January 31, 2014


How we look at history can change the perspective of our entire world view... were priests entombed religiously with their cat overlords, or were cats simply the household pet that were buried along with their masters? Or perhaps something inbetween, something more egalitarian in nature? Perhaps we'll never know the truth... but when looking at the Gods a culture worships, the top billing of cats in Egyptian history cannot be ignored.




Just something I noticed this morning... there are at least 3 Muslim groups on Facebook called Debunking Atheism, but there isn't one Atheist group on Facebook called Debunking Islam. Why are so many Muslims threatened by Atheism? If your faith is strong enough, no one else's opinions should shake you.




You can get a small clue as to the evolutionary intention of humans when comparing our naturally evolved physiology, i.e. fingernails to other life forms on the planet, teeth, metabolism, capacity to transcend survival instincts and pursue art, cheese, and literature... Now i gave a video camera to my cat once or twice, and out in the world he seemed to display very artistic observations of trees, but we can never know for sure if he wasn't simply looking for birds... Which I feel is most likely, but use that eye when investigating all forms of life and we might find we are not so different after all, and instead of laughing at the anthropomorphism we see around us, accept it as evidence of distant family separated by gradations of evolution, that all living things are inherently one family, pre disposed by upbringing, evolutionarily branched by environmental stressors over millennia, and that at the crux of the living is a shared consciousness, the apex of understanding, suspended compassion and love, within a state of grace.




Can we cultivate perfect trust? With pure intentions, honor, honesty, and vision, we find a path through this world of darkness, shining a light within, bright as stars, deep as oceans, endless as the sky.




Consider... stereotypically speaking, and universally accepted definitions by society, the opposite of a chick flick, i.e. the movie a typical guy wants to see is full of fast cars and explosion, while a chick flick is emotionally, meaningful, full of talking and depth... perhaps it's way past time we burn those stereotypes in effigy, and stop distancing the sexes through such shallow weapons of gender wars... I'm a guy, and I think fast car, explosion films are a waste of time, preferring a movie with depth and meaning... expand your definitions, we are more, so much more...




January 30, 2014


I have created what I believe is finally a reasonable definition of normal. Normal is where atrocities in the world serve as a lesson in what to avoid, a cautionary tale, a whip to the horse of compassion's rider towards empathy and understanding and a new, brighter horizon... while abnormal is those who see the atrocities of the world as How To manuals, recreating the darkest aspects of history over and over again for generations throughout the world.




When the people question the disparity and inequality in their country and the childish corruption of their leaders, create an enemy, defeat that enemy, and tell the people everything they want to hear... saturate them in threats until they're drowning, then they'll accept any life raft you offer.


January 29, 2014


We all must grow up and tear away the tissue paper illusions no matter how comfortable they are... though I empathize with you, I often lament the loss of innocence as they say... We grow up with the Walt Disney view of someone like Howard Hughes, then find out the truth... the world clumsy and small has many pitfalls, but is warm, snug and cared for... and then we grow up, we become aware of the dark outer periphery of knowledge, of our limited undestanding of the world... and we have two choices... to run back to the darkness, or embrace in awe the sheer incomprehensible beauty of it all.




We believe in a creator because we see creation, but is the one evidence of the other? What if we think of the universe as a rosebush, and solar systems as roses... what soil this space, and what lies beneath it? And where doth it get its rain?


January 26, 2014


Faith: Beautiful force of Nature or Greatest Comfort Lie Ever Told? I guess perhaps there's no way to answer that question, perhaps the question in itself is proof of even greater miracles, imagination and the ability to even ponder such things in a beautiful world of infinite possibility... perhaps knowing isn't that important after all.


January 25, 2014


Change is often incremental, and most often the only ones who recognize it is ourselves, and even then, someday, only a few will look back and think, I knew them once, when we were young, and free, and brave.


January 24, 2014


If you think others bad behavior excuses your own, then you are gravely mistaken... your behavior is your own, it stands on its own merit... therefore when people are loving, be loving, and when people are hateful, be loving... do not dirty your stream for the sake of someone else's pollution.


January 23, 2014


There is something beautiful about a world of freshly fallen snow, where all you can see are the tiny paw prints of cats... it's that rare time when you can follow their journey around the neighborhood, and even surprise them, and carry them home.


January 21, 2014


When I was 21, living on the street, I met a homeless dude in the middle of the night who had a new harmonica, but he didn't want it, but he really missed having a guitar, so I traded him my little 3/4 $100 guitar for his harmonica... good times. if we're not here for each other, what point is there to learning anything?


January 19, 2014


Have patience, for all are here to learn through blind spots... Peace is the byproduct of patience. We're all doing the best we can with the knowledge that we have.




This is how it works. The worse new movies get, the better old movies look we once thought were bad. I hate to think that someday I'll think the Nightmare on Elm Street remake was good, or other similar crap, but stranger things have been known to happen, to quote the late Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus Trilogy, "Indeed do many things come to pass."




Tread softly my friend, you and I through this field of flowers...


January 17, 2014


If the children are our future why do the professions associated with them make so much considerably less money? (Teachers and Pediatricians)


January 16, 2014


I always say we should treat each other like family, but I often fail in so many ways. I'm self centered, I don't listen well, I'm always thinking of my own hurt feelings. How we behave today is like the smallest pebble thrown into a lake... ya, the ripples catch up to you and sometimes they become tsunamis, and sometimes when we're ready for it, we can ride that wave together towards a new, brighter horizon...


January 13, 2014


The main difference between the rich and the poor, is that the rich have more money than they'll ever be able to use, and the poor have more address labels than they'll ever be able to use.


January 12, 2014


I do not believe in finding bigfoot, but I do believe in the pursuit.


January 2, 2014


The only conspiracy I have ever unequiovocally found to be true is the conspiracy that every major act of avoidable catastrophe was in some way a major conspiracy.


January 3, 2014


My goals for 2014 are the Ouroboros tail-eating endeavors of 2013...