February 25, 2015


When we hear about a football injury in every game, we understand there's a problem in football, and when we hear about cop abuse every day, we understand there's a problem with cops. A problem with politics, religion, processed foods, the system, a life chasing money, imagine a world without all of these things, its scary, but it's the beautiful land we all say we wish existed, the land we say God created, yet we stay here, in Hell, because we're too afraid to let it go. Well, I'm not so afraid anymore, and my curiosity is growing, I want to see what's on the other side of that hill, but I have to let go of this madness, before I can embrace and express that peace.


February 23, 2015


There is nothing worse for myself than being a white man in a white man's world... I want to be able to look at my fellow man with respect and not with disappointed embarrassment, deeply saddened by history not simply for that of yesterday but of today. Compassion and Equality must be for all or it is for none.


We can learn from anyone, if we couldn't, God or nature, wouldn't have supplied us with them... the cosmos is a puzzle, and all pieces are required... there are no superior pieces, we only create a complete picture, when we are united. I truly believe that with every heart beat and breath of my being.




Homeland Security is a joke... they don't care about the homeland or security of the people... if they did, they'd be looking at the chemicals in food and products, the lies in marketing, the corrupt regulations, the lack of mandatory relief wells on drilling, the lack of clean water and air, and disposal of waste, the failing education and healthcare.... homeland security is a marketing campaign, and not a humanitarian effort. Homeland Security is a tool by the oligarchy to keep corruption a secret.






There's something a bit disingenuous and surreal about the entertainment world... the poor pay money to see the rich play poor people in movies, and then those actors go home to their lavish multi-million dollar homes, but if those actors actually cared about the roles they were playing and winning awards for, wouldn't they spend a little less on their home and more on the situations they've dedicated their lives to portray? I guess if they all gave their millions to solve the problems, they'd have no more work? Does it not serve them better to keep the disparity going?




Most people are willing to do what it takes to get sick, but not what it takes to avoid it. Greatness is the ability to reprogram yourself for wellness when everything in the world is working to program you for sickness, disease and death, so you can be more easily controlled. The stressed, the struggling, the poor, the sick, the overwhelmed, have far less clarity and stamina, and thus are far less dangerous to the power elite who seek only to rule the world at any cost.




Dare to be inspired. To set your life on fire, to not waste each microsecond afraid, stumbling, desperately searching for life to submit to your will... Slow down, take a deep breath of gratitude, the great work is without end, do not feel thwarted by life, pushing against the rising tide, let it rise, let it rise, and open your heart wide. You are the boat along life's channel...


February 20, 2015


Even Gandhi knew pacifism wasn't an absolute... he knew it would work with the British, but obviously we had to help stop Hitler, and we have to stop ISIS... action has to be taken sometimes, because we don't live in Utopia... we live with terrorists in this world, and rapists, and people who murder because they like it. People live in their first world, sweet consumer, disconnected worlds and mistake it for the real one... but the real world isn't holding hands down on the beach expecting oil spills to clean themselves, this isn't a fairytale, and too many liberals are living in the blanket of their own fear and denial, dreaming awake that the president is their messiah, the news is telling them the truth, the whole truth, and they go on their way each day, just trying to get through, as the tunnel society crafted for them grows smaller by diameter every year, with every civil liberty slowly being stripped away as the country gets pulled more and more right through the compromise of the spineless good Left, to the psychotic Right, we end up absolutely nowhere, and in this Nowhere, the sleeping spin their good fantasies, too afraid to wake up to even hear the truth, so truth bearers become just one more enemy, the distraction the power elite wanted for us all along... and now they're plugged into the program, they're not even human anymore, and those of us watching, most not get overwrought, we must not let it overcome us too, we must be strong, we must maintain compassionate vigilliance outside, and work on waking people up.


February 18, 2015


When I look at the sweet, beautiful dog Maggie, female white lab, gotta be near 10 years old now, sort of limping, she's had some problems walking since the Cancer, and I feel really bad for her when I see her want to choose the stairs, but then choose against it, and she turns around and heads toward the couch, but she doesn't sit down defeated, she flops over onto her back on the carpet, and starts playing, and scratching her back on the carpet, she expands, she doesn't contract, and therein is today's lesson. PS, and then I turn around and Maggie is upstairs behind me, because nothing will stop her when there's a bowl of wet cat food nearby.


February 15, 2015


I'm so broke these days, I can't even afford water, I have to buy my molecules in singles and bash 'em together myself... it's pretty dangerous, but I do it in space, so it's all good.


God seems to be pretty cool with just about everything except unicorns, yetis, and easily won happiness.


February 14, 2015


Watching the series "Hoarders" on Netflix and taking notes... and I'm using all the trash in my garbage cans as note paper...


I'm always challenging myseld
and myself

...even my typos are friends


I'd prefer if from now you on you said, "crayon crayon"...
I can't remember the last time I used a cray cray...
a crayon. I've just de-weaponized cray cray.
You're welcome.


I've been spending m ore time working, working out, staying focused on the debt, family friends, been super crayola crayons all week...

I'm not insane in the brain, I'm crayola crayons in the cranium.

Drunk & stoned butterflies are easier to catch


February 13, 2015


I must be slightly dyslexic, because I just read a Facebook group named "Pain Shared Is Pain Lessened" and all I could see was Sarah Palin.


February 12, 2015


We must all learn to be better listeners, and this mean letting ourselves be open, and to say we don't have all the answers, we don't have to look like the smartest person in the room, and we must humble ourselves to new and enlightening information from wherever it comes from. We must go forth with the intention of bettering ourselves and the world, that we don't know the answer, but we want to learn. Though I don't think it would be hard for people I know to believe there are things I don't know, I want to take this time right now to apologize for my failures of listening in the past, in the present, and in the future... but I am working on it, and I hope you are too.


We always want others to understand us, but what if others understand us only from the perspective of their own expectations? And what if those people are a parent? No matter how many times I tell my mother not to get my sister involved with her ideas of my well-being, she keeps doing it anyway, even within the same conversation... it's the most frustrating experience. I tell her, hey if my sister cares about my well-being, why doesn't she call me now and then to see how I'm doing? Because so often, people don't know how to look at others with non-judgment... believe me, I wish things were different, but because I don't agree with your ideas, doesn't make me wrong, it turns our ideas into ideologies, you're creating your own religion. Projecting and feeding your own ego, and I don't even exist in the conversation anymore... perhaps I should learn how to humor people better.


It's not people who think they know more about life and living that bothers me, it's people who think they know more about me that I can't accept. Tthe moment you believe you know what it's like to be me I cease to exist, and only the reflection of you remains.


February 10, 2015


We are like ducks... to others we appear to glide gracefully upon the surface, while below it our little legs are kicking full speed to keep us afloat.




Women don't want men to be confused, it's not a power play, they just want you to be open, and when the heart pours forth its honesty, men often try to understand it rationally, and in that moment, while the man focuses on that confusion... the woman sees the light of love, and that's when and why she kisses you. It's geometry over the ocean, angles over angels.


February 9, 2015


Voids and How to Fill Them

If you want to get rid of drug addiction... decriminalize all drugs, and put the money towards reconnecting addicts to the world...
Drug addiction is a byproduct of an empty life.
Obese people eat to fill a void they mistake for hunger.
Overspenders buy to fill a void they mistake for loneliness.
We need to help ourselves by focusing on our connections. We can do this together.


February 8, 2015


There is no god, there is no devil, there is only truth and lie. Labels are judgments crafted by the insecurity of the mind to make sense of a senseless and incomprehensible world... and once you realize that, the incomprehensible lights the way to the beauty which you sought desperately with all your definitions.


February 6, 2015


I like triangles because when there's no math to be done they can still play in the band.


February 5, 2015


Watching old episodes of The Cosby Show really brings back memories of my childhood, and I gotta say for a rapist, Bill Cosby's pretty funny.


February 4, 2015


Truth is not in the painting, truth is in the brush strokes.


February 2, 2015


People say "Oh my God", because on some level they realize that God is an aspect of a personal relationship and not something found in a book that can be applied to everyone.


Be the most hasslefree person in someone's life.