March 31, 2014


I'm smart, but I'm not so arrogant and egocentric to think I'm the smartest guy in the room... I haven't even mentioned the women in the room yet.


March 30, 2014


Why do I find it far easier to have compassion for those hurting than for those rejoicing? Perhaps that says more about me than anything else... we all want the world to understand our pain, to remind us that no matter how we feel about it, we are not truly alone. That there is light upon a path somewhere, and in a cosmos of meaninglessness and chaotic dogma, we can find our way forward to hope, to safety, and love. That while this life is not eternal, consciousness of memory in sentience is, and that death does not end it.


March 27, 2014


I am the mountain come down from Moses... ya, I am tripping out... no one ever asks the mountain's perspective, no one asked me what it was like to have some dude walk up on me and get tablets from a raging sky... and God showing up like P Diddy at the Grammy's, in the clouds stealing microphones from the Greeks... it was insane! Woo!


March 25, 2014


It's time to raise the level of debate. To transcend the world of junk food and junk tv, of fallicies and bickering. We have to be better. We can't just sit in our anonymous towers idealizing how life should be and how bad politics is. We must master ourselves, so that we are no longer easy targets for their multi-billion dollar marketing monsters. The world needs a hero, the earth is suffocating. The people need an example. Not to be drunk on religious submission, but awake with the clarity of questioning and compassion. All life is a single family, and the world is our home, our boat in this endless expanse, ocean of space... we either learn to row, or we won't make it.


March 24, 2014


You can't spell imperfect without spelling i'm perfect.


March 23, 2014


In the tug of war between beauty and bullshit, it often feels like bullshit wins, but one does not have to ride the boat of conformity that society rows towards its inevitable decline....


March 22, 2014


Compassion isn't only a matter of empathy for the small, but a reverence for the great. For the drop of water, the baby creature, the animalcules of existence, so the world, and the nature of the cosmos.


March 21, 2014


When we're young, our lives are like one big first act of adventure, everything is important, meaningful, and new. We wander out, who cares what time it is, or how far we walk, we've got places to go even if we never arrive, we're going! But, as so many get older, we go into intermission... we pile the distractions and comforts around us that we enjoy, and eventually we get buried in them. But, all it achieves is to separate us from the beautiful adventure of present moment life, in a sea of attachments, responsibilities and perceived complexity. Isn't it time we simplified our lives, and rediscover that beautiful and shy adventure, our life blood and breath hiding behind the curtain, just waiting for the next act to begin?


March 20, 2014


Looking for friendship on Facebook is like waiting for a fish to help you get a frisbee out of a tree.


March 19, 2014


It feels really nice to put your hand in a stream of water, just watching and feeling the water flow over and around your hand... it's soothing, there's no resistance, everything is peaceful, effortless and present... live your whole life like a hand in the stream.


March 15, 2014


Bobby Fischer once said no woman would ever be as good at Chess as a man and just a little while after, Judit Polgar of Hungary became the youngest grandmaster in history, a woman, beating Fischer by several months. Never underestimate the universe's ability to prove you wrong...



I believe in buying vintage and second hand because it helps out individuals instead of corporations, and that's important in these hard economic times, plus it saves on waste, and keeps memories alive... like seasoning a pan, respecting the memories of those who came before us is how we build on a culture, and that's very important to me.


March 14, 2014


Cat fur is to clothing what spices are to cooking...


March 12, 2014


It's time to stop judging people as if our ignorance is vastly superior to theirs. I always had a kneejerk reaction to people who say that God is in control, or that God will never give you more than you can handle, in my opinion these are all comfort lies, the training wheels on the bicycle of life... but true or not, people are where they are, it is our task to alight the path with kindness and compassion, and not to shove people aside in condemnation.


March 11, 2014


I drink a lot of water these days, but it's not really by a matter of choice. I think, oooh maybe I'll have a beer, but do I really feel like a beer, it'll just make tired... then I think well I could have a soda... but soda is crap... I think I could drink cocoa, but I'm not in the mood for hot... so I throw up my hands and just have water... again. Indecision for once, seems to be working for me.


March 8, 2014


There's an unspoken rule written in the twilight zone that reads: The moment you throw something out you will find not a use for, but a necessity for. The ability to discern between utility and abundance is the path that leads to either health or hoarding


I think part of what keeps me sane honestly is that I left home real young and lived onthe streets with friends, and that taught me to find value in people and ideas instead of things, so now I value empty space, and while I still appreciate the finer things, and art, and midcentury decor, and nostalgia, if I had none of it, I'd appreciate that just as much, if not more... the more possessions you have the more things you have to worry about where they are, and how they look amidst everything else... and what will you do with them someday? It raises a thousand questions, thoughts, and peace of mind is like riding a little boat on this current and all these thoughts are just disturbing the water...


March 7, 2014


Bugs are cool, I respect anything that has so much power of the human psyche without even trying... they're like ghost competition, except they're real. High Five insects!


I've unlearned most of my fear of them, by slowly replacing it with curiosity, fascination, compassion, and admiration, and respect. It took me years though, but I'm telling you, if you start out with the intention of approaching them with curiosity and a desire to have compassion as a living creature, you're already half way there.


March 6, 2014


If you want a positive perspective on singularity, look no further than your own mind, zazen meditation, and buddhism.. satori.. the illusions of separation can be uncovered this way... and it's much more natural and simple than any movie, but the movies try to incorporate technology, ask the question if reality can be truly apprehended through the use of technology, while I find it best to uncover such truths without technology, let my mind and body be the technology... software installed into the operating system we call the world.


March 5, 2014


Perhaps the world is Hell and it is our job to use emotional alchemy to make it Heaven. Life is like a meal, emotion our ingredients.. we eat what we cook, so what shall we prepare today?


March 4, 2014


It's a real shame how cynical and negative so many seem to be these days... in almost every post anywhere you see it... I post a meaningful story and someone says, seems like nonsense to me... I post about some beautiful movies from 2013 and someone says, none of these will ever be remembered... we seem to be in truly uninspired and cynical times. I refuse to be so apathetic, bored, and untouched by life. I am always awed, always learning, forever a piece of me innocent, and full of gratitude in each moment... won't you join me there?




Most people are visibly miserable or feigning happiness, but joy comes in the appreciation of life on its terms, while actively seeking to improve circumstances for all, cultivating creative, imaginative, selfless joy. Be silly, it's time to reignite the adventure...


March 3, 2014


Watching 12 Years A Slave and realizing that slaves and free blacks co-existed is as bizarre a phenomen to behold as perhaps homosapiens and dinosaurs living together... except that one is true and one is not... but it makes you wonder how such an oil and water mixture of rights could co-exist, it breaks the heart what we humans have wrought upon each other, think about that when going about your day.




Moses may have been a living man, but he has become far more, he has become an ideal, and a representation of sacrifice, of duty, and of selfless service to others. To those who never see the fruition of their life's work that we in later generations get to enjoy, appreciate and be inspired by, may these heroes not be long forgotten.


March 1, 2014


New song I'm working on today...

So many people chasing the sun
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one
They say they're looking for light, they're looking for warmth
But I'm not looking for anything anymore

There's a lady I know when she smiles
All the clouds disappear behind her eyes
And she'll promise you more while she leaves you with less
But she'll always be the sun in my sky

I've spent my life looking at the moon
Sometimes I feel like you have too
And you say you're looking for love but settling for less
And I'll start in the shade of where you are