January 31, 2014




People don't really challenge each other to learn, nor do we challenge ourselves enough... for instance, I don't think anyone in my entire life has ever asked me once what my thoughts are on Quantum Mechanics, or anything to do with quantum mechanics such as quantum superposition, the Schrödinger equation, and honestly, thank god... because I know so very little about it, I feel like a complete idiot just trying to think about it... and I tend to think of quantum mechanics in terms of metaphysical relation... such as, energy is neither created or destroyed, to me, means reincarnation. Equal and opposite reaction? I hear that, and I hear, Karma. I need to take a class, badly.


January 30, 2014




What is freedom? (A super serious postiness)


Freedom is when you knew when the Superbowl was, and spent your whole life getting to the point that you no longer know or care when the Superbowl is... if you just didn't know ever it could be ignorance, this way, it's truly freedom. So when George Bush said they hate us for our freedom, what he's really saying is the terrorists hate us for our ability to both create and forget fundamental problems in our society that we probably never should have invented in the first place, and that my friends is what we call... closure.


January 29, 2014




Cats are notorious for getting underfoot, and I think I figured out why. Cats know that we will feel bad for accidentally kicking them so they do it on purpose, they take one for the team, because they know ultimately it will lead to guilt treats, and not just right then, but for weeks to come... this is the mind of a cat... I'm 103% certain of it!


I believe my cat Luna has a complex. She doesn't believe she's being loved unless she's being fed.. this may be why she weighs 18 lbs.




Sexual Energy is a well-spring, and we are farmers of well-being... when our state of mind is entertained and challenged by life, it draws from the well and raises it up through the filters and passageways of our being to be painted upon the world with love's intention, growing our perceptions and cultivating our state of emotional and mental balance... we should care for this wellspring of creative and potential energies, for we choose to spend it like currency for a show, or save it along the banks of our lives, and in beauty we grow.




Whatever teaches you the fundamental lessons in life... of love, and tolerance, acceptance, and letting go... whatever it is, whether it be religion, or atheism, a tv show, a symphony, an ascetic giving away of all unnecessary possessions... whatever it is for you in that moment... embrace it, no matter what anyone says... the world has its critics, but they cannot live you, they cannot breathe you, seek you, or die you... so embrace you, and believe in that, support that... and support that part of everyone you meet, and appreciate that all the days of your life.


If people really believed in God, when something happens they don't understand, why would they ask others why God does what he does... why would they not ask him? Do they feel they cannot hear him if he is there? Whatever you seek you shall find, if it's God you seek, you will find God, and though this doesn't prove God exists, it could be your mind defining an experience as "God", but it will still apply the answer to the question you are carrying... like a wound looking for a bandaid... and whatever you label it, a rose by any other name is just as sweet... so worry not what you call it, worry only that you don't open your heart and mind to life, and that life passes you by because you were too concerned with what to call things, to seek them.


January 28, 2014




Trying to face the reality of The Holocaust, the specifics of those who died and those who survived, the front end face of Jews in orchestras, to mask the endless death hidden from view... the absolute Hell on Earth, and waiting for death... it is perhaps impossible to fully digest... it is like trying to swallow the sun... it lies somewhere beyond my comprehension the ability for mankind to do this to another... this is why i call the survivors of the Holocaust the strongest people to walk the Earth. I bow my head and pray to the human spirit that overcomes this unimaginable, undigestible suffering... may their stories live on and deepen your compassion and your strength and your humility.


I am glad my mom told me about this special being on TV tonight, it was well worth watching, no matter how much you think you know about that time period... listening to these survivors is so powerful.


January 27, 2014




I believe one should study all religions so as to get along with others in this time... but follow none of them, and it is my hope that one day religion like training wheels will be put aside and mankind walk side by side without religion.


January 24, 2014




People don't really believe in freedom of speech, they believe in speech that they agree with, and that's generally a very narrow corridor of thoughts... Now someone would be offended by my saying that, but it's not offensive... if I changed people to women, then it would be offensive, but women will read it as if it does say women... because women are fucking nuts.


January 23, 2014




I apologize to all my friends but you should know by now, that nearly all of the mainstream topics you find value in, I find none in... like politics, and sports, and organized religion, except where I feel like a doctor vaccinating people with Reason against all of your indoctrinated nonsense that I feel is destroying the entire world... so don't be offended, I just think you are part of the problem, but not out of any real fault of yours, you were born into an obligatory observation of these things and for now it works for you... so if I don't respond to these topics, it's not because I don't love you... I just hate on a visceral fundamental level, everything you stand for.


Thank you. ~Jonathan




It matters not if you always speak the truth, for the only truth others will recognize is the truth that aligns with their own. This makes the truth your own, and you must appreciate it like an invisible butterfly that has landed in your open palm... it is your heartbeat, birth, breath, and death.


January 22, 2014




Cultivating compassion is like filling a beaker of water... one doesn't have to choose to love a few, or just your family, some say you can't love everyone, but think of the beaker... when you fill it with water, there isn't parts of the beaker filling lower than others, the level remains the same throughout the entire beaker... in this way, as we cultivate compassion, the way we perceive all things collectively becomes infused with compassion.


January 20, 2014




Putting your shoes on a table is not bad luck, it's just mind control to brainwash you away from doing something unhealthy... but ultimately it's about the same as letting the cat walk on the table... it's about germs, and in ancient history, when science was in its infancy, we didn't know about germs... and so we had superstition. It's time to let go of the ignorant conclusions, and realize, we don't live in that world anymore... we understand more, we know more about the universe... let go of fear and silly superstition, and embrace Reason and common sense... and put your mind and what you've learned to good use, rather than indulge magic and ignorance.




Doubt is a mark of intelligence, right? Those who do not doubt, don't learn. This is why when asked if he ever doubts himself, Obama's grinning and serious, "No", concerned me so greatly. I don't doubt gravity, I accept it as a fact of life, and so I learn nothing new about gravity. I doubt lots of things in the world, which is why i explore them... an inability to doubt is an inability to learn.




The most important lessons to learn in life and the most challenging for me, is to love and to let go.




When I make a post on Facebook, I check the post time so I can update my website after, but I've been doing it for so long, that now my brain wonders if the exact time isn't pointing the way to a page or verse in a book, signs along the path, vibrations in the sky....




Our worries do not vanish through figuring something out, they vanish when we cultivate compassion for others.


January 19, 2014




To those who do not understand, illusions are magic
To those who do not understand, technology is terrifying
To those who do not understand, faith is a comfort
To those who do not understand, reason is godly


Once we understand the process, we are no longer enamored or entrenched in fear by what we witness in the world.


This is not to undermine the very real danger in the illusory, technological advancements, religion, or logic... but to point out a knot that exists and a method by which to unravel it.


January 17, 2014




America is addicted to utilitarian concerns, and that's okay to an extent... we work on the organization, when we're not comfortable with the reality of endless change... but this leads to neglecting the utilitarian, laundry, folding clothes, cleaning, for there is a void in our spiritual life, and turning to the utilitarian concern can only help for so long... eventually one must make their spiritual life a priority, then utilitarian concern and spiritual practice become harmonized, and there becomes no differentiation between utilitarian and spiritual living, there is simply living.




I can open soda bottles on the edge of my PC... it hurts my hand and probably confuses my computer, but it makes me feel really manly, and there's little in my life that does that, so I do it anyway. I'm probably testosterone deficient, I wonder if there's a trend of that in romantic poets? I wonder if anyone has asked that question before?


January 14, 2014




It is far more interesting knowing what you believe about what you think, than what you think about what others believe.




We have barely scratched the surface of human potential... perhaps we may even transcend being human and become another kind of butterfly... but we toil away in the mud, creating new illusions to chase, because that's where we are... we do not need these attachments... chasing money... but we will someday outgrow even these ideologies... and when we do... and oh how I wish I were around to witness it... a new age will arrive, an age without day or night, but of endless flight, where we experience our own gravity, the fullness and depth of space will be no deeper than us, and not because we limit it, but because we recognize that we are the cosmos, we are the expanding universe, and the interdependent and co-mingled experiential consciousness that we are, become an ocean in the palm of your hand, eyes of moon and star, pores of glimmering lights in the heavens, shoulder horizon, with an atmosphere of hair flowing around us... giving birth to the Cosmos, forever...


January 13, 2014




For the young who live within a broken system, to thy master conform or complain. For unless you pursue that which truly inspires, you are nothing but a pawn in the game.




I had started accidentally breaking things, not because I didn't worry about possessions but because I had grown so certain of their inevitable demise, and what could have been a valuable lesson in impermanence had become the echo of lonely cries. The lesson is always thus: Balance and Simplify.


January 9, 2014


[Posted at backwards 237 o'clock AM]


Love for all people, I don't mean conventional love, I don't mean friendship love, I don't mean intimate love, I mean unconditional love... is possible, for it is not about maintaining a list, or trying to be open... it's about changing your view of humanity as a whole... once you uncover the heart, it recognizes the heart in everyone. It is the smaller mind that categorizes and separates and differentiates and judges, it is our greater mind that contains the multitudes, like the bird in the sky you long for... you are not he who chases, you are the sky which embraces.


Hey that rhymed, so it's.... probably true.




The problem with hitting rock bottom... once you reach it, and pull yourself up, you are simultaneously digging down deeper into truth, which means your rock bottom is also as never-ending as your sky. This makes YOU the expanding Universe.




Everything we look at is the world talking to us... when you meet someone who hears a similar message in the world... hold on to them... they should be in your band.


But what about those who hear something else? We all hear many things in everything... recognizing that all things are speaking an individualized message to us all, all the time...

Perhaps that is nonjudgment.


January 7, 2014




I think the one thing I never really got enough of in life was the support of people who care reminding me to stick with it, whatever it is, school, my music, comedy, I met more people who were eager to tear me down than people who were loving and supportive, who wanted to see me succeed, and I needed someone to give me that encouragement. My dad left when I was 3, my mom was overwhelmed with 5 kids, I was the youngest, I left home young. I was on my own too early and didn't get a foundation of confidence.






Wherever you go, the Yeti is sure to follow.... for he is the shadow of your subconscious, the externalized uncertainties that you merely get a glimpse of now and then in your life... and it is through not recognizing these things as our own, that we externalize them, and the level of fear associated creates the manifestation experienced by you.... on the end of greater fear we have multi-dimensional beings, demons, ghosts, yetis.... but ultimately they are all the same... they are you as seen through the prism of your own fear and desire.


January 6, 2014




Sometimes I look at my cat when he's got that demanding, disconcerted, wtf look on his face, and I point at him and I give him the truth, and I say, "Hey, you ain't got no money, and you ain't got no shoes."




People who play records make better lovers, they've cultivated a gentle touch that CD players could never appreciate or understand. In today's disposable culture... a return to art, to attention to the details each moment of our lives, they're valuable in fact they're the most precious thing we possess, simply because they cannot be possessed.




It's more about rediscovering what's always been, so we can create what can always be.


January 4, 2014




Every time you masturbate, you are technically making porn for aliens.





The ego has strong defenses against the embrace of reality, even though that reality is light is truth is liberation... there is an intense fear of such because we have identified with our attachment illusions... Cannabis is like putting the ego defenses in a boxing ring with a more powerful opponent... and each time I partake, my defenses weaken, until it is simply a matter of me, and reality... and only one of us will survive... and I have a sinking feeling.. it's not going to be me.


January 3, 2014




The green hit of herb is like oxygen for the soul. Part of the problem with Cannabis is that people abuse it creating the stigma we know of today, which creates the kneejerk reaction against Cannabis by good people. On top of that is the corrupt agenda by the FDA, by those who want to keep people buying their medicines, and their controlling, corporate, system that is becoming obsolete, more and more every day... we are evolving beyond the structure of society that is all around us today... the treatment of animals, gay marriage, abortion... people are waking up to the reality that there are real issues facing humanity, and these cosmetic distraction issues are not worthy of our attention. This is why so many feel voting is pointless. Changing the system from within... where the corruption is so dank and dark and deep that whatever you do as an individual gets filtered by the billionaire corporations calling the shots. So I get it, and I don't believe in shaming people who out of disillusionment stopped voting. Life's too short to fight a current taking us away from everything we believe in, and our nation is being steered by those captains of industry.... we were meant for more than this.


Get off the boat and take the scenic route.




I don't smoke Cannabis to get high, I smoke it to get balanced. I have found that smoking a very small amount really brings my roller coaster down to a comfortable speed. As a kid, I believe I got negative effects from Cannabis simply by not knowing my limits, but now I'm older, I'm wiser, I've cultivated balance through meditation, exercise, diet, and all areas of my life, and yet the roller coaster continues... Cannabis has thus been very helpful at that point... and I would not mind if I could take Cannabis for that balance without getting high at all... I don't need the high, I need the balance, but right now I can't get one without the other. But then I must wonder what affect on my poetry, my music, the high has... things to ponder...




Sometimes I ponder on all of God's creation, and maybe I walk by a flower, and I stop, look and think... "Eh, it's not that great." I immediately sneeze, shrug, giggle look up and softly say, "Just kidding..." and God sheathes his lightning bolt.




Where tax dollars support everything I don't believe in... being true to myself becomes a crime.


January 2, 2014




I get those cascading deja vu experiences, but I find them easy to pop out of by not putting too much value on my thoughts... emphasis on "too much" ... I think perhaps thoughts are the chickens running around after their heads have been cut off...


January 1, 2014




If you ever feel like the universe has set you up to fail, prove it wrong. The universe will likely take that moment to make you pee on yourself just to prove how powerful it is, but you know just laugh it off, wash it off too, and you keep showing the universe what love and beauty is possible.... I think the universe is feeling a loss at all those black holes eating up its things! So you keep loving, and make the universe smile. Perhaps it's our job to teach the universe how to love.