June 30, 2014




One of the most difficult places to be in life perhaps is in the chaos bridge that overlaps both the secular and religious worlds... Generally, people on some level, choose one world or the other, and live out their days representing it fully... The secularist discuses science and reason and social justice for all, while the religious tend to find in their ways a methodology of things unseen, sorcery, of deity/deities, angels,fairies, demons, things unseen acting upon all humanity from various vibrational realms, where purpose is divined or maligned, but what happens when you live in both worlds simultaneously? You accept reason, if you're lucky, the limitation of the senses without accusing the external fear of being anything other than your own disassociated mind, but have had completely unexplainable and seemingly divine or otherworldly experiences? How do you make sense of seemingly contradictory evidence?


I believe the higher unexplainables are simply that which we do not accept or appreciate or understand about our own mind,and create paradigm worlds and definitions for, and these become realms that we then identify with known energy representations derived from earlier explorers and their worlds shape themselves to our experience,as a utility of the ego to protect itself.


The Buddha said, do not give way to astonishment, as did Terrence McKenna, as do all the wise teachers...in the maelstrom of experience, simply, return to the breath, to the side of the river... and continue...


And yet, so many live in the overwhelmed realms of astonishment, both secular and religious, believing in the forms, wearing them like an identity, and I must believe now that all forms are inherently empty. And only when all beings experience the beautiful emptiness beyond beliefs, can peace be truly possible, for what lies beyond the forms? Reality. Simple, beautiful,embraced and embracing unity of all, and all who experience, experience in unison, of all recipes of emotion and mind, and in this reality, we do not have compassion, we are compassion. We do not love as a act requiring effort, we are love reaching out to love, only the reflections of light dance upon eternal waters. This is not a place to get to, to run to, of other negative Hells to run from, a paradise of Heaven to seek, but already here, it is where you are.


Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is within you, when I was a teen I asked strangers, "What if we never left the Garden of Eden, but were only made to forget we were there all along?" The beauty of the richness of earthly delight turns to grey and sullen darkly torn skies, for what? To discover that we were building our way upward to....


I've already said way too much, and gotten lost down my own pathways, because I'm silly like that. Trying to give a road map to a place you are already, is a funny but necessary work.




I think perhaps one of the most important songs ever written, is sadly delegated to the realms of super cheesy... it goes like this:


"I don't know much, but I know how to love you... and that may be, all I need to know."


"Don't Know Much" is a classic song written by Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil and Tom Snow and made famous when performed as a duet by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville on Ronstadt's Triple Platinum 1989 album Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind.




A Marine who deserts from the war in Iraq can and likely will go to jail, but a President and cabinet who lie to the American public getting us into that war, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, and billions of dollars wasted, will serve out their presidency and retire to their farm to paint.


June 25, 2014




The problem with the world is that a majority of people live by wishful thinking and comfort lies and not science and self reliance.


June 23, 2014




Weak minded people choose fantasy because they can't accept reality, they either are ignorant of the tools, lack the confidence, are desperate and afraid, drowning in a sea of guilt, what they need is to take responsibility for themselves. Open their eyes. I've heard all kinds of woo nonsense. People choose aliens or god as a first leap when explaining the unknown.


There was a time in ancient Egypt when being called half man half god was understood not to be literal but as a status symbol granted few great men, ie Imhotep. Then 3000 years later Jesus comes along and perhaps he is given that status, but today we do not carry on that tradition so we get confused and take it literally, but we can become informed, gain perspective by seeing what it meant in one era, see it happen later, and put two and two together. In an era of information, ignorance is a choice.


What people should learn more than any belief system is the similarities between all belief systems as a way of discovering unity, instead of the way they are used today to cultivate segregation and alienation, martyrdom and fear. Inequality is the chief export of organized religion.


Beliefs are inherently empty, a boat across the water, and people become attached to them, identify with, treat their path like everyone's, and thus judge all against it.


Atheists who demand there is no God are just as ignorant as theists who demand there is one. The right thing to say is, I do or do not believe in a god because I have (no) experience of one, but evidence of absence is not absence of evidence, don't close the door to the possible, but act from the world of the verifiable. Reason leads to confidence leads to achievement leads to happiness.


I am Buddhist, I have met extraordinary beings and had profound experiences in my life I'll never be able to explain. I come from the line of what Socrates taught, his student Plato and his student Aristotle... and that's not a bad lineage to be aligned with.


One final thought: all babies are adorable, and they live within the adult of all beings, remember your adorable nature, see it in all others, and treat them with compassion. We are at a mid process of evolution, not the pinnacle, we have a ways to go, don't let the limited quality of your senses create the endless judgment and war towards your family the way it had towards nations for so long. We are not the end, we are only leaves in the stream.




I think the simplest truth I've ever stated best was, the road to a successful nation is paved with education and healthcare. These should be handled by the state, after all if they can handle endless war, they can handle endless peace.


June 22, 2014




If you want to make the world a better place, simply replace all of the holidays with more Halloweens, where instead of a tradition of handing out candy, people just more frequently leave their homes to meet their neighbors. Keep the costumes, those are fun.




The battle between spirit and science, nature and conformity, adventure and predictable ease that we all must face from time to time in our lives is never so purely expressed than in the choices we face today. For example, I can make Sunday my day of rest, my day to use no electrical technology and just embrace and be embraced by life on its own terms, or I can use Sunday to clean up my DVR of infinite shows... such difficult first world decisions for our troubling times...


June 20, 2014




I have this uncanny ability to relate to whatever suffering I hear of another human experiencing. I used to think I was simply being indulgent, acting superior, some kind of elitism where I thought I could understand any situation, or that I was every man, but when I really thought about it, reflected it within the pools of my heart, I realized empathy was not a weapon to be used, a power to boast or banner to wave, it was a responsibility that I must be true to for every living creature that establishes itself on this earth is often without support, and I must be that support, if I don't, if those who hear the call to love, do not answer, what chance do any of us have?


June 19, 2014




I think it's time we stop talking about God as our father or mother or any kind of parental figure, unless you can also finally admit that God is the single worst parent in world history. I mean, maybe there's a God, but probably not our parent. God probably doesn't even know our parents.




Could you imagine how shitty life would be if like, there was no war, everyone got along, the government spent the necessary funds to clean the ocean, to restructure the roads, bridges, rails, and communication grid, and lawns were gardens and there were no abandoned schools and all trees along city streets bore fruit? That would suck, and like we all lived in a city that was more like a beautiful park with paths and our cars were all solar and water powered and all living creatures lived in peace and love as a single global family? Holy shit that would suck... but thank God we live in whatever the fuck this is, because of it we have meaning, and purpose and fire in our bellies to grow and change and evolve! I am just happy I live in an age of absolutely wtfuckery and chaos, because the alternative would really be hell on earth.


June 18, 2014




We spend 1/3 of our life in a different realm of dreams, yet so many dismiss them as meaningless... I believe this is a mistake. In dreams we can truly experience the oneness of ourselves that recognizes another, and thus cultivate empathy in our waking life. We are opened the book we dare not open while awake, and by listening to the tale with an open heart, we cultivate responsibility in our waking life. The brain works through memories and stimulus whilst sleeping, and thus we cultivate clarity in our waking life. By monitoring, writing down the most visceral of these encounters, we strengthen lucidity, accountability, and enlighten the darkness around the fringes of our senses in our waking life, perhaps discover even new plateaus of human experience, both vestigial and possible on the road of the ever evolving man.


June 17, 2014




Humans are idea machines, and it is only through sharing these ideas that we will save the earth and all who depend on it from the next cycle of extinction. Look around you, at the rich, beautiful, multitudes, an ecosystem, this gift of consciousness, these hands, and the time we have to reach out with them and do some good... We are inscribed upon our souls a purpose, divined by nature's desire to persevere, what we are is too profound for words, and every tiny spec equally so. Everything you will ever apprehend, is just a small part of our hope, and we will never be able to appreciate it enough. We are more than these bodies, the limited senses we bookmark a view of reality with... Is just a view, a limited one. We seek, we experience, we find labels and describe experience to fit them, but what are we really doing here? I wish I could fly... Someday when we perfect new bodies, we will fly... But for now, in 2014, the current mid process evolved beings that we are? are we going to save us from ourselves, so we can see what the next step is for us? Or will we destroy ourselves, make nature try again... What disaster is required to wake people up and put down the weapons of war and intolerance, and make real necessary progress on the great work we were evolved to realize?


June 16, 2014




It is remarkable, to look out into space from our tiny marble in the vast ocean of the cosmos and ponder what other forms of life are out there... to think how lucky we are to have such a rich variety of beautiful creatures living right here amongst us... every life sacred, every life a beautiful intelligence like crucial pieces in a universal puzzle.... all united in essence, against a backdrop of eternity.




I think it's time to drop "epic bro" and go back to "good". Good is good, we don't need have the description of all things be completely astonished, we don't have to incessantly one-up ourselves in convincing people we are happy, so happy we're dying of stress-related psychosis... just calm the fuck down, okay? It's all good.


June 14, 2014




Most people will never understand the adversity you have faced, what you have overcome, and the principles and passions and character which drive you, so when you speak of them, most people will project upon them every fault and flaw and fear they possess , because they are seeking to overcome as well, and it's easier to attack optimism with negativity, to look for what's wrong, than embrace what is right, to take responsibility and learn from each other. This is the path we all must discern each moment. I often fail by reacting to projections, when I should simply let them go by, like leaves in the stream... if I only know the peace of my flow, then the rapids of others need not effect me. Damn, I thought I was on break... well, cold turkey never works, a good facebook break, is to back off, detach, observe, work on real world issues, and grow... backing off in little ways since my break has already been helpful... perspectivewise, okay! I guess no matter what I'm doing, I'm thinking, and meditating, and opening up to life, and some things you just gotta share... I hope you share positively in your life and explore...


June 13, 2014




There's an old story about fear, and how fear is like looking at a bridge that spans across a great chasm, and you cannot see the other side... and through that prism reflects all of our fears, but generally, from my experience, and for the telling of the story, once you cross, there isn't a monster there to rend you, but a small cub, smiling with an open heart, a pure expression of love. I have often felt like the one afraid, learning my lesson through life about that cub... but lately, I feel more like the cub, and people I meet too often are fearing what I am on the other side of their bridges...


And with that I am going back on break. Be loved everyone, for it is your true nature. We are not enemies, we are people who are masters of misunderstanding, let us try a little friendliness...






Facebook's Miranda Rights.


You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of Facebook. If you cannot afford a post boost, an algorithm will choose what others see for you. If you decide to respond to any comments now, without a filter present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you stop giving a fuck. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to post on Facebook?


June 12, 2014




I wish that guy would just die, because then I can finally start thinking what he says is wisdom so I can become a better person.


June 9, 2014




When I sneeze, my chime fountain turns on... that's it's way of saying "God bless you." I mean, I don't believe in that stuff, but who am I to argue with a sound activated chime fountain?


June 8, 2014




My waking life teaches me compassion, but in dreams I am taught empathy.


June 08, 2014




I've never been able to become a Buddha, I've only ever been able to become more myself.


June 7, 2014




There are many keys for many kinds of doors... but my favorite among them all has always been keys of the olfactory, keys of dreams, and keys of music... the three beautiful keys to the kingdom, a trinity if you will, of personal peace.




Every once in a while... the unexplainable comes on stage to take a bow, reminding us how limited our senses are, and that sometimes we are simply right on the threshold of sensing something with which we are usually completely unaware... the walls between the worlds become thin... and we meet with something beyond human comprehension, it defies our definitions, and if we are not afraid, we perhaps expand our senses in a way... evolve into a shared sense we never realized we were capable of... a hallway between the seen and the unseen... and where will it lead us? Between fear and curiosity.... the beautiful chasms of creation which sustain us, beyond ego and personal possession, the universal nuance is maintained...


June 6, 2014




The most important thing for you to master is the present moment... because everything changes, and if you can master how you handle this moment, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one... and this one... and this one... then you will be alright, and there is power in worry, a reminder of the things you want to do, that you are trying to coax passion out of yourself for... but to worry about worry is not the way... let go and embrace this moment, and this one... and this one... and this...


June 5, 2014




What you believe can make a useful bandaid... but if you understand the emptiness in all beliefs, you simply cannot be cut again.




Hey that's the big first lesson we all must learn. Some are better at it, some have to work a little harder at it... I had to work really hard at it. Find something within myself that nothing could take away... not homelessness, not financial ruin, not criticism, etc... and when you find that thing within that cannot be tarnished or destroyed, you have a little treasure, and the more you cultivate it, the stronger you become, keep believing in that part of you, it's in everyone like a rosebud under the soil, just waiting to bloom.


June 4, 2014




When I see people rail against the republicans, or rail against the democrats I think, "You're just feeding the machine." The machine of duality, of endless conflict, of one side over another, of distraction politics, the game they want you to play. You waste your energy diverting your attention to the cosmetic issues, so you've got nothing left for the real issues. You play right into their plan, bound up in their snake charmers tug of war where you can think superior thoughts, have some idiot to point your finger at.... They're feeding your ego while the world dies... And it's our evolutionary task to save it. That's why we're conscious, that's why we're here, and that's why you're afraid, and willing to play their game... A part of you wants the distraction.... I get it, I really do, I'm not judging, but it's time to buckle down. The fight was fun, sometimes we all need a break... But now, break's over, and we've got work to do.


June 2, 2014




To the fearful, truth is an empty contrivance, devoid of meaning on a landslide to personal hells. To the open-hearted, truth is the key that unlocks the gates of paradise. Shine the light of gratitude upon the path, and even in your darkest hour, there will be a way forward.





Sometimes, I lay in bed waiting for some sign, it becomes an obsession, every sound is the mind of some other conscience, just being... It's easy to build a wall of waiting, for life to begin the way we want it to be, that we don't realize it's already happening and we have nothing to find, it's already found us, it's every moment, fleeting, pushing us along... Where are you headed, so serious and demanding? Full of intention as if some diety planned it? Wrapped yourself in comfortable stories, called them beliefs to save you from drowning, ya I get it, but keep going my friends, there's so much more to be found... Beyond the book, the babbling brook, the secrets and the mouths like cages keep them. Dreams unburden the spirits by passing them along, to the world to till over... Fresh dirt, and the moon, and me here waiting.