For everything below and above, only you know how you should love.


November 30, 2014




The imagination is a highly underrated topography, just ask the unicorns who live there.


November 29, 2014




I'm calm as kittens on a catnip cloud.





If Ayn Rand were a Buddhist, perhaps her book would have been called Cloud Atlas Shrugged.




Xanadu is a movie about a struggling artist who is sick of working for others, bringing their dreams to life, and sets out to make his own come true... but he can't make ends meet and has to go back to work... more disillusioned than when he started... basically, he's me. I guess all I need to do now is wait for my muse to come into my life as a reborn Egyptian goddess who can roller skate through walls... ya that should happen any minute now.


November 28, 2014




They say animals ask no questions, but I swear every time I look into my cat's eyes, I see question marks...




Metaphysics explained through Physics

Karma - every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Reincarnation - Energy cannot be created or destroyed


November 27, 2014




Everything you see is a love letter sent from the sun that took 8 minutes and 20 seconds to arrive... a tiny gift, which is why when you receive it in the now, we call it the present.

When discussing what evidence of the incorporeal world would be necessary to call it proof... and stating such evidence currently does not exist? Perhaps one must consider what lengths one must be willing to go to in order to find that evidence... think of a neutrino trap, and how difficult to detect they are... thinking along these lines may - or may not prove helpful in tracking down the elusive spirit molecule...


When the mind is activated through knowledge, perhaps another form of knowledge can be tapped into... a sort of inherent, and latent knowledge like using the new clear lens of the mind to focus beyond time and space... refracted through the prism of deep emotion... towards an even deeper truth and reality..........


November 26, 2014




It seems a stretch to think that Gods spoke in the language of weather... and that punishment and reward came through the same channels... for if Gods had in fact created us, would they not also know our languages, and speak to us in a manner speak we could understand? The same therefore must also be said of all our processes, that perhaps all things we cannot at this time comprehend, we may soon discover were merely processes of the universe we are forever learning about in our beautifully unveiling universe...


November 25, 2014




If you try to be funny for everybody, you're never going to figure out what is unique about what you do. Your sense of humor, your style of looking at the world, and that is how comedy must work, "Here is the world through my eyes." That doesn't mean you will be funny, but you will find your true audience.





I actually found smoking the tiniest hit of pot, really makes how I see others, more clear to me, and stop reflecting my own judgments and insecurities. I noticed I've been really angry lately. and it's been keeping me from moving forward on my projects, like the book, bonus songs and new album.


pot makes your body listen to the world.


I don't really need anything to get me weird, that's not what its about... I was the weirdest kid anyone knew, I'm always weird, I'm not trying to change me, just click my perception slightly to get a different view of these reactions... pot makes your body listen to the world.




Whatever you're feeling is the painting, that someone else painted long ago... and in time, you will see that painting, because you might recognize the paint begin to chip away, maybe the tears moistened it back into life... like you, peeling yourself away to get to that feeling... banging your head on the ceiling of every new rooftop of illusions out there... and you'll stick to them as long as you need, and you'll go back to listening, hoping for another sledgehammer to come in and shake you again until you muster the courage to follow the feeling from the fish, to the rod, to the reel, to the water, all the way back through your darkness, to you, if you can.... and somewhere in you, you know there's a trigger, that reminds you... yes... yes you can... and even if you're wrong...right until the end of your life... you'll have that hope, like a dove from the great beyond, flying away with your heart.




People want to be informed about everything going on in the world, but I really don't think we're designed for that... and it's causing our brains to become overloaded with information, so much so that we are multi-tasking ourselves into mediocrity and fast... the brain can only hold so much, and in ways one must wonder if we are pushing ourselves to evolve or to aneurysm? The Internet has truly changed the world, and it's having a huge impact on the way we process information, and the ability for us to cope... the world needs meditation now more than ever... practices to help let shit go, to vacuum up the junk when the day is done... for now, I've decided for myself, I don't need to know everything that's going on, and really, I don't want to. There are things meant for me, that i was born to do, I wasn't born to do it all, I have my gifts, and I must remember to use them.




The horror genre has really vanished off the face of the earth over the course of the last few years, and I think the found footage genre cash grabbers are directly responsible... it's time to consider found footage to be to horror what post modernism was to midcentury... a failure... it's time to turn this ship around, and return to the roots of horror... the psychology, the atmosphere, the questioners of reality and the macabre, and the surreal... it's time to invoke Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, and King. We must relinquish these new Gods of materialism, and let the old Gods sing. It's time to stop running from life, and bring it near.... stop being afraid, and start being fear.


Art Credit:
The Shrine
by ChisSweetArt




November 24, 2014




Being first is grand, but it is not the only measure of merit.. coming about an insight on your own at any time is a cleverness worth congratulating.




Our lives are always ending, but if we learned something from those moments, something to share with and inspire those who come after us, than no hours are ever wasted.




We may never see the sun, but when you've been in the darkness for so long, even a shadow can change everything.


November 23, 2014




Children understand altruism better than anyone, and it is the first thing to be educated out of us.


November 22, 2014




So often it is not until one has died that we truly look deeply for them... for that beautiful and fragile spirit within... Let us see each other this way now and for every moment of our lives, seek to live in that spirit with one another... each moment is unique, fleeting, and each life equally so.




I dedicate this song to all those who suffered and suffer still, as a flower for your dry desert where tears fall no more, where rainfall has left you, alone without the echo of your sorrow amidst the lonely mountainsides that cast no shadow beneath a sun that warms no sky.


Mercedes Bahleda - Domine fil Unigenite


November 20, 2014




The difference between a left wing radical and a right wing radical? The left wing radical is always a comedian, and the right wing radical is always without a sense of humor.





I can't believe that Jesus sacrificed his body for me, but I can believe that every mother sacrificed her body for her child.




Welcome to Earth, you've just gone through the most traumatic experience being squeezed through a tunnel so tight it changed the shape of your head, but now we're going to snip the tip of your dick, don't mind us.... get the fuck outta here! The penis is the first flight feather, and earth becomes our cage....




Scientists land a spaceship on a comet that holds precursors to human existence, and some humans complain about the shirt the scientist was wearing at the time... it just goes to show there will always be critics no matter what you do or how fucking awesome it is.


November 19, 2014




I am a dream, don't ask me what I mean, it is for you to decide.


November 17, 2014




When you get out you won't feel free, you'll feel responsible.


November 16, 2014




When you control the fear, you control the mind.

When you control the love, you control the world.


Is it any wonder that religion demands its followers to both love and fear the same totalitarian supreme power? In my experience of God, I was never encouraged, implored or demanded to do either. My life has never demanded love or fear from me, only attention for my own sake.




Most people keep themselves solidly in their own shoes, a position easy to defend where some modicum of intelligence exists, easy to attack from when threatened, but all it takes is the slightest whiff of compassion to slip out of those shoes and into your alleged attacker's, and in that moment not just one life, but two may be saved.




Everything you say can be contradicted by something you've said in the past, or will say in the future, particularly if you talk as much as I do... try not to get hung up on it, that's the nature of the human mind... to ponder, to question, to pursue paths of interest.... and often times the place you land will be at odds with places you have visited before... but one must also take into account the nature of comedic inquiry and entertaining a thought, after all, wasn't it Aristotle who once said, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" ? Try to enjoy the ride, there is a method to my madness...


November 15, 2014




Anyone who says with absolute certainty that there is no God in the heavens writing names down in books and consulting with the open hearted... has never had a psychedelic experience, because I've experienced things in the depths of profound meditation way trippier than a sky dude in the clouds.





I'm still working on the mathematics of answering a corporeal phone from within a noncorporeal space, but once I work it out, say from within the 5th dimension... I'll call you from a dream, and we'll spend the rest of forever together yesterday, today.




When you shave off your eyebrows and draw on fake ones, you are forcing your body to lie to the world.




Here's a random thought... Einstein said God doesn't play dice, as in all things are a part of the whole, there are no accidents, everything is an opportunity to learn... but then how do you explain cats who always land on their feet? Cats are basically the loaded dice on the gambling table of the earth, and may not be proof that God plays dice, but that evolution does...


November 14, 2014




Certainty used as a weapon against others is the greatest threat to freedom we face today, but I could be wrong.




There comes a time in a man's life when he must accept that all the women he is interested in are taken, all the women who are interested in him are crazy, and in that moment a man must make a choice. No, not a choice to be gay, you ignorant fuck, Gaydaism is not a choice, and yes I just coined that word, I figure once Gaydaism is a religion it can find protections under Federal Law, but that is beside the point, the choice to turn away from the human world and toward the cosmic neighborhood, and the path of the imagination, the one even Stephen Hawking believes in as a legitimate inhabitable space... and with that, I bid you all, a snow-filled winter wonder time.




The computers used in our nuclear silos are so old they use 5 ¼" floppies... now I would like to think that is a good sign that we are past the age of requiring nuclear weapons, but can't help but think we are not, and if we are, we should at least be protecting them better than we are. Nuclear disarmament is trying to put toothpaste back into a tube, but thankfully snakes and bees have chased ISIS out of the desert... so yes, we know we cannot rely on countries to be sane, at least we can look to nature to find a way... and that might be all that's left someday, just another take in the movie of earth, and as humans vanish from the earth, and nature is left to pick up the pieces like it has had to so many times before, I wonder what expression that will take? A sigh of relief perhaps, or a disappointed sigh? Something tells me, life will exhibit both, but Earth itself will merely trudge on through the cosmos, without even a thought to our coming or going. As no one cares about nuclear disarmament anymore, why should the earth care about us?




Today I wrote to President of Russia Poutin, concerning the sexually active geckos they sent into space and then lost, that they need to go get those geckos before their food supply runs out... their website asked for specific suggestions... I think this is specific enough... Save a Gecko in space, before they come back evolved as lizard people through a wormhole and become the political lizard people that run all our countries and always have through some amazing paradox of time travel.


Write your letter to President Poutin here:





I'm afraid of sex, will you please describe an orgasm for me so i can lose my virginity through exposition?


November 13, 2014




I'm not racist. I put salt and pepper in all kinds of things, seasoning is important. It also helps with immunization and the health of all mankind. Shallow differences clung to, breeds shallow minds who justify sad and unnecessary violences.




Whenever I start complaining about the cost of living and the minimum wage and the minimum age of minimum wage workers, I can hear my cats telepathically saying, "there he goes complaining again..." but i do everything for my cats, so i can't expect them to understand.




Today we are getting the first baby snow of the season. Little flurries spiralling down, like the white noise hiss that comes just before the explosion of symphony on the record player... you know the storm is coming, you just don't know precisely when...




People who lift their pinky finger when drinking anything, are not expressing a feminine nature, this is a misinterpretation of expression of a deeper more artistic nature... you see, one who grasps tools lacks refinement, but one who lifts the pinky recognizes, perhaps subconsciously, that all tools have the capacity for other uses, and so the grasping has a nuance of letting go, of recognizing multi-use and expression, perhaps even a musical ability, but truly, an artistic one. This is my conclusion on the interpretation of the pinky phenomenon in regards to drinking beverages.




It's important to recognize the difference between that which we take no interest in and that which we resist. When I feel resistance, I know a teacher is there hidden in the experience.




I gave up on being crazy, I figured, if you can't do it completely, why do it at all?


November 12, 2014




Americans do not truly understand war. Going to war as a soldier is not the same as living amidst it in your homeland, having to hide your family, having to worry about bombs in your neighborhood... we in America have a very casual understanding of war, and even though that understanding can be profound, moving, and deepen our compassion... we don't really understand war... perhaps that is our ultimate entitlement and ignorance... we will never truly understand war, and that is why we are still so disconnected from the humanity of the rest of the world.


November 11, 2014




Wisdom is understanding, not knowing.





What happens to the bodies of soldiers who died in countries they lost? Think of the perhaps millions who became fertilizer for someone else's flowers. Perhaps every flower is the soul of a forgotten soldier.


For every flower I think of, I think of you.




There are no good men, there are only those who wish to be good, and with each action seek to do better.


November 10, 2014




Plot holes are like puddles of water... if you are enjoying the journey, you don't mind hopping a little.




Easiest still to judge that which we do not consider from more than a single vantage.




The five levels of lies we tell each other for comfort...


Paternal: It won't hurt
Individual: Lightning never strikes the same place twice
National: America doesn't negotiate with terrorists
Ideological: Jesus died for your sins
Universal: God will only give you as much as you can handle




You are free to your own opinions but not to use as a weapon against others opinions.




All my life, I've felt a strange affinity for those who have died to war... those who have suffered, were lost, or forgotten, or who had simply felt they were, my heart has always held a special place, a land of tribute to their memory, but it is not simply a place for them, but for me as well, and though it may seem conditional, and perhaps at first it was, it eventually expanded to include all of us, and not just people, but all life, and then all things, a space for the entire universe, until it was the entire universe, and there simply was no inside or outside any longer, it is what we are and where we live... it is what we are.




I often talk about being in tune without prompting... watching Interstellar on Carl Sagan's 80th birthday, reading The Bell Jar on Sylvia Plath's birthday, watching Band of Brothers tonight, I didn't realize tomorrow is Veteran's Day... it's peculiar, but I seem to be in tune with something all my life that draws me to specific artistic expression, I don't need a calendar, I just need to pay attention to the art I'm cultivating each day...




Watching Band of Brothers tonight, makes me feel such profound respect for your generation. All times are tough in their own way, but none so much as those who fought so we who come after could feel a little ease, and find our struggles through the world only made possible by the sacrifice of those who laid down their lives in war. We take easier breaths because of you. Our hearts, a little fuller with your memory.




What happens to the bodies of soldiers who died in countries they lost? Think of the perhaps millions who became fertilizer for someone else's flowers. Perhaps every flower is the soul of a forgotten soldier.




I do not speak so others will believe me, I speak so others can hear the truth. What you do it with after that is up to you.


November 9, 2014




Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel reminds me of all the best aspects of Herge's Tin Tin comics if Ralph Fiennes's M. Gustave is Tin Tin and Tony Revolori's Zero is Snowy. I am greatly amused pondering the movie this way...




People suck, they stand you up, they're self absorbed, quick to judge, quick to anger, eager to tear you down, find fault, and call you wrong, all to lift themselves up, they can't think outside a box, they believe in anything but each other, and use this all as justification to do terrible deeds to one another and all of this is but the tip of the iceberg in the ocean of depravity and self destruction mankind reigns to destroy all life as we know it and may as yet be possible... is it any wonder I prefer the company of cats to even the finest of human beings?


Oh I'm not that upset, I just wanted to say something poetic about cats.




In the beginning we are physics, and in the end we must also be physicists.




I think people get trapped in thinking they are trying to achieve something, they desire enlightenment, they are trying to BECOME enlightened... but that which is enlightenment is beyond our capacity to comprehend, its an experience that sort of sneaks up when we're open, or least expecting the embrace of life... all my moments of clarity may have come about through effort, but it was never what I could have imagined, and usually came when I let go, and not when I was trying to accomplish anything except perhaps appreciating the gift of life more fully.


I think it does become less scary as we overwrite the fear with more positive emotions, like curiosity, respect, awe, and maybe even love.




I've always felt something extraordinary in the first minutes of 2001 A Space Odyssey, when the monolith first appears, granting the apes a sense of wonder... and this wonder leads to seeing the world in a whole new way, resourcefulness, tool crafting... which helped in food gathering, which helped humanity survive... it also begs the question... were apes intervened on by alien intelligence, to assure their survival, to help them evolve into what we are today? Many believe this theory to this day... then to see that bone fall, and become the space station... our tools have changed, but we have not changed all that much...


November 8, 2014




Those who tell you you're pushing your beliefs on them, will likely try to push theirs on you. You see, what I've learned is that everyone has their beliefs, and experience itself is neutral, only the brain's labeling of those experience put name, form and concept to the belief based on our own penchant and personality. Atheists certainty is the same as certainty in Jesus, it's all certainty, and certainty is a very unique creature that can be approached two ways. One, argumentatively, which is most common, or Two, embrace another's beliefs and diffuse the tension so as to discuss the experiences below... And thus find common ground as compassionate human beings. This is a technique I recently created, and have been successfully experimenting with.


Belief forms have no proof, therefore arguing is not productive, what is productive is keeping an open mind, and an open heart.




I guess I'm pretty traditional, because when I see girls these days posing on Facebook in tiny bikinis, and covered in tattoos, I think this is a person who is living purely on their desires. Has the perilous climate of our society taught the next generation to ultimately give up and embrace hedonism? No one trusts government, no one trusts politicians, no one trusts voting, and when there's nothing left to believe in, people embrace their desires, or absolute asceticism, which results in a far left and far right with no middle, which is what we see a lot of today... The internet has demystified sexuality, and honestly, I think we should reclaim that mystery, that beauty, that innocence...


November 7, 2014




The superstitious and religious don't baffle me. The systematic disempowering of ourselves expresses itself in a myriad of ways throughout the course of a life specified by society, upbringing, penchant, and personality, but that fear is the ego armor we subconsciously wear to protect ourselves from the world we are not ready to embrace... it is the work we were born to do, to overcome, and not the objective reality we should encourage ie, compassion and understanding. When we embrace and take personal responsibility of these elements, we become more whole, more empowered, and more capable of joy, clarity, and creativity. We spend so much of our lives running away from ourselves, splintered and scared, believing our fears to be immutable and solid, but they are illusions, wrapped and pulled out from us "to separate us from ourselves, a power grown beyond control, a will without a face." And we take responsibility, and take our power back, by approaching the things we fear with new eyes. With respect, with curiosity, with seeking to understand, again I share my personal mantra in this context... All that is a part of me returns to me, and all that is not meant for me, moves through me.




Put your joysticks down, stop shooting imaginary things, and read a book. We need you to improve yourself, so we can improve the world, before we're all fucked. Thank you. Sincerely, ~The Trees

PS, we get the irony, but we're willing to give up a few of our own to save the billions relying on you apathetic, sorry sunsabitches.


November 6, 2014




I told God I would believe in him again if I could have Rose Barranco, a free get out of Heaven card, and the fly Obama killed be reincarnated as my pet, but then he made her married, Heaven closed for remodeling, and that fly is dead, so I was like, fuck it, Satan it is.


November 4, 2014




Facebook has become to News what Myspace was to Web Design.




I remember growing up before the Internet, I always felt alone with my thoughts and fascinations... but one really nice thing about the internet today is this amazing chance to save a little sanity by realizing we are not alone in the inspirations that plant foot in our minds... it can be lonely thinking these thoughts are for us alone, without those with whom to share them.


November 1, 2014




People are arguing that the second amendment doesn't mean citizens should be allowed to own guns, but the Second Amendment is exceptionally poorly worded. It actually says both what the NRA believes and what gun control advocates say. But to get a clear picture, one needs to turn from the second amendment, and take a look at The Declaration of Independence which reads: "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." Now ask yourself... how do we do that unarmed against a government with nukes, tanks, every weaponry known to modern man? Once the cancer is that deep and widespread, voting won't change it, and we are living that world today. Corporations control the politics, the media, and the law. Corporations as people, Money as speech, outsourcing, offshore accounting, Big Oil, the NRA, do you know where you live? You live in the future that Orwell and Huxley warned about all those years ago... and we won't stop them, not with a vote, not with our pennies, and not by holding hands down by the sea singing kumbaya. A civil war is coming, I've been saying it for 10 years, maybe longer, I still don't think I'll see it in my lifetime, but it's inevitable... and when they outlaw guns, you're going to see that civil war come quicker than you can say, Of, by, and for the People.