October 23, 2015


Being neglected as a child is abandonment, but being neglected as an adult is growing up... but what do you do when you have both? A pity party. Because the good works you did do not result in good things happening, you can't just do good and then sit back and say "I'm hurt, life needs to come to me now..." so ya, people hurt you, but 99% of the time they were just acting on their understanding at the time and covering their own asses, not out of spite but out of survival; and fear.

These lessons are taught in every worthy school of thought, but loving the words is not learning the lesson... but while you're learning your lessons.... cats and sunbeams.


Luna Love


You are a miner for love in the beauty where you find it, and the whole of the universe is your mine and all things derive from precious materials... so embrace your life, for you too are a precious thing.


October 20, 2015


[7:45a] It's nice and safe to think of things in a very simple, linear, beautifully poetic way... there's a God, he made everything by design, created earth with us in mind, gave us a son to save us from ourselves, gave us a book to tell us how to do that... etc... but these are the fairytales of fear... the truth is so much more vast than these fables... now the fables can teach a lot, and help people in many ways, a placebo effect to placate the fear of reality... but the universe is so vast, and life as we know it is infinitesimal and we as spirits are sheltered... we must be vast in our hearts and minds.




I was born with an exceptional mind, but not an exceptional heart. That is something I have had to work on all my life. It is true what they say, this Earth is a school, and we are here to learn and help others with what we've learned... like the sperm swims to the egg, we are born on this earth, and our mind learns to swims to the heart...




Those who fight positive change always use the excuse that they don't believe it because the mainstream news didn't cover it... but those who fight for positive change understand that mainstream news is owned by the very corporations who make their living by fighting positive change. This is how the Matrix is kind of true... because regular people in this way become agents for the corporations... and the sheep fight to remain sheep... having taken the blue pill of brainwashing and disinformation... The red pill is the desire to do what is right, to question everything, and to use rigorous and objective science to know and not simply to accept what they are told.


October 19, 2015


[1:00p] The difference between being paranoid and being religious is that while you both believe there is a mastermind behind everything... the paranoid call it the evil government, and the spiritual call it the benevolent god... one runs while the other embraces, and maybe they're both right... maybe these are the wolves, and it's up to you to decide which one you are going to feed.


Redheads weren't meant to ride bikes, they were meant to ride dragons.


I'm at my most genius, where many women are just getting started. I am always so amazed at the intelligence, compassion, creativity, and love of the women in my life... you are better than your society, you are better than your religion. You undefinable miracles, I love you all.


October 17, 2015


[7:06a] The difference and common error between much of Religious Fundamentalism and Secularism is that while Religion represses sex to let higher purpose manifest, suffocating the roots of creative expression, Secularism exploits it to make its higher purpose unreachable. They are essentially two sides to the same coin of dysfunction... but the way to true peace is not through repression or indulgence, but through a balance of all our aspects, not an over focus on one... sexuality is simply a waystation for root energy to push through the creative principle on its way to willpower, empathy, compassion, communication, and communion... we must not cling to self loathing or indulgence... but recognize potential, and let it work for us... only then will we find peace.


October 8, 2015


[8:32a] Most of the time we speak in words of the obvious, we're just talking to talk, to be a part of the conversation, but all we hear is a recording of everything we've heard before... that's why it all sounds so obvious, so safe, so heard before... we all know it, we're just feeding into the running dialog of one another's recorded history... I'm not pointing fingers, I do it a lot too... but in the moment we can be real, honest, and off script. We can take a risk, say something that might possibly offend or open someone's eyes, or achieve both simultaneously.....


Most of us could benefit from silence... a delicacy of feeling our words instead of saying them, of feeling our lives instead of documenting them.


[6:30a] I am so gentle with my cats because the wide-eyed trust I see in her eyes is a gift that I will spend my entire life earning and being grateful for... if only all humans shared this blessing.


October 6, 2015


The problem is if you don't believe in fantasy, people accuse you of not believing in anything... as if the only valid things to believe in are that which has no evidence... but there are more powerful and empowering things to believe in than God, than Retrograde, in Ghosts, and the Great Beyond... we can believe in each other, we can believe in love.


October 3, 2015


Most people I find don't feel a particularly aching need to see all thing clearly in order to be content. To the dissatisfaction of the state and the frustration of my friends, I have never had the luxury of being one of those people.