October 30, 2014




My new philosophy is people are fucking idiots, and you know? Because they are multi tasking to the point of inefficiency... people have spread themselves so thin that they can't do anything well anymore, they can't understand anything they read anymore, they can't grasp the nuance, the depth, the subtlety, I'm unplugging, I'm calling it a day, I'm calling it on the net, this shit's done, fuck the internet, the over marketed, exploitation of human decency leached for profit and entitlement feeds its frenzy... I'm calling it... time of death... 2014.


October 28, 2014




I wrote a new poem this morning in the shower as the water slowly cooled... The Pearl


October 26, 2014




There are different types of people... those who think it is wise to find all things meaningless and mundane... and those who seek meaning, and magic... who live in mystery and wonder, who dream, and find signs in nature, who hear a call, a path towards higher vibrations and light. Everyone must decide for themselves, do you want to debunk all things with mediocrity and logic, or do you want to bask in imagination and the possibilities? Why must the rational mind seek to undermine the imagination? Reason is an important tool, but so is imagination... it is easy to become cynical of all things, to try to see all things as easily explained and dull... but while it might make sense... perhaps it is also too easy... and in its own way, a way of keeping one's mind sheltered in the simple, 3 dimensional existence... but don't you want more? I want more......


"Imagination is more important than intellect" Einstein


I would agree with Einstein intimately. I have been really seeing clearly these two paths lately. I believe nature is the embrace of beauty, that one not need ask more from nature... but this isn't about nature, it is about how we use the rational mind ever seeks to deaden the living, it is not a bad idea to question... but one can become hung up on dumbing down the beauty and the possibilities... becoming all too certain that there is nothing that we lose the spark of their imagination...


Character derived from fear of punishment or hope for reward, is to suffer from a lack of character. But perhaps... that fear of punishment, and hope for reward is also a sort of spiritual training wheel, to those looking for guidance... A manner by which man tethers in his own instincts and desires... until he has cultivated the empathy and compassion and sense of worth, that calls him to be a good man not for either punishment or reward, but because he understands that we are all one, we are in this together, we all suffer.


You can find ammunition against anything if you want to... it is impossible to disprove that which cannot be proven... Einstein said the word God is a delusion, so did The Buddha... but ultimately, if we take their word as ultimate fact for our own lives, is that no different than taking the religion's doctrine's as fact as they so often hope we'll do? It is easy to become the very thing you stand against... it is the nature of dichotomy... but we as individuals must trust our own hearts, and follow our own paths, live our own lives, die or own deaths... one's truth is like a fingerprint... no two are exactly alike.






What if the giant desert where the Egyptian pyramids are, along the band of fertile earth that kisses the desert, what if that desert at one time was all fertile land? Imagine that... it could mean that the pyramids and massive structures we have found is only a tiny percentage of what is hidden there beneath the dunes... it would also explain how the Sphinx could have been eroded by water, and that perhaps the pyramids and sphinx alike are much older than the 2500 years we think today... the idea of that endless desert being fertile at one time is not in this documentary, the pyramid code, but when I look at it, I see a tip of an iceberg, but instead of an ocean of water that hides the past through glaciation, perhaps it is an ocean of sand that has hid history through climate change...




Sometimes I take my battery-powered light bases and hover them over my cat's head, just to see if the experience sparks some ancient memory from his Egyptian ancestral past, recorded in his genome...




In this day and age a universal handcuff key is the same as a condom... in a situation where you're getting screwed, it just might save your life.


October 25, 2014




What I have learned in life is that it's nearly impossible to introduce new information to others, because so many people's cups are already full, of their own conceptions, likes, dislikes, attentions, beliefs, they refuse to approach life with an empty cup... which makes discussion and sharing impossible... thus creating islands of one another... and ultimately making the attempt only leads to being open to attack, being attacked by those who justify it, rationalize it, and self-righteously write you off, I think it's time to shore up, go solo, and take a break from reaching out... reaching out to a world is like walking through a forest full of bear traps... eventually you just bleed out... while everyone around you has a medicine cabinet, full of unused band-aids.


October 24, 2014




I put my foot in my mouth so often, that I had my feet replaced with gummy fruit candy feet... the cats keep attacking my feet now because of the sound of walking in cellophane socks...


October 22, 2014




The craziest perception bender just happened... I was looking out my window, and thinking, man what if something is looking at me right now but I'm not clicked into it, so I can't see it, and I kept trying to switch my perception into seeing anything between the spaces of reality... and I kept thinking, something is going to come around that corner, any second... and suddenly, something did come around the corner, and my mind couldn't even label it, the usual nearly instantaneous method of labeling was like crashed from my focusing through it that it could not label it... my mind just knew it was alive, and conscious, and moving... and then I broke out of it and realized it was a person who coincidentally walked around the corner from afar... that was very intense.


October 21, 2014




This morning I saluted and shouted, "Heil Hitler" to my cat and she did not respond, so I can say with confidence, that my cat has passed the Hitler test, and is not the reincarnation of a Nazi.


October 19, 2014




I do not believe we are haunted by ghosts or demons, I believe we are haunted by our subconscious fears, that separate us from ourselves until our splintered psyche becomes who we believe we are... like a flower that still sees the sun, but under glass, and unable to grow any more...


There is much to the subconscious we do not understand... we do know it sees and records, and so much of that goes past us unseen by our conscious mind, but that does not mean it is without effect.


We have a nervous system, like wires that run electricity... what happens to electricity when you cut the wires? It doesn't stick around in the air haunting people...

This isn't about proving, it's about likelihood based on reality
and in all likelihood based on what we understand of the way the universe works, ghosts are not possible.


It would be like if a stream was flowing one way... and you put a drop of water in it, and the drop flowed against the current, the other way... that would have to be possible for ghosts to exist.

Also with how many people who have died through history.... every inch of the planet should be haunted...

Also if ghosts use energy to manifest, why do most hauntings occur where there is or never has been electricity, but not constantly in major cities?


October 18, 2014




The reason people are so scared of Ouija boards is because they are afraid of themselves. A Ouija board unlocks the depths of your subconscious... but it plumbs the depths blindly, the same way love does... except that love does it with a flash light. I believe ultimately, all we discover from these tools lies dormant within us... repressed, there is much about ourselves we do not understand, and are afraid to understand or take responsibility for... so we externalize our fears, create archetypes of evil for them to wear like costumes, and after thousands of years come to believe those forms are reality... when they are simply illusions.... Beyond the dark chasm spawned bridge of terror lies the unknown, and through embracing that unknown, we become whole, empowered, and able to overcome all things... to believe in the illusion, to indulge in the fear, that there are supernatural forces out there, is to deny yourself your birthright, to live in unempowered illusions, a slave to your subconscious, unable to grow.


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” ~FDR’s First Inaugural Address


I believe in love, I believe in personal responsibility... I believe in achievement, walking through life with eyes open, in awe of the beauty of this world, and I believe anything is possible... but that which we fear is ignorant attachment to illusion... because we deeply do not understand ourselves and what we are capable of. I also believe that Kurt Russell should be in the last season of Sons of Anarchy as Snake Plisskin.


All the physical sensations paranormal investigators call evidence, is incredibly simple to recreate... all you have to do is go in a darkened room, any sound will instantly pull your mind there, because our personal boundaries become difuse and confused in the dark... and then we become vulnerable to outside stimulus, which awakens the fight or flight impulse, which results in physical sensations... that is all this is. Nothing paranormal to it... but of course, people are delusional, indulging in their fears, and that of course makes them even worse... I've experimented with this enough to know this is a fact. I have done it many times. People just need to be a bit more objective, scientific, and rational.


October 17, 2014




I've been thinking over the changes in my life, my job was almost everything to me, it was allowing me to save, so that down the way I could move back to Calilfornia, rekindle old friendships, and get my music out to more people, it was a huge thing when that job vanished, a bit like a death... sudden and jarring and life changing all at once... and I've been thinking about where I go from here... simplifying, selling, focusing and reprioritizing, realizing who's in my corner, and what those in my corner are capable, and what is on me... and though I haven't found the answer yet, I don't feel it's far off...


October 16, 2014




Spiders... approach with curiosity from a safe distance... be amazed at their unique ability to haunt people 1000 times their size... be impressed at their web making art, name them, call them a friend... do not kill things you don't have to... and you will create a beacon of peace in your environment, and that tiny ripple will grow to affect every area of your life.




The problem with online interaction is that textually speaking, hateful sarcasm and innocent joking can look exactly the same. The sensitive take everything to heart, I don't know what the solution is, it's not that I find the words painful, we're all just people, and I see the good in all of us, but how to discern between the wolf and sheep, when they look identical?


October 13, 2014




It's easy to get caught up in the things we think we need to do... so much so that we grasp for time, for responsibility, for a sense of necessity that does not exist... we call this our personal drama, and we identify with it so completely that we don't realize we've even stepped on the ferris wheel... until it starts spinning so fast that we can simply lose our minds... perhaps even become ill, suffering, unsleeping, and out of balance...


Meditation cultivates a sort of fail safe reminder... a recognition that hey, you just stepped on the ride, or maybe you've been on it for awhile... close your eyes, breathe in deeply breathe out deeply, have gratitude that your life simply is... your responsibilities, your goals, your necessities won't vanish, but you will gain the clarity to approach them with a fresh set of eyes and lungs... what you need to do is putting yourself in the future, let it go, be here and allow yourself to appreciate what is around you...
I'm rambling, I do that...




I write poetry and music not because I have to make a living, or want attention or to gain likes...but because I have to write poetry and music.


October 12, 2014




The story of Noah makes sense within its mythology, but in any real world sense it's utter nonsense... it first assumes that knowledge was man's failing and why man must be removed from earth... thus embracing ignorance, never to grow only to live as animals, a pendulum swing from one extreme to another... I believe knowledge is a good thing, without that knowledge we cannot make informed choices... we cannot grow... and we can always choose beauty and light and compassion... we are not lost because we seek truth and knowledge, we are only lost when we abandon reason and let the embracing of delusion, overcome by fear justify our petty actions.


I believe the movie raises some very important topics, living in harmony, how far man has given into delusion, greed, chasing money, exploitation, manipulation, all the wars, and endless suffering... deaths of innocent... the world is clearly screwed up... but while I do not believe the answer is dogma, I believe the solution is empathy, compassion, brotherhood.


Granting freewill was not a bad idea either... without man can neither succeed or fail, we would be pointless... only by choosing love, and kindness and compassion when given every opportunity to do otherwise can there be true beauty and purpose.


I think it's possible that awareness and free will as we understand it, was evolved out of a survival instinct... nature just got sick of extinction level events, monkeys ate mushrooms under elephant dung, went on trips, and came back... awake... and we're the result 500,000 years later... our purpose is the same... save nature... but we have gotten distracted along the way.... it is time for us to remember.


The earth has extraordinary restorative abilities, and we are getting in the way of them doing their work... We can reset ourselves with these tools as well... through meditation, psychedelics, beauty, song, love, we like all living things have a responsibility to clean... all life, think about it, cleans something... ladybugs, spiders, ants... all with tasks to clean and help the restorative utilities of the earth... mankind in kind has our task, perhaps the greatest of all, for we understand past and future, so can do the most harm... or good in the present...


October 11, 2014




You must trust that life can speak to you in a language you can understand.


October 10, 2014




Music and passion without those to share it with is without value, dried leaves rustling along the ground and pettiness to win burns them...


October 7, 2014




Bad things happen to good people, because good people are worth the hardship, since they will learn from it, and become even better people.... and concerning living and dying? Because bad things happen to everyone, it's not like anyone is exempt from pain, suffering, sleep, hunger, sickness, and death...




A bedroom whose focus is a tv, is like a meal whose focus is meat. Once you remove either from the centerpiece, beauty can take it's rightful place in the heart of heaven.


October 6, 2014




All people are inherently the same... it is only expressions of the truth that vary, and expressions of ignorance, and the submission to either attachment and fear, or expansion and love and we can only change our responses... so choose to respond from your deepest truth in all things, and you shall be fulfilled.


Believe me I know depression and suffering, I try to raise the emotion up through creativity, my music and art - how can you use your emotions to help others while expressing your deepest truth?


October 5, 2014




As all of America's staple institutions fail in any moral standard, I can only hope this means more people will wake up. The government, the church, the media, the marketplace, the NFL, how much fire does it take in a forest for people to realize, climbing trees isn't the way out?




We live in a world in which those who can help don't, and those who can't, always wish they could... what does that mean? If the people who say they wanted to help suddenly could, would they no longer want to? Is that the strange bio-chemical reality program that is being run on humanity? Have we created a virus within the human morality play that can never be fulfilled? Are we living in a doomed paradigm? Should we create a new one? One that transcends money as a necessity to survive? Money rewards little to do with quality of work, and so should it not simply be removed from the equation? Perhaps all suffering is based on a socially introduced illusion that we've all bought into... and perhaps it's long past overdue that we stop playing the game.


October 4, 2014




We have cultivated a society in which people are willing to spend their last dollars on makeup but never consider buying music or art... we have groomed a society to adorn its self with lies, rather than adorn its spirit with beauty.


October 3, 2014




I believe in destiny, and destiny is light. Whether you embrace it now, or it embraces you later... sooner or later, it's a'comin'


October 2, 2014




If you shine a bright enough light on the darkness, it becomes impossible to discern between black and white.




I'm a night person... my creativity spreads its wings when the sun goes down... my roommate goes to sleep early, I need to be able to really let loose to record my music... this might seem like a problem to some people, but for me, there are no problems, there are only challenges that have not found their creative solutions yet... so I will begin reprogramming myself to record my songs during the day, after all, I am the master of my biology, and I will bend this reality to suit my needs... and what I need is to record all my songs and get them on youtube... the more content I put out, the closer I get to my goals... and no excuses or obstacles are going to stop me. Not now, not ever.


October 1, 2014




Religions thrive because those who are lost are willing to give up their basic rights and neocortex in order to be found and enjoy the sense of security and community with which that sacrifice affords.