June 30, 2015


Uploading our minds scares me because it reminds me of the word of God becoming a book... when multi dimensionality becomes three, does it lose something of itself in the process? And can the same be said of consciousness being uploaded to machines? Will we forget what we are, the same way we forgot what God is?




No man or woman is perfect, but a beautiful message is the work of their hope, and it can be ours too.




Some men were given revelations by the Holy Spirit, and some by God, yet still the books were written by men, filtered through the times, through their biases, by men who did not walk with Jesus. God wrote no books. The living word is the light and the truth unerring, "the spirit over the water", and the water is the subconscious, and once it becomes conscious, it is no longer the word. It is an interpretation.


Imagine the stars in the sky being the interpretation of light, the darkness of the sky is our unconscious, flawed and imperfect, yet vulnerable and receptive to truth, which is why even that little light shines through and we are thankful... that is why the saying is God works in mysterious ways, for we cannot truly know the word of God through scripture, but only the interpretation we are ready to understand... our focus must be on the trust that God is working behind the scenes, we must hear from the holy spirit itself, and be guided by the spirit.


June 22, 2015


When you cut through the dross of all loss... only the truth remains.




The truth is few will see you or know you, and few will be capable and even less will try. So know yourself, and live your truth, when you find your love, embrace it and hold it up to the sun, and it will be good, even if those you love are blind, perhaps it's not their time, perhaps the sun can not make the shady trees make room for flowers, perhaps sometimes all you can do is shine through the seasons, eventually with their reasons, the trees too give up their leaves.




If you have no reflection it don't make you a vampire, it just means the mirror can't see you.


June 11, 2015


A parent is supposed to be a role model, not to leave you alone to figure things out for yourself when times are at their worst, to sink or swim on your own merits... yes, we all must walk and swim our own paths... but a parent is the moral buoy, not a well guarded island to protect itself.... I am more for my cats than my parents are for me, and it is not that they are hateful people, they just aren't capable of giving children what they need, many parents aren't equipped with the skills or the desire to learn them. So I can't blame them, this is the way the world works... it's not always functional, it's not always pretty, but we can make it a positive, a strength, and a beauty. My cats give me comfort, my friends, even this earth, but my parents are strangers to me, looking desperately for their own worth.


June 10, 2015


Expectation dies as it should... what was once steel, now become decaying wood.


May 29, 2015


Christians so often say that a thought is the same as a deed, which of course I think is absolutely insane, sorry Christians, it just is. Thoughts can be a relief valve for this crazy life, you wanna strait-jacket people's minds with being terrified about what they think about, you can go fuck yourself, you're making slaves out of everyone. Stop it. Thinking is not a crime, okay Orwellian crazies. You don't get over thoughts by being afraid of them, but by realizing they are the opposite of a deed, they are illusions, compulsions, emotions, subconscious iterations one can let go of... a thought is not a deed. Imagine if a Christian saw someone playing GTA V, they'd lose their freakin minds... this is why they want to ban video games, and blame them for all the problems of youth... no, you're wrong... you're just wrong. Video games aren't the problem, neglectful parents, bad educational system, corrupt society, over consumerized, and monetized humanity, that's the problem. Leave people the refuge of their thoughts, read good books to cultivate beautiful worlds, and go forth, not in judgment, but in amazement. All doors are open, and the ones you want to close, I'm breaking down.


May 28, 2015


Spiders, they seem to tap into something pretty primal in us humans. I find that fascinating. Obviously there is valid and reasonable want for concern, people don't particularly enjoy getting bit, killed or alien abducted... but one of those is not like the others... irrational fears get blended in with reality, and that is what causes the fear response that we are not masters over... and that is what I seek to understand and overcome, not just for myself, but everyone who is afraid of spiders beyond the reasonable caution. That might seem silly, but I have found this thinking has led me to overcome my own fear of spiders through cultivating curiosity, empathy and compassion, awe perhaps, respect, and interest replaces fear motes with bridges. We can share this world while maintaining mutual safe distance, and for all other times, we are much larger creatures, with nimble minds and bodies... we can trap and release as necessary, which I believe creates a much healthier environment. I'll stop there and say simply, All creatures great and small, whether Piglet short, or Jesus tall... is deserving of our love, our interest, and our awe.


My conclusion is that anyone can overcome their fear of spiders through these methods. Be mindful of what you fear, for it is to that which you bow down and offer up all your power.


~Jonathan Berman


April 27, 2015


I would rather align with uncertainty, than circle the drain of a scripted brain.


April 9, 2015


The society as it should be: If you smoke Cannabis, having a bong on your mantle should not be cause for worry, that is unless you don't clean it.. like ever. I grew up in a culture of hiding our paraphernalia, everyone I knew, it was just the conventional wisdom, and we learn it often just from hiding it from our parents, and not as a civil rights issue, we weren't afraid of impromptu raids.... anyway, I noticed it's behavior based on attitudes I've basically maintained throughout my life... a sort of subservience to the Order, and everything I've been indoctrinated to believe about myself and the world...


April 4, 2015


A friend of mine quoted someone without giving them credit, and I suggested they should quote someone properly out of respect, and she deleted my comment, and blocked me, that's a bit upsetting... if you quote someone and get called on it, don't run from the truth, own up to it, and stay in reality... believe me, in the long run, you'll be happier that you did. Life isn't about saying all the right things, the wisest, the funniest... sometimes life is just about being honest, imperfect, and vulnerable... that's where you find your strength to grow... that's how you build character.

Fake people, fighting to remain fake.
Sheep people, fighting to remain sheep
What kind of person do you want to be?

PS... that is sad she chose she would rather unfriend me than be honest, I wasn't judging her for quoting, I just asked her to properly quote, acknowledge your teachers... don't build an image and think it's you, or you make of yourself a golem, and you? The real you? Believe me, digging yourself out isn't always easy...


April 2, 2015


Being from the '80s was a great thing. A generation of avante garde pop punk dork poet pioneers, both passionate and proud, humble and curious, idealistic dreamer's with nearly practical intentions!




Somewhere along the way I had learned that being happy was inconsiderate of others suffering, and I became intensely more and more self-conscious until I didn't even know I was doing it, it became the world to me... and anything that seemed to express genuine happiness became something alien, sometimes even an enemy, a trigger... what happens to us that we forget our normal state of bliss? Joy of experience? Of being? And how do we get back? Luckily the trip is as short as you want it to be... "wherever you go, there you are".