September 30, 2015


I dedicate my love to the gay community and the hope for a healthy dissolution of their relationship with the Church... you are worth more than ideologies... you are worth more than an exploitation of your fears, and a mollifying of your discomforts... you are worth more than the words that have no love behind them... you are worth more than outdated manipulations... you are my brothers, you are my sisters... you are not this timber, you are these hands, you are not this dark path, you are these bright lands.




The fish swims through the water, the fisherman gets angry that it didn't bite at its hook, but the fish doesn't even know his life was spared by the tides of attention..


September 21, 2015


A child cannot give a parent a maternal instinct, they either have it or they don't, and a child will bang their head against a wall, believing all their lives that it is simply a door that will not open... in a hope that someday it will.


September 18, 2015


When a friend doesn't talk to you for years, it's easy to see how misunderstandings occur, no wonder you think the worst, you don't know me anymore, you don't know my heart anymore... you've forgotten who I am.


The lesson?


We need to keep up with loved ones, or we will become the reflection of their worst fear based reactions. Words in text have multiple meanings, text is easily misunderstood, and when a person holds highly emotionally charged triggers for those words, they will assume what you mean is what that trigger represents for them.

We must keep up with each other, so we can see through the emotional smog to the enlightening summit beyond.


Like Jews and Muslims, whose tenets are nearly identical, like men and women who are 99.6% genetically the same... we must look for common ground, and not a battleground.


I understand you are suffering, that is why I speak out... these issues must be brought to light and explored... together and for everyone's sake.


Thank you.



September 15, 2015


I guess the ultimate human argument regarding religion is whether faith is a byproduct of love or fear.


September 9, 2015


Let us walk an ancient path... older than the corporations, older than the news... let us walk a path that is not new, merely hidden from view.

We killed the native american, but we did not take their path... they walk it still... and we must walk it with them, with the animals, with the birds in the sky... or we will surely perish, you and I.


August 13, 2015




People will always exert more energy saying they care publicly than taking any action towards that effect, because people primarily care about themselves and how others see them, and once image is established, they are too worn out to follow through, though they never really intended to in the first place, and those who do follow through will be hated by those who don't, even when they are the recipient of the expression of care, because they now have become the mirror for all their own hypocrisies. We are less alone than we feel, but we are more alone than anyone cares to admit.


July 26, 2015


When suffering is forever and compassion also... which will win? The one you choose.


July 12, 2015


The very first time I heard this song, it was at the concert in 1994. Friends from then no longer seen, dreams of lives I'd never be. Nights once cold now full of warmth, ancient love like distant stars, or eyes that shone like yours...


July 6, 2015


Life is short. Do your best. Don't worry about what anyone else does, or says, or thinks, but learn, learn from them all because you reflect it deeply, you listen to each tic of the clock because each one gone is gone forever... time is a river, and we are not sailors, we are not captains, we are not boats, and we are not boulders... we are not reflections, we are not the shadow or the shiny, and yet we are all these things... a harmonic, that sustains until the last refrain...


July 3, 2015


Being defensive constructs a transparent roof beneath one's sky, but one does not realize they have built it because they can still see the sky... and yet pearls of wisdom are unable to fall through, they merely settle on the roof, and the person registers the weight, raising their aggression as if you have attacked them... but you do not blame the snow for falling on a roof, nor the sun for shining through a window... thus wisdom must find a way in through listening for the one inside.




We are drops of water looking for the sea, 
not recognizing the condensation in the air that binds us eternally.
Blinded by our own periphery, 
and falling in love with the light that cuts.
Failing to see we never left the sea but indulged 
in looking over the Bluffs.