July 31, 2014




To be human is to live in a science fiction story whose cautionary tale has been written two generations ago... it has always been this way, it will always be this way.




There's an interactive, visceral satisfaction with placing the needle on the record... maybe part of it is the risk, the care of something fragile, like a beautiful lock that opens all the hidden doors in the mind of man... this is the joy of vinyl, and no digital world will ever understand that, because it's looking at the convenience and the cost, and not the art of meaningful living.




Anxiety is what happens to good people, when they inherently understand that everything that society tells them they should be is wrong, but they are conflicted by a strong urge to belong, and have not yet learned that it is not their role to do so, but rather to teach the world that there is a better way.


(Just speaking from the heart here, I could be wrong, I usually am.)


July 30, 2014




What is God but the willing shackling of the mind for fear of life, and death?


July 29, 2014




I don't believe I am a human who was abducted by aliens, no, I believe I am an alien who was abducted by humans.





God should have programmed mankind with a fail safe, so that when anyone thinks, "We should kill all of THESE people..." the reasoning no matter what it is, trips the fail safe which gives the person a short sharp shock, and reminds them, "Oh, right... I just went a little crazy right there."


July 22, 2014




Humans live most of our lives in delusional states, running from one while chasing another. If we want to live with intention and become empowered and whole, to precipitate change and focus a magical intent that heals and discovers our ever present liberation, we must first stop running, learn how to embrace, be embraced, and let go. Otherwise we are simply slaves to our passions, like leaves blown on every breeze.


July 21, 2014




You will always think as long as you live, your brain is a machine, it thinks, it processes information... trying to stop thinking is like trying to hammer nails into an empty sky, instead seek to let go of thinking... try my sitting beside the river meditation, it can help you.


The truth is the old you never went anywhere, you just forgot how to see her.

I used to tell strangers, we never left the garden of eden, we simply learned so much, filling our heads with ambition, that we forgot we were ever there at all, but if we stop, slow down, let go, and just look around... we'd see, this beautiful earth, this is the garden.




Close your eyes, and reach out your hand in front of you, breathing into your hand, visualizing its form... and its energy and the space around it keep breathing into it the beauty of the universe around you , then open your eyes, look at your hand... you are the universe, a beautiful, miraculous, undefinable thing.




I know, you'll always see yourself the way you do, and though that may change over time, I will always see you how I see you, and to me you are so beautiful, your beauty makes the sunsets try a little harder to be seen.


July 20, 2014




Tai Chi isn't about learning aggression, or fighting, it's about finding balance, so you can stop fighting yourself.


July 14, 2014




Your choices are the voices that will echo through eternity, be aware of the melody you're constructing and that your life have a bit of harmony in time.



July 13, 2014




I know my ideas are awesome. I don't blame myself for other people's lack of vision.




I admit it, I'm one of those people who thinks they're twice as smart as everyone else, but even if I humbly divided my intelligence by two, I'd still be two times smarter than you.


July 12, 2014




Perhaps the only thing in life worth figuring out, is that there is nothing to figure out. We can all die any moment... we aren't meant to do anything but love as fully as possible, so that the seeds we plant in future generations, do the work we began... so that nature's plan to survive the worst cataclysms become possible, and if we fail, nature tries again, it's still got time to take a few stabs at it before the sun dies and God must look to another corner of the universe for the plant to grow... I'll never know if we were successful, that disappoints me a little, so I will watch my life, this blinking of an eye, knowing all I did helped in some ways hindered in others, like everyone else... and in the temple of Silence, perhaps I shall find a little solace.


July 11, 2014




I opened my turntable cover yesterday and a lady bug was inside, Lydia said this was a sign of good luck, how could I disagree? A cute little lady bug showed up in my life, what could be better? So I decided to be good luck for her as well and released her out the window... she lifted up off my finger with her Delorian style wings, and into the blue.


July 9, 2014




I think it's ironic that dog spelled backwards is God, because no matter where you look the dog makes itself known, while the same can't really be said for God. Perhaps dog isn't backwards at all.. perhaps God is.


July 8, 2014



If ever you are feeling lost, exercise, go someplace. You can't find something without something finding you.




Every living thing is a cleaner... all life is crafted by nature to help itself... bees, spiders, ladybugs, ants, all things have a special job to keep the earth machine working, keeping the restorative tools flourishing... and mankind perhaps has the most important task of assuring nature itself survives extinction events it knows all too well, that we only ponder in the soil records... But mankind is failing at our given task... we leave cities uninhabitable, shipyards irradiated, nuclear plants melted and hot for thousands of years to come... our job is kept hidden from us, by those who would seek to control you... but it is time. Time to wake up and take up our given duty, to the earth and each other... all life does depend on us, and there's still time to clean up after ourselves, and move forward, before the earth cleans up after we're gone, and must try again...


July 4, 2014




In dreams, all things either do or do not work out based on our emotional mindset at the time we go to bed, and this can be mastered in the way we approach sleep, so perhaps on the flip side, how we approach the morning and river currents of our day must also be a matter of our personal responsibility... 1) be grateful, 2) be articulate, 3) be kind, and if you or they don't like it, repeat from step 1.


July 3, 2014




Many of the stars we see in the sky at night are simply the echoes of stars that no longer exist... like the classic movies of celestial celebrities...




People recommend movies to you in order to make you more like them, not more like you. If people recommended movies to me that are totally me, they'd be recommending Fellini's 8 1/2 for the cute cat sitting on a cute girl's head in Trevi Fountain, they'd recommend Dustin Hoffman's Lenny, an outspoken comedian who got into trouble for speaking his mind, but they don't, because deep down, people have no fucking clue who you are, we don't take the time to get to know people that well, hell, we barely know ourselves...




There's nothing wrong with sexual attraction, it's a beautiful thing, but appreciate it like the sunset, not as something to possess, but as God's artwork to caress with the heart, to inspire and be inspired, to embrace and be embraced... that's what life's all about! Without that, what are we? Slaves, that's what. And the system is just a very deceptive form of terrorism, and then we must rise up and overcome, and we always fucking will, because the light burns away shadows, not the other way around... that's the gig, that's the debt and it always gets paid.




I love how in movies about a giant killer fish, or shark, or any kind of animal... at some point the frustrated hero/victims shout into the darkness/wilderness... what do you want?!?!?! Like the thing isn't a fish, it's a clever bastard that has some kind of masterful plan other than to just eat you or tear you limb from limb and feed you to its children under the sea.


July 2, 2014




The fundamental difference between me and what I believe to be a large part of the religious community, is that while they are waiting for someone to take them home, Jesus, Moshiac, you name it, they're all waiting for someone, i don't believe in waiting, I believe Jesus actually said the kingdom of Heaven is within you, what are you waiting for? I don't believe the answer is to wait, or that there's anyone to be waiting for, but that our liberation is in our own hands. If the water in the shower is too hot, guess who has to turn it down?

Heaven and Hell are emotional states, and we choose one or the other in each interaction of our daily lives... God does not condemn, not gays, not murderers, not rapists, not bad comedians, rambling philosophers, angst teens or adults, the confused or the junkie or the abortionist... Life isn't a game, no ones keeping score, but ourselves, we condemn ourselves, we judge, we keep score, we believe, we fear, we make the decisions, and we have the power to reach out in love for one another, and while others judge, you work diligently on creating peace for the coming generation... I talk, but I learn while listening. And in dreams and waking life, we master both skills,like chefs cooking up a recipe of peace or war. The game of religion often dumbs down the universe into simplistic compartments not just to make life less overwhelming to the weak, but to control how you act and how you think. Think for yourself, love out of love, not out of fear of punishment or hope for reward, that's not love at all, that's terrorism.

Thank you.




Gift gifts to your senses that which feed the soul... you'll know the food by the byproduct of inspiration and creative motivation. Go now, love and be loved.