November 30, 2015


You Are A Beacon


You Are A Beacon

If you are afraid of Atheists, your God is afraid of you.
If you hate Gays, your God hates you.
Whatever you give in life, that is what you will get.
Your voice is a boomerang, and it always comes back to you.
You are a beacon to the world of your intentions.
When people don't understand those intentions, that's okay... the universe does, oh not intelligently, only in a reflecting mirror sense... it is your intentions that are reflected, and not the incorrect interpretations of those around you... so do not worry about being misunderstood, it is inevitable... rather speak your intent, and the strong ripples will either push the false interpretations away, or calm them to your shores.

There are no false boats, only false interpretations... so seek to be understanding of the other little boats out there, those who misunderstand perhaps need your calm waters the most...


November 23, 2015


I am always myself, it is the ongoing war between my atoms which convey a different message.


November 10, 2015


If you've never seen the movie The Fifth Element, there's a scene where the new soul girl sees all the atrocities of history played out before her very quickly, and she is heartbroken, wondering what is there here worth saving? It is the age old tale of science fiction, found in The Abyss, and The Day the Earth Stood Still... and the answer is always... yes, mankind has cultivated its potential for great and terrible horrors, but mankind can and has often cultivated its potential for great love and compassion... and we must strive to be part of the solution, because it is worth it.



Listening to Sia - Bird Set Free




The danger of always being candid and honest is that nagging feeling when you're in uncharted territory of being certifiably crazy, but what's the alternative? Being certifiably boring? And I think it is perhaps this fear that stops people from being truly themselves.




When you run your own business it can be difficult to create a healthy, structured schedule. What I used to do is get up, jump in the shower, make the bed, eat something super light, feed the cats, let the dogs out, and then get right to work, but then it occurred to me... why am I rushing like this? Calm the hell down, Jonathan! Take some time to ease yourself into this beautiful new day...




Bernie Sanders: covering all the obvious problems of today without any solutions for tomorrow. That's who he is. Anyone can know what the problems are. We all know what the problems are, and when all you do is say what the problems are that we all already know, and say "something has to be done", then you're just pandering to the bleeding hearts and artists- the impractical left and really isn't that what Obama did to get elected? Are we all going to fall for that again?


November 9, 2015


People have told me for years that Facebook is not a place for substantive discourse, and I have continuously sought to prove them wrong by raising the level of debate... the problem is, there are far more people seeking to make Facebook a place of fast food dining while I keep cooking up slow-roasted entrees, that I get a little sick to my stomach when I go out onto the main drag news feed... so I run back to the safety of my wall. Now, if you need me, I'll be over here, shivering from the trauma of a sugar shock of too much sticky sweet nonsense, and bathing in the cleansing light of my own life, where yes there may be quotes, there may be cats, and there may be desperate pleas of cleverness, but at least they are my own, and my own works are what I need right now, and not the endless slew of the constant brimming stew of others.


Imagine if we talked like this to each other before the age of the internet. Not like I am now, but like we see on the main news feed... sharing things that are meant to be digested personally, learned from, gleaned from, and then brought to light through action... we are sharing too many ingredients, and not enough completed dishes.


The frenetic and frantic entertainment society is equally reflected in our news cycles, in our sports, and our ever-increasing disparity and street violence.
As always, the solution is simple. Slow down. Live yourself. Love yourself. Grow yourself. Peace.




November 7, 2015


Honor killing is where women, often times very young girls, are killed usually by their own family, because she was raped. This is the epitome of religious fundamentalism making women responsible for the atrocities of the worst behavior of their men... and you might think this doesn't exist in America, but you would only be right to an extent. Women are oppressed in many ways by religious fundamentalism in this country... they are not murdered for it, but they are oppressed in many ways... so if you call the worst of the middle east misogyny, than what is going on in America can be simply called Reform misogyny.




My Oscar Meyer Commercial Parody...


My placebo has a first name, it's s-u-p-e-r.
My placebo has a second name, it's pronounced natural
And when you put them both together, like-minded bias flocks together. Confirmation you can see, is faith that blinds both you and me.




The old joke that God said not to eat pork because people were dying from bad meat before refrigeration doesn't actually make any sense because if you consider all the people dying from alcohol and cigarettes and car accidents we certainly don't hear the church saying that God doesn't want you to do any of those things