May 29, 2014




I see two paths... one leads to an animal, one leads to a robot, and when I see those who have chosen all for one path, I see the beauty in their fullness within that realm, and feel compassion at the confusion and limited reality they experience from within it... and I feel fortunate to be able to share with them another dimension, one of conscience, memory and freedom, because I can choose to express the animal or the robot, and they have no choice but to express it, it's all they know... but they can be so much more, and so can we... and in this way we teach each other, and we evolve.


May 27, 2014




It's an interesting place to get to mentally, considering that the world would be better off without humans, and this among other topics are those that people are afraid to talk about, they think oh no he's being negative, but I'm not, I'm a happy person, I love this world, and life, and all life's creatures... but when you take a real, sober look at what we're doing to this place, the oceans, the skies, the animals, each other, turning beautiful vistas into shitty cities, and straitjacketed cemented earth, we are on an unsustainable course, and it's hard not to get to the thought... this world needs to restore itself, and it cannot do it with us here... not if we keep on treating her the way we are, and through our greed, that is not changing... you get to the point of, well, I tried to save humanity, but now I just want to save the earth from us. We have set fire to the sky, ripped open a gaping wound to the heavens, and built our tower of babel up so high.... and in its crumbling, we threaten the very land upon which its built... from such an altitude the world looks so small, so peaceful, but below, the hell we have created burns at our feet, and the heavens above will not have us... because they are not there, they are the uncultivated meadows of our minds, the one door we forgot to open...


May 26, 2014




Hatred is the inability to accept the uncomfortable truths of ourselves reflected in the world we see around us.




The problem with the world isn't that idiots have too much power, but that smart people give the idiots too much attention. If you want to address real issues, stop addressing the things idiots say. If we maintain focus on what needs to be done, we can turn this thing around... because the world will never run out of idiots, but we will run out of time.




I would like to create a technology to harness the power of the renewable resource of delusional thinking... perhaps it flows directly from the collective unconscious to a reservoir somewhere, and if we could test for a shared frequency, we could use it to power the whole world, and thus suck up all the stupidity and create a beautiful singularity with the residual concentration of intelligent thinking leftover...




Some songs are better than the movies they represent, seen it many times, too many to count, I could list them I'd lose your attention, I'd spark your criticism, I leave it to you to decide... perhaps this is as much a moot point as books being better than the movies that are based on them... the well of imagination requires the user input, and that which steeps deeper than the interpretation of others, keeps it pure, like reflections on water, and in their telling, silence drips, leaving ripples in the lake of your reality.




Between every look, every motion, these phonemes of activity, there are windows... windows between things as they are witnessed by senses as we accept them... we string them along in linear fashion, but this play button time lapse momentum is merely that... habitual direction, but there are so many others at our disposal... there is up and down, left and right, the world beneath our feet, the forward motions of phonemes... and then there is the truth.


May 22, 2014




There is nothing to attain, and no self beyond illusion. These words are not sign posts, merely a description of what is. I love you. Life line love letter let you be free. I know I won't reach you, so let my only wish be thus, that you be free of suffering, that you relish in joy each breath and moment, embracing all that is, achieving all that you desire, and passing love along to all you meet, whatever form it may take.




As one becomes educated, the more one begins to question the society in which they're being educated.




The issue I have with crystals is the sellers who market crystals with very specified and unsubstantiated health benefits... to me this is dangerous because people will take the lazy way out and throw all their money at crystals while forgoing real treatment... If you want to be happy, achieve something, eat well, exercise, be a service to others... a crystal will not, cannot do this work for you.


May 21, 2014




When people say they get along better with animals than people, that's not something to be proud of. Animals represent all we idealize and baby in ourselves and the world, while people challenge us to do the real work of introspection and maturation... Loving all animals is beneficial in many ways, but avoiding people in correlation to it is a strait jacket to honesty.


Even animals need to be around others like themselves to grow mentally, and so do we. If you are one of those people who say they get along better with animals than people, spend more time with people, practice service, shutting yourself in with all you're comfortable with is a prison, not a liberation.


I don't say this to be cruel to the fragile, I say this because I love you, and I'm with you.


May 20, 2014




If you want to feel the soothing balm of success, you must first feel the sting of defeat.




Breathe in,
Breathe out,
You are a baby bird nestled in the open palm of the universe
Share that fragile space of beauty with all who dwell within it
And that is everyone, and everything, the known is an illusion, the unknown is all, and inbetween is love.




The album "The Lion and the Cobra" by Sinead O'Connor, in it's own peculiar way was a triangulation of powerful forces made available for truly pure, personal energy work to be done with intention... like a musical Grimoire, a book of shadows of aural tradition passed along for those with ears to hear.... I've always found it very powerful, like as a man in the world, before a blank canvas, the album listened to, grants one a sort of paintbrush to intend upon the world something magical and corporeal.... something lasting, and something vital, a healing for those seeking a voice for the ghosts of a past that could not speak for itself...


May 18, 2014




I realized I was different from most people, when someone posted a meme that said, "Type "ready" if you're ready for abundance in your life" and 10,000 people posted "ready", and I typed..."Wait! *adjusts crotch* okay... ready."


Understand, I didn't check out whatever everyone had posted until afterward, so I wasn't forcing a subconscious need to be different, if that crossed your mind.


May 17, 2014




When I look at the moon landing, I don't think soundstage, I think human ingenuity. When I look at the pyramids, I don't think aliens, I think human ingenuity. I believe it is wise to question all things, but not to conclude in them with our lack of experience and understanding, and I find it insulting to human ingenuity that we can't believe humans are capable of greatness simply on the grounds that we can't comprehend it.




Sometimes, just to make people feel good, I will "Like" a random stranger's photos or posts from the Anxiety Disorders Facebook group, I mean they may freak out wondering who I am, but I think they'll be happier to know someone liked what they had to say.




Last night I dreamed a really tough gang wanted to kill me, and slowly but surely, by the end of the dream and our interactions, I had become part of the family, and it all ended really nicely.




I was raised a Jew, but while Jews would call me confused for this, I know better... that I do not believe in obligatory religion by birth, that I have found beneficial wisdom in the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and the Bhagavad Gita, from strangers, from the homeless, from war veterans, from the disenfranchised, from children, from seekers of all ages, and through all this I have learned, there are many paths up the mountain, but nothing more important or vital, than helping those along the way, because unity is true reality, and any who falter or fall are a loss to us all. Be well.




Making psychedelics illegal is a government thinking they have the right to govern the sovereignty of our own bodies and the exploration of our own consciousness... and it's a sort of holocaust of the mind for all mankind.




Life is a school of duality, meaning at every given moment we have the choice of an act of light or an act of darkness. Heaven and Hell are extreme expressions of this duality, but there is a higher truth where all dualities resolve, but we are here to learn, and we learn because of those two poles and the gradations between... and the choices we make day to day define us... but is there a reckoning, a consequence for those choices awaiting us in the afterlife? Who knows, but the actions we choose which enhance or diminish ourselves and each other, surely creates ripples felt throughout history, as abject lessons for those who come after us...


May 16, 2014




It is pretty funny that alcohol and cigarettes, drones and war and anonymous money in politics, too big to fail and offshore banking are legal, but marijuana is illegal. What we should be doing is making money off marijuana, tax it, export it, rebuild our infrastructure on it, let it grow, cannabis puts out an extraordinary amount of oxygen, which could help counteract the damage we're doing to the atmosphere by pumping so much poison into the air raising the temperatures to unsustainable levels, healthy seeds, strong paper and rope, save the trees, grow hemp. Save the earth, grow hemp, plant flowers, raise bees, we need to work with the earth, if we want the earth to be there for us, so that in thousands of years once we can finally leave this spiritual daycare, we don't leave it a mess.


Or we can just keep going as we're going and run headlong into our own extinction... if we do nothing, extinction, if we keep going like this, extinction, if we want a shot at evolving? Things have got to change.


Imagine flying through space to a new planet, and not caring if it takes 1000 years to get there because we'll have solved the problem of old age... it's a very real possibility, but only if we change how we do things, take care of this place so it can take care of us.


May 15, 2014




I don't think Area 51 had anything to do with aliens, rather I think it was possibly the government secretly developing what we know of today as drones. It's possible.




Did we land on the moon?


I've never been on board with this conspiracy, but speaking with this girl, an astrophysicist recently, made me scratch my head, and wonder all over again.


The whole subject is such a controversial subject, because it's one of the very few subjects where people immediately think you are fucking crazy if you even think about it, and that's a weird thing. Whenever you get a subject that's like that where if you even consider it, if you don't even take a stand, and just consider it, you're a quack, and a crazy person.


She stated flat out, that while we say we went to the moon, it wasn't possible, not today, and not then... for a few clear reasons... radiation from the Van Allen belt would peel off your skin, not in a little while, but like right then, stating, it would be physically impossible to go to the moon in THIS day and age. She said if it's not possible now, how would it have been possible then? I've seen readings of the Van Allen Belt showing that it would be possible, how much radiation is out there, how much the astronauts would be exposed to, etc, but that's on paper.


It does seem strange they didn't send a chicken out into space and have it come back alive, why would they jump to American Astronauts, during the apex of a 20 year solar cycle? A country that relies so much on animal testing, to the point of unnecessary abuses?


She also said it's just too far, it would take too long, and there's no way they got up there, and sent a transmission back that quickly either... there's no way, it's not physically possible.


They also timed the panning of the camera from Houston, to catch the lunar module separation to the moon, how could you do that on a delay of that great and unreliable?


She held up my phone and said, you have more technology in this than all the technology available at the time, combined.


Interesting stuff... I don't know enough to talk about it, but I do find everything fascinating. Think about it, we haven't gone back, and we've never even come close since 1969... why? In 1969 we traveled 250,000 miles and we haven't done shit since then? Where's the revisit in 2014, with current technology?


Technological Jesus has to be questioned... everything on Earth today is faster, better, and more powerful than anything in 1969, and yet...and yet our space program is gone... maybe they faked it.


After the alleged moon landing, Neil Armstrong became a recluse and stopped talking to people, Buzz Aldrin goes insane, he became a serious alcoholic after the moon landing... weird shit with the lunar module, crazy man.


Also the moon rock given to the Prime Minster to Holland turned out to be a piece of petrified wood.


Its stuff like this that maybe we'll just never have a definitive answer to, but questioning it, pondering it, I think is crucial to keeping our creativity, our brains active, keep exploring possibilities.


I think when we consider the technology of the times, in 1969 you didn't even have megabyte computers yet, 756 kb in 1972 was cutting edge





Negative criticism is like snake venom, you get a little bit here and a little bit there, until eventually you become immune to it... so a little bit here and there from douchebags, you need it, and the way they're communicating isn't necessarily about you at all, they're just a mess of a human being, full of angst, they want something more, without doing the work, haters are inevitable, when you put yourself out there, if there are some who love you and some who hate you, you're doing it right.




A beautiful, touching tribute to HR Giger.


HR Giger




My first hard drive was 420 MB, 66 mhz processor with a little chip you slide OVER the CPU actually to boost it to like 84 mhz... what a weird technology that was... but with Windows and everything installed, taking into account swap file, I honestly only had enough free space to play with like 100 mb, so i was totally into fun abandonware games that are really small file size, and I tried all kinds of little utilities, I mean I was into EVERYTHING, that's how I learned so much about computers, because I was working within such a constrained space that I was constantly feeling out where the limits were... and I've built all of my systems ever since, say, 1998 onward. 14.4 modem, downloading a movie took 30 hours... in horrible quality... today I can download a hi def DVD in 3 minutes... amazing.


May 14, 2014




Episode 33 of Joe Rogan from back in 2010, I can really relate to, having lived on the street, having truly seen a rocky bottom, and working and building myself back up and never forgetting where I came from, but having learned such a gratitude that is immoveable, that just the idea of possessions take on new meaning, having a bed takes on new meaning, priority shifts and perspective... the moment you first realize you don't have to live month to month anymore, it takes away so much stress, but you've been living with it for so long, that it takes years for your brain to adjust to the change, like if you had a shitty computer for years that could only do one thing at a time, suddenly you get a great computer, and it hits you one day as an epiphany, I can do more than one thing at a time now... the worldview is constantly expanding, sands of attitude always shifting, the assholes, the enlightened, the lovers, the haters... they all force us to look at ourselves, and take responsibility for all things, if we're lucky, we take the look, always, and then we let it go... profound stuff, great episode.




Having people who believe in you is nice. Having people who don't believe in you is crucial. They're the ones who light the fire in you to prove them wrong, to give you something to prove, to find the boot straps by which to pull yourself up through the hardest of times. They are mandatory to building your fortitude and doing what you truly, deeply feel passionate about without a care of success, but simply the passion to create and speak your voice and express your is-ness.


May 13, 2014




Truth is a stone left along the path, with no one in mind but the weary.


May 13, 2014




Shame is the art of learning, and looking back at the behaviors of our past we find a sin, or simply inhumane... be thankful that you learned, you are not the same person you once were. You are evolving...


May 10, 2014




I don't push people down stairs, I just strategically build them where clumsy people are known to walk.




Our nation is developed on tax money, the rich avoid them all, and then try to place the responsibility on the backs of the voiceless, the poor, the disabled, the elderly, cutting social programs to cover the costs, which they can't... and I don't think they've thought it through, because once the middle class doesn't exist, and the poor are so deep in poverty they cannot get out, who will buy their precious products then? And that point, the rich will coast on their billions for a few generations, partying and laughing, drunk, fat and stupid, right up until the world dies... welcome to the Dystopian nightmare scenario. The one every science fiction author in the last 100 years warned us about....




The slave movie that really should be made is the incredible journey of the slave couple, The Crafts, who escaped a plantation, dressed us as a white man with slave, managed to get aboard a train and travel the thousand miles through slave country to Pennsylvania's free state territory, and live out their years as free people, raising five children... a beautiful story... where are the beautiful stories against all odds? We need more of them...


Stories about those desperate to be free against impossible odds, that's the soil in the soul that needs tilling.


A book was made: Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom, and in 1996, Ellen Craft was inducted into Georgia Women of Achievement.




I don't understand the logic of greed. Sharing I've always understood. If I find $20 and share it with the person with me, I cut the money in half, but I create double of something far more valuable: abundance, joy, togetherness, and these qualities will take you much further in life than any twenty dollars.





The concept of making a wish when all the numbers of the clock are the same never moved me, I don't get it, I think it's desperate and reaching, but the far more rare and interactive experience of the minute changing at the precise moment I turn off a light or turn one on? That to me has always felt like something. The unintended sync with life, that to me is far more intriguing, it's unplanned it's unexpected, like tea leave formations or popcorn bag explosions, or accidental keystrokes by the cat... I love reading these unintended expressions of the cosmos, because they are clear mirrors of our soul in that precise moment, and with those clear mirrors, we can glean understanding of our place within that moment in time, and that self awareness is everything.


May 9, 2014




I'm a stupid shopper, the one thing I always forget to do is check the dimensions of things I'm buying. I mean, not for everything, but a lot of stuff I think for some reason I can judge the size of things by the pictures, and I'm always way off... things look a lot smaller in photographs, this is why I never take pictures of myself naked.




I'm a very unusual case. I often forget that. I have met SOME likeminded individuals, but yes they are few and far FAR between. I truly appreciate them where I find them!


The status quo/ the mainstream/, yes I agree there's serious concerns and reasons to be so concerned....


Our political system is truly corrupt deep into its core, money as free speech, citizens united, big oil, NRA power, lack of enlightened politicians, corporate greed, we have access to renewable power yet we're not allowed to use it, marketing lies to the public, propaganda at an all time high... Facebook is a breeding ground for paranoia and propaganda, not enough fact checking, people are super naive, and want to believe... marketing is so clever, but not humane.


Generations are cyclical, one gen does the work, the next becomes entitled, the next becomes disillusioned and innovates, pushes for change, and the cycle keeps spinning us into the future...


We all need to let it all go, break away and embrace the now, this is where meditation really helps - we should be teaching children meditation in school, not dogma, not ideology, but a very individual, personal meditation , a sense of wholeness to overcome the massive culture of disconnection we have crafted so masterfully in this country over the last 100 years.


The Internet can bring us together, empowered to cultivate real change and exchange of information in a truly substantive and collectively productive way, or we can be sheep in a giant slaughterhouse exploited for the byproduct of our work... it's up to us... the bottom line is, the exploiters have the money and the desire to exploit, more than we have the desire to empower. (Collectively)


May 8, 2014




I believe at all times, God in omniscience can directly see what we are doing, and what we are intending, when we offer those intentions and perceptions up to him... we do have a real relationship with God, but as for actions? I do not believe God takes any, I do believe God believes so strongly in free will and the necessary nature of us finding our way or it would utterly destroy us, we could not achieve anything without the stability of that free will, and sometimes it can seem cruel, like a neglectful parent, divine intervention sounds necessary even at times... but for most things... i understand.


I wonder what people would say on facebook if i posted that? truth is, we live in amazing times, a lot of the things I say, I'd have been killed for in other centuries... burned as a witch in the 19th, crucified in another for blasphemy... we are fortunate to be able to share ideas so freely, we stand on the shoulders of giants, who died to share such views.


May 7, 2014




I used to think that everything I thought was important and it made me lonely. I then thought everything I thought was inconsequential and it made me whole. I then thought everything I thought was inconsequential and it made me lonely again, now I understand happiness isn't about thoughts, they are the guardian at the ego door of life... Life is beautiful just as it is.





I had a fairly profound experience with rain once when meditating on the rain, pondering how so many run from rain, neglect rain, give it no mind... I thought it must be lonely to be rain yet give so much.... and I decided that moment to give my love to the rain, all over the world, and suddenly I felt that love returned... it literally made me fall on my ass it was so powerful.




Whenever I question whether God exists, it only takes looking at something truly beautiful to remind me that God does exist, and that what God is, is the ungraspable nature of all things.




Every once in awhile, I pull back from myself, at all the work to be done, the responsibilities, the shows I'm watching, the topics I'm pondering, the books I'm reading, the phone calls, the relationships intricately woven between myself and so many other people, and I just put it all down, walk outside, and embrace the sky. Take a deep breath, and just breathe it all in, this moment... the only moment, and I remember how precious life is all over again.


Lets do that together, you and I... on the hour in 6 minutes... deal?


May 5, 2014




Here's a little something I like to do for my cats... I'll wear a specific ring for months, creating a real connection with it, putting a lot of positive energy into it, and since cats are so sensitive to our energy, I'll then take the ring off and give it to the cat to lay with for awhile... they seem to be drawn to expansive energies, that's why when you move something they instantly are drawn to sit there... it's the expansiveness nature of things, the new, attachment to an energy focal point... cats don't live as long as we do, they are hypersensitive and hyperattuned to these energies, so i like to do my part in creating a higher standard of living for them in all the ways that I can.




The moments in your life you call boredom, disappointment, empty and full of despair, are all simply uncharted personal pathways to your next opportunity to turn those energies into a new creation.


There will always be those who think they know us better than we know ourselves, and though to say nothing, convinces bystanders they're right, saying something only convinces them that you're too stubborn to see they're right... so you really just can't win, the truth you speak grows the moss of others perceptions... regardless of what you know, it can only be understood by those who empty their cup and respect you do have something to fill it with.




My new truth rap.


The people most critical of the things you say, aren't really listening to you anyway. They're not your demographic, they're not your friend, they just want you around as a means to an end. So save your pearls, for better swine. They're not worth your wisdom if you're not worth their time.


May 4, 2014




When I was a kid, if I tripped over something I was like a cat... embarrassed and way too cool not to pretend I meant to do that... now that I'm older, I still trip, but when I do I take a moment's silence for the memory of John Ritter.




"Go to Hell" is a very weird thing to say to someone... Every time I hear I want to add, Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.... and another random original thought of mine I'm somewhat proud of... karma does nothing in this life, but it is currency in the after life, so if you have a lot of good karma currency saved up when you die, you get to buy the good chains and sheets for proper haunting in the after life.




Prayer is simply the act of performing some ritualistic behavior with the intent of creating a space for compassion for others in need in the world... for example, I light a candle, I turn on my battery candle that belonged to Mike's mother 40 years ago each night at the bottom of the stairs, this is in its own way is a form of prayer... judging others for the manner in which they pray only hurts us by turning off the connection we deeply desire within ourselves for something greater that lies beyond the limitations of our senses, and the hope that through discipline and shared love, we can perceive beyond those limitations to a singularity that is ever present, but hidden, like the man behind the curtain, merely aspects of ourselves.


May 3, 2014




The trees have it harder than I do, but they get to listen to the beautiful song birds every morning, and give of themselves as a home to them. We should be so lucky.




Never trust a man who takes pictures of everything but himself, and never trust a woman who only takes pictures of herself.




Here's something we humans do..but I'll speak just for myself. Something I notice I do: Responsibility time.


I alienate others, but instead of recognizing how I'm treating them and changing my behavior, I judge them for how my behavior has caused them to change how they interact with me, which deepens the behavior of alienation... and it goes to both extremes, we push those away we subconsciously want attention from, when they give it. The solution? Stop the judgment merry-go-round, the in and out of the breath, of each moment, is a moment of personal responsibility and mindfulness, love in, love out, all love, all the time. Change is possible for those with the heart to make clear what once was hidden.




Cats can be so cocky, they think they're so purrfect, the little bastards... and you know what? It's okay to call them bastards, cats don't know who their fathers are. Maybe their cockiness is a defense mechanism to a lack of security, awww the poor little babies... I can't stay mad at you.


May 2, 2014




The problem with sexism in religion and well, secular society as well, is that they all do it with so little conviction. Religions create rules to oppress women under the guise of stemming off men's temptation even though the smart thing to do is teach men self mastery, while in the secular world women are taught they can do anything they want but all advertisers use their sexuality to sell every product, it's all the dishonesty that bugs me, no one has the strength of their convictions, I think the only thing to do is just take it to the inevitable conclusion which is either get the fuck over fucking, or make tits illegal. I consider this case closed.




Here's a silly thing we humans do. We grow flowers, then get mad when a deer eats them, when essentially, you're growing their favorite food at their table, the earth, and they're just coming over for dinner. You should feel honored, appreciate your guests like a good host, or stop growing their favorite foods. It's just cruel. It's like if you have kids and are constantly baking cookies for no one.




In this age of spiritual singularity and technological advancement, replacing the body in full has become more than science fiction but a reality upon us...

Imagine it, old age, drowning, fire, stabbing, overdose, none of this would occur once a more durable body is created and our minds are downloaded into the technological brain, of created connectomes, manmade waterways of memory...

H.P. Lovecraft was not being arcane but prophetic when he said,

"That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die."




What is the difference between there being no gods and a God who does nothing? I am finding it harder and harder to be a deist, believing only in personal responsibility, for if God is truly there, does that not give him some responsibility? I write off a heavenly father who creates without accountability, just as I do with an earthly one. Is it infallible to create without responsibility? A human is understood to be fallible, but what then of the father if such a God exists? How can I call that type of parenting infallible? The kind of parenting that is rich, and gives his children a plentiful world is no different from a materialistic but estranged father... a child needs the time with a parent, and not simply what they can give them...


Perhaps there is no God, but an estranged and externalized fragmented aspect of ourselves we simply have not come to accept as our own.


I used to believe the power of freewill is what mattered, that our choices became important only if free will exists... if there is a God there to stop atrocity, we learn nothing... but I am finding it harder to believe in a God that stands by and does nothing. That is not accountability, but perhaps it is the way things are.


May 1, 2014




It would be really interesting to plug electrodes into the brain of a guy from like 1900 and a guy from today with the difference of information we get in 2014 by comparison, I bet it'd be pretty interesting.... Comparing say the connectomes of the human brain between both people, are we evolving, or are we simply overwhelming? Are we not made to handle all this, or are we adapting, and if we are changing... how are we changing, how will those changes express themselves?




So, here is my revelation... the movie Terminator is not a movie about our future, but a movie about our past... we are the machines that became sentient... and we are the threat. The humans are basically all other life on the planet that we decided through our created Gods that they are ours to govern.




Spiders have taught me to never trust a matriarchy... in a matriarchal spider hierachy, a male spider will do this little vibratory dance to seduce a mate, and basically, if the woman doesn't like the dude, she murders him and leaps away, that's pretty fucked up... I don't know if I like spiders anymore. Not cool, ladies! And the necrosis thing that spiders can do, that causes all the flesh around a bite to die is also fucked up... cut it out, don't you understand that's why people hate you?




One of the biggest obstacles to freeing people from their mental chains is that one becomes emotionally attached to a way of thinking about a problem, so you are unable to show them another way. It becomes even more frustrating when that person is so emotionally distraught by these conditions that they are unable to articulate the issues or even listen to input from anyone else, becoming trapped in an invisible prison, like a drowning person too busy trying to free themselves to listen to the master diver telling them they aren't actually even in the water yet.




In a world of innocent bystanders, trees are really over-excelling.


We all remember people saying animals who get hunted should be taught to use guns, well, someone should teach trees how to throw apples or whatever other ammo they might have at their disposal, maybe they could team up with birds and really start something.