girlfriend gave you.


I've never asked anyone else what watch I should buy, and I've never understood people who ask others what they should buy, do you not know your own tastes? Seriously, if you have to ask, the answer is buy nothing. Or you're just spending money to spend money in which case it's better saved. If you don't know what you want, you don't really want it.


February 10, 2014


When I was little, I wanted to spend as much time creating the world with my imagination, and my parents wanted me to live in the world created by hard facts and science... well, look at the world that has wrought, it's time to let the kids go back to their imaginations, they really couldn't do any worse.


I would be totally up in arms about this zoo in Copenhagen killing that baby giraffe, but what most people don't know about giraffes? Nazi sympathizers, holocaust deniers, giraffes are kinda jerks, and the lions who feasted on the body of this giraffe, lions helped the Jews to escape the camps, don't you remember the news footage of the jews riding out of the camps at the end of WWII on the backs of lions? I do, it was beautiful.


Some people just don't recognize genius, even when it tells them it's standing right in front of them.


February 9, 2014


There is no dark side of the moon really, matter of fact, it's all white meat.


February 8, 2014


There are certain simple, personal activities that have the power to synch us up to the collective humanity, to the universe, a mirror for ourselves... where we feel every triumph and every failure, what this is varies from person to person, but it is at times like these when every movement and breath is elevated from utility to art.


February 5, 2014


At 10 we go on a date, and our older sibling chaperones.
At 16 we go on a date, and our parent chaperones.
At 40 we go on a date, and God chaperones.

In life there is always a chaperone, sometimes it's you and sometimes it's the universe... but someone, something is always keeping a watchful, loving eye on us.



February 2, 2014


The life lesson learned from Superbowl 48? In a game where the best offense goes up against the best defense... the best defense obliterated the opposition. In real world terms, offense is war, defense is peace. Aggressiion vs Prevention... I think it's a good lesson, it may be a stretch, but life is taffy, sometimes you gotta stretch things thin enough to see through them to eternity waiting on the other side.