June 1, 2016


A good looking woman walks down the street in New York for 10 miles and describes every interaction as verbal abuse... she had two creeps, and the rest decent guys. Saying Hi Beautiful, and Have a Nice Day is not verbal abuse just because a guy finds you attractive. You can't be so weak that every little thing offends you. Then people say, ya, but if that happened to you, you'd understand... Actually, if I was walking down the street and a woman yelled out, Hey beautiful! Or Have a nice day! I think I'd not only be fine with that, I would feel a boost in my confidence for the rest of the day. We need to calm down and stop creating so many non-issues in the world. Another one, trans anythings in bathrooms. Trans everythings have been using public bathrooms forever, and they never felt traumatized about it before and neither were we. Another bullshit issue, because we have to make sure to keep everybody completely offended, and paralyzed with fear, and high on sugar, salt, and fat, sports, and politics and religion... holy fuck people, it's time to just stop listening to the world of man, and start listening to the world I AM.


June 2, 2016


A tiny happy balloon floats by... you don't like it so you shoot it down... a tiny balloon now deflated lays on a rock, you walk away, a job well done... Tiny balloon becomes a great big balloon that you cannot shoot down, now you demand it come down, it's blocking your sunlight! It's not the balloon's fault you prefer life down there... the tiny balloon doesn't judge you for blocking it's view of the grass.


June 3, 2016


The great challenge is not in the money we make, that is a game. Nor in the appetites we indulge, that is a name, and a name is the smoke that wraps around a thing, obscuring it, isolating it, embracing it, but never to be it. The real challenge is to ourselves. Not to be too attached to old ideas, philosophies and ideologies, but to remember that here beneath the seemingly infinite sky, a vessel that rests perhaps in the hand of God, our pursuit must be one of substance. Once we stop challenging ourselves and allowing others to challenge us, we grow no more... and I must confess I have been stonewalled against such challenges because I let the hurt of my past steer my ship away from a hopeful future and toward the rocks of sorrow and ruin... no more enamored by the pareidolia of my own subconscious, turn out the lights and the only thing that terrifies is me, for I have seen a darkness more pitch than night... and I know there is something that sees more clearly without eyes. I say these words for myself, useful, if only as kindling. Where even the empty cage longs for a bird. And every heart to be heard.




It is a strict rule of mine never to explain what I write or draw, until long after one has had a chance to let their vision show them what they need to see... any thing I say will take away that opportunity for them, just a thought...



I've come up with a thousand ideas for stories or movies in the past, I should probably write them down... but alas, there is only one I really intend to write someday...

For you now, I imagine what i would love to read about that just isn't out there that should be.


First, trust your own experience... write that. Even if you start with:
So there I was, wondering what to write, when I realized I kept absently looking toward the window, as if longing for inspiration, or an escape. The blind was pulled, in more ways than one I guess...


I'll give you 5 ideas though:


1. The garbage in the ocean coalesces and becomes sentient and starts eating people.
2. As the Earth's oceans recedes to the point of disappearing altogether, an expedition team travels deep into the earth through ancient tunnels, in search of a mythical underground ocean that can revive the dying world.
3. Cartoons are real, we're a tv show for them.
4. A worm inside of an apple grows so big it turns its apple into a car and drives around and makes friends with neighborhood pets... it's Richard Scarry's The Lowly Worm Movie!
5. The stars in the sky are pinholes on an alien's wall....


June 4, 2016


The sweater is woven by one with courage. 
Anyone can pull a loose thread. 
But even fewer can mend it.


June 5, 2016


We long for fresh beginnings, while enjoying seasoned pans...


June 6, 2016




May your life be an entreaty to the stars, a realization of a wish.

A poetical flow an unfaltered eternity in abyss.


June 7, 2016


We downplay, devalue one another... what if we respected each other so fully, soulfully, what if we took care of each other as family? What if we saw the beauty within one another, regardless of whether one was living from that space or not? What if lover was our default position and love our default reaction? What if we lived Namaste instead of simply saying the word? What if the intention more than the phonetics is what we heard? What if I talked of flying and rhymed all that with some metaphor about a bird? What if it's 4:30 in the morning and you're just trying to make it through the night? Work hard. Play in gratitude.




With every conscious decision made you give coordinates for your subconscious to invariably steer you into the future.




The only way to healthily entertain a difference of thought is to concede the moral high ground, or you will justify violence from the ignorance of a secularly dogmatic vantage.




Commercials have no integrity. They are actors being paid to lie to the public. Even if the product is valid, the actor is playing the role of someone who believes the product works without experience, so it is disingenuous, and becomes manipulation... and we as humans are so susceptible to these manipulations that it is in our best interest to not watch them at all, unless you are in the mood to critically analyse the lie... purely for psychological sport... but you're probably better off just killing your television.


June 8, 2016


Most of us aren't given fruit, we're lucky if we've got a seed.
And we must learn to plant it, in the garden of our deeds.


June 9, 2016


Interesting... so, Bill Maher asks Neil DeGrasse Tyson, how is the idea that everything in the cosmos fit into the size of a pinhead more believable than Jesus? Great devil's advocate question. And Neil responded, because everything in the cosmos points to that scenario, and the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you... but then I would follow up with the question, why then do scientists demand that Jesus and all that make sense? I think Neil stepped right into that one...




You hear the recent story where a Karate instructor molested a young boy. The father shot the guy in the head and got 5 months probation? Part of me thinks, yes, that's how you handle this shit. You don't put him in a little cage, costing tax payers, the state, creating a for profit prison system... you end him. This goes for rapists, murderers, you just put them down... population control. It's justice. Let God sort em out. If the answer to getting caught is death, maybe less people will commit the crime? See, that's where you run into some problems, right? Because we're talking about a compulsion, a sickness, a void within that distorts perception, desire, need... this is all a guess mind you, I don't pretend to understand these minds, only what i can understand of disparity and misplaced need... and a thirst for understanding psychological components, and philosophical discourse as it pertains to practical idealism and social justice, reform and human progress... back to it, these mind s are not being rational, so threat of death penalty is not an effective deterrent... so what is other than addressing the core, underlying sickness of the mind? And the systemic root causes of such a sickness?




My mother grew up in an age where parents were not your friend. They were there to govern over you and strong arm you into how you should behave in society... and every once in awhile make it fun... but it wasn't really a primarily loving friendship the way my generation has come to see relationships including parenting... and I think this is a big part of why so many relationships between generations are strained... we are ingrained with different definitions of the parent-child dynamic.




Now that you can have too many tattoos to join military, parents are buying kids full sleeves for their 16th birthdays instead of cars.




First convince 'em you're going 25 with a top speed of 40... then floor it, blowing the minds through the back of their souls...


June 10, 2016


We've all lost something, part of the world has changed, and it's always changing... little deaths... these moments fall like leaves from the family tree. And we just keep going, pulled by time, but the floodgates just keep holding back more water from the past. We can't know where the water is flowing until we stop holding it back... we can't move forward standing in the empty, drought-eaten river bed, feel the surface, and open the gates... travel to where it takes you without holding on the branches hurtling past, the river dances and so do you, and if the rain comes, let the rain come, and if the torrential storms pull you, let them pull you, for you are the stone polished by the flood, and one day a child will come along playing in the mud, pick you up and put you in their pocket.




Pretty is just ugly seen in a pleasing light. Appearances are an illusion...




Are cats religious?


Not in the traditional sense, but in the fundamental, core principle, spirit of the wiring sense... it is a possibility.


I find it fascinating that my cat Jupiter always looks up at me as if waiting for something after I put his wet food down for him... I always have to give him some pats, some love, and then he starts eating... almost as if in his own way he is wanting a little prayer before his supper... perhaps even cats are religious...


Religion is a psychological component. It requires no books, no organized structure as we know it... the spirit is within the wiring of the brain...


Religion is definitely the word I intended... but I'm not referring to organized religion, rather the fundamental root of religion in the wiring of the brain... a lot of people don't understand this.

My theory is that religion in a sort of unformed creative state exists within the brain, having developed perhaps parallel to our conscience and awareness of our mortality and search for immortality...

I've seen the way my cat Neptune looked at trees, even got it on video from the pet cam... I don't know if it informed me about God, but it made me well aware that all things are not as they seem...




What if we are all human, yet alien to one another? Perhaps the search for extraterrestrial life is really just the longing to connect with what has already found us that we have merely failed to appreciate...


June 11, 2016


Paid a little off my this, a little off my that, working, creating, supporting those I love... can't really complain. But it's been an uphill climb for many years, hard work, struggle and fear... I give my love to the sunrise, after the sunset watched me wash away the dirt from my heart with the waterfall of my tears. Healing is for the humble. Dreams are for those who seek. Answers are found by the kind.


June 12, 2016


Let me be a baby snail, on the leaf's edge of a Thursday....




 They say religion and politics are two things we shouldn't talk about... I think they didn't take that idea far enough... I'd say religion and politics are two things we shouldn't HAVE.


June 13, 2016


People say talk is cheap, but when action is required all they do is talk.




Prometheus would have been a better film if instead of failing to make a young actor (Guy Pearce) look old with horrible makeup, they just hired a brilliant actor like Max Von Sydow to play the character of Weyland... I honestly don't understand why they did this. Just one of the many glaring flaws in this movie though. Hi I'm the geologist mapping caves (gets lost)... plays with mysterious giant eel (gets killed)... I mean the script needed serious rewriting. Great soundtrack though.




Are we a simulation? Characters in a game have no self-awareness, ergo, the only way we are in a simulation is if what we mistake for self-awareness is in fact the peripheral recognition of programmed responses engineered by something else like chemical behaviors resulting from past behavior momentums first pushed by our neural wiring, which is simulated by us from somewhere beyond this 3rd dimensional construct reality.




Some people can't talk about issues so they talk about the way you talk about issues.




The problem with the world is that people devolve into arguing opinions once facts don't fit their biases anymore.


June 14, 2016


If you're judging someone you're not seeing them clearly, you're being triggered by your reflection.


June 15, 2016


Expecting others to not have expectations of you is an expectation you have of them.




Last night I created the word: amoshyxially and Linda created its definition: An adverb used to describe how a timid person would approach someone they found attractive.





Get yourself a standard 8½" x 11" picture frame, print out a picture of every US president, and each week, rotate the pictures and see how people treat you based on which president is on the wall.


June 16, 2016


Finally started reading Game of Thrones. It's hard not to compare it in some ways to the Tolkien Legacy books, The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings, because those are the books I read growing up as a young teenager. They were my Harry Potter and my Game of Thrones... and while I thoroughly enjoyed the Tolkien series, they were written in a very different time, and I find the first book of GOT, to be written in a far more in your face, and visceral manner which I would say does not immerse the reader as openly and easily as Tolkien's works which really do draw you in slowly, I believe The Hobbit starts by describing Bilbo's front door... while Game of Thrones begins in the midst of an ambush and brutal sword battle... very different approaches to storywriting, but both with their obvious merits.




My atoms need just as much love as my eves.




The Cannabis that kids have today is perfection of a plant... like a bosses final form in a video game... more articulate THC content... just beautiful plants... compare it to the weed we had in the '80s and it will blow your mind.


June 18, 2016


Irish festivals should be called a Lepre-CON




Suns are bright...
Black holes are dark...
What if black holes are just the sun's shadow being cast on the cosmos by the light of God?


Well that's clearly my stoniest thought ever...


June 19, 2016


I find the song "You've Got Time" by Regina Spektor used for the theme to Orange is the New Black makes perfect sense if you exchange the word animal for animas. And as a man it's more respectful anyway, seeing how the anima is the inner self and the feminine principle of the unconscious.




Jail does not breed homosexuality, it breeds desperate intimacy. Unless you think frogs and seagulls and all the other forms of life on earth which express unisexuality spent time in some secret jail of the animal kingdom...


June 20, 2016


The measure of a man is not in how kind he is in good times, but in bad.




There are on and off ramps in every relationship... and few stick with you to the end of the line. Life is full of subtleties, of ebb and flowing perceptions, partisan, of broken people, like a road peppered with potholes. I am with you not against you... but once triggered; enemy lines. Can't force open the flower, can't rush the sunrise. We only build an earthquake pushing on the tectonic plate. We choose our offenses by design, at the level of the core personality, where the programs run. Dipped in gold and galvanized because we consciously see no way to motivate ourselves... some people create their own equal and opposite forces, an enemy to push against. But I will not be your wall of choice, I'm full of windows and of doors, and they are not mine they are not yours... but I am a bird here in the maze, I will be the mirror you face, but if you do not recognize your own reflection, I will have to fly away.


June 22, 2016


Jupiter wanted to go out. It's hard not to give in, but when you really know you're keeping him safe and it is for his own good, because cats are innocent in many ways, ignorant to the dangers we know are out there... oh they're aware of some of them sure, but they don't know about antifreeze, and feline AIDS... cats think their greatest threats are another cat, maybe a raccoon or a car... bottom line, I distracted him with fresh catnip.




So there I was rolling the trash can down the drive when I noticed in the soft half light of the street lamp, a beautiful little moth fluttering silently forward as if leading me, and as soon as I noticed it, it leapt up, touched the side of my head and was gone. I wonder if it was running away from me, because although it felt as if it were leading me, I could very well have been projecting... I guess it doesn't really matter. It was a beautiful creature.


June 24, 2016


All say I'm not perfect, but when it comes to how they listen to others, still act as if they're perfect, because most live in a bubble of their views and opinions, and everything else is heresy. Few people actually keep an open mind... most looking for what to find fault in and not what to find merit in.




2016: Trump possible president, Britain leaves the EW, Prime Minister steps down, ISIS, beheadings, extremism, two party system has become less left and right and more right and more right. I wonder if Nostradamus predicted any of this? It's really starting to feel like some real end times shit up in here.




“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

She's absolutely right. That's why those you respect get a billion likes regardless of how stupid the thing is they're saying... because the visceral reaction is to support those you love, so you click like BEFORE you read what they say because you want to support them... whether they keep that like depends on how much you actually care about their message and how ell you're paying attention.

As Jewel sang, whatever happened to her? Anyway, the song goes, "In the end, only kindness matters." I think she's right too... Couple 'a smart women here today.




Here's all you need to understand about religion... when religion finds people at their lowest, it becomes a life preserver for them, but instead of being righteous and helping them up on their own feet, it cuts off those feet and replaces them with an ideology... now one might say, ya but those original feet were diseased and needed to be replaced by God... or by belief, by faith etc... perhaps, but what you fail to understand is that by doing so, and not simply helping the person become themselves at their best, you create people who cling to beliefs and ideas, they become assimilated fanatics... so you can readily see one who is a sapling beginner on a path is usually more clingy to that system than one who has had a moment of enlightenment, found their way across the water using the canoe of beliefs at their disposal, the stepping stones of various beliefs and practices and then once across, no longer needs the canoe and discards it, which is what the healthy mind does... but since religion found and encroached upon, taking purchase in the minds with its claws of the vulnerable minds, teaching them to adhere and cling to the beliefs, the canoe... the people are weighed down by it forever, and unable even to cross.


So when you look at Islam which is only 1400 years old, these are younger religions who have not had their enlightenment and are breeding attachment mentalities, culminating in aggressive adherence to a way of thinking... because they have not been educated to question even their own beliefs, so they question everybody else.


Religion is not simply what we know of as Islam, or Christianity, these mass organized religions... there are personal religions as well... those beliefs within our own mind, our cognitive dissonance, our confirmation bias... those ideas we ourselves have cultivated... religion is perhaps an ego defense mechanism against a scary universe... but we must overcome religion, and embrace to compassion and understanding, an expression more of kindness than the narrow path of our own self-righteous ideologies.


June 25, 2016


Death holds no safety for me, so I must take my fill of life. And may it find refuge in my hands.


June 27, 2016


Sit with the feeling, it is a window to what you must do
Go slow
and all will be revealed
It's the same advice I give myself every day
There is much to reflect on, to meditate on, to ponder, but still much work to be done, and all we can do is our best
I am glad we can share open hearts with one another, if we could not what future do we have?
any of us?
We would dishonor the gift of love we've been given for each other.
And I think we've both known enough shame for one life time
Sometimes it's the best we can do, there are always things to run to, to hide from dread. But the next time it comes around will only be louder, more fierce... ultimately we must stop, and be what we are, and feel what we feel, and perhaps even pray for strength, and a way through.
I don't doubt your ability to recognize these truths and go beyond them...


I believe Hesse wrote of the Buddha in Siddhartha, upon hearing two people in a boat moving slowly by behind him where he sat in repose...
if the guitar is strung too tightly it will break, too loose and it will not play.
so don't be so hard on yourself, or myself, or each other...
in this regard i have failed
all of my life
But perhaps "there's still time to change the road you're on"
unless Led Zeppelin stole that lyric from somewhere, but I'll always hear it in Robert Plant's voice


June 28, 2016


Not every step may be wise, but they still can be humble, and that is the light that must shine on your path in order for wisdom to be found there.




Fire cannot purify that which it does not first burn.


June 30, 2016


I like to count my friends on hands, on paws, on insect legs, and on rays of the sun.