March 29, 2015


Our choices matter a great deal, because the future is never set, sure there are momentums because most people do not ever change the way they think... but if you for a moment ask, look around, and just consider all life could be another way? Then all bets are off, and you begin to recognize how your thoughts pre-pave your reality, because what you think, and the way you feel about those thoughts, now becomes visible to you, and you no longer wear them like a leaf wears wind... you become all things, both moving and still within.


March 25, 2015


When I have nothing to do, and I just embrace where I am... the road ahead becomes clear... I see all that which I will let go of in this world. I see the myriad layers and overlayering of dried coffee on the rim of a glass, how quickly they dry, like memories, footprints in the sand... everything can be a mirror for what we're feeling, a sweet reminder of where we've been, and the gratitude of being able to look back through time, the expanse of my life trailing behind like a receding wave... and the wave upon which I currently ride...


March 24, 2015


Some songs move us in ways we cannot understand, we are triggered on a deeper level than we have swam the depths of to see, perhaps on purpose, the sweet mystery is something we long to hold on to... but when it flows right through us we simply let it because it takes us to a place so high and bright and beautiful, but with our feet on the ground, and our heads in the cosmos we are broadened and laid bare to all of life, deepened by the experience, this place of discovery... so we keep the mystery, the love affair with time...


March 17, 2015


When I sit, and just sense the different stimuli coming through all my senses, tensions and tastes, sounds and pains, I think we must be creating a diamond somewhere within ourselves. What if, our spirit, through such profound pressure, created a body for it to reside in, so it could put its intentions into action... but to what end? Curiosity? A need for something more? Having a body certainly grants a spirit a wide range of possibilities... hence the fear of supernatural forces, walk-ins, and possessions... perhaps projecting of deeply rooted fear, hooked into some deeply subconscious and primal memory... and if our bodies are these vehicles designed by our own desires, it makes sense to tale care of them right, but also not to become attached to them, after all, "the lease on life" idiom is true is it not? When we rent a car, we don't suffer when we have to return it to the dealer... and the same can possibly be said about our bodies. Or I'm just spouting nonsense, luckily I enjoy the possibilities of nonsense... so I leave you with this... curiosity may have killed the cat, but curiosity enriched his life enough to make it all worthwhile.


March 16, 2015


There is no reason to be afraid of enlightenment, for you are already living with it and the tension of fighting it, now imagine what you could do with all the energy spent fighting it? You could embrace... you think you are the painter, but you are the painting.




The story of the man who refuses all the help of man, because he's waiting for God, makes a lot of sense if you think of our stubbornness as a people, our emotional turmoil, expectation, fear, our suffering, becomes so heavy that when the enlightening thoughts arrive like little innertubes of hope on our mental river... we feel too worn out to make the most of the opportunity... sometimes it's best at those times to sit in the warm embrace of full silence, with yourself, the feeling of your fingertips touching, any sound, stillness and the breath, that short, beautiful river of your life... forget all the "things", they are scenery, they are pebbles on the bottom of the river... what matters is not the things but those you share this journey with, nothing else matters, of course one likes a little something to nosh while innertubing down the rapids, rivers and lazy streams of divine consciousness...


March 13, 2015


Money gives one a false sense of spiritual currency, but then when we lose everything we fall completely apart, because what we had was a ghost... delusion mistaken for calm, emptiness mistaken for appetite... and once the false sentiment wears off, one is left with the reality of who we really are, and how we really feel about ourselves, our lives and the world... this is why money cannot buy you happiness... it can get you about as close as you can get without really getting there... like trying to plant seeds in the sky... you craft a garden floating on hydroponic, holotropic psychopathy, but there's no roots... when the herb is picked... nothing is left... you need to build a root system... and that comes not with currency, but with kindness, to yourself first... seeds must be planted and grown in you before anyone can sit under the shade of your tree. How does the tree grow if the seed has never been planted?


March 11, 2015


I'm not sure if this makes any sense... it's just something that came to me...

There is privilege in this world... when the cat needs to meow to ask me to let him out, or to feed him, that is privilege, and it is not a gift, a power or currency. I don't accept it... no, I spend every moment loving those who must give me privilege, so deeply that I burn the privilege up until nothing is left. Privilege is not a gift, a power or currency, it's a responsibility, and we owe it to the world and each other to burn it up in love and then wash it gently in the grace that remains.




One doesn't need God to act ethically. The problem isn’t language. People rejoice when somebody finds Jesus, but we seem to lack the language to rejoice when someone finds truth... and we must learn to recognize the amorphous yet beautiful aura of truth when it arises in us and others.


March 10, 2015


I tell ya man, the best time to smoke some herb is after a good cry, seriously, when something in this world cracks you open, herb shoots the light right down in there.