March 1, 2016


There is no loss... for those who have come and gone, their love lives on forever in me, through me, with me, and without me.




The problem with music always needing to push the envelope... rap is starting to sound a lot like a horror movie... which is just terrifying.




I believe wives agreeing with their husbands falls under the same purview as cats confessing they do understand English... the aliens don't let these things happen as these truths would throw the entire cosmos out of alignment.


March 2, 2016


No one's saying there's anything wrong with appreciating a woman's body, but it just seems stupid to mention, ya, we all know she has breasts, does it really have to be pointed out as if we don't all see what's right in front of us?
I think this is what bothers me with how stupid and dirt hungry men act... they can't control themselves enough to not let their sexual desires speak for themselves... which I think is about the easiest thing to circumnavigate in conversation... appreciate art, but speak to what it means... no one looks at a tree and says, oh man do you see how hard that bark looks? That is so hot.




A possible problem with the concepts of the paranormal as believers seem to understand them today, is that they seem to fly in the face of general principles for how the universe operates, namely in regards to entropy... humans live with a constant sense of dread, attached to the living, and consistency, desperate to make all moments last, static, photos, videos, books, we want something to hold on to... and perhaps the paranormal is simply another facet of our ignorance and fear... reaching out for some kind of continuity that simply isn't real.


March 3, 2016


It has always been my goal to help people become free.




The problem with the world today in part seems to be that those with a critical mind who question the things we take for granted are being oppressed by those who embrace them unquestioningly. For instance, if I say what if we look deeper into a subject, whether it's the paranormal or religion, and I propose a possibility that we are clinging to ideas out of ignorance and fear, instead of people being fascinated by the idea, keeping an open mind and seeking the truth, they run back into the protective arms of being offended and insulted, which is the prison of the mind.


By the way, please understand that I am not telling you what the truth is I am only pointing the direction of pursuit, I'll leave it up to you what you find to be real... But if you cannot even question investigate your own mind and you are not a human being, you are a leaf blown by the chaotic wind of chasing the good and running from the bad, a slave to your own emotions.


No I'm not too surprised for it is the weak willed that are most unlikely to question things and thus if they are running into the arms of ignorance they are doing what the fearful do; it is simply a fight or flight of there primal nature taking over, which they have become so accustomed to that they've identified with self-righteous indignation even the concept of an open mind. These people are asleep, because of the things they believed or believe they believe were true they would stand in those believes in the light and not scurry away insulted and afraid.




When everything is taken from us as it must, we may be smaller, but we'll be stronger... and I'm going to be the strongest man who walked the earth.


March 4, 2016


Believing God only exists above you is like believing there is only a galaxy behind you... and because we so often represent things in these shallow, easily compartmentalized ways, we think God then is not below us, and so what gets placed below us psychologically is the unknown, and all our fears live there... and over time that fear is exploited by those who seek to control the world, and they create forms for that fear, and they call it Hell and Satan... and eternal damnation... and when you push that away, you push it all away, and then those same powers who enslaved you the first time, come back around now to keep you enslaved by charging you money on a path to get back to something you never lost, never could lose, in the first place. And they call that God.




Cats don't believe fingers are part of our body... they treat them like barnacles on a whale.




See, what sane people do is they see people acting fake and they seek out the authentic, and cultivate that in the person, but what mean people do is see the fake in others and focus on that, they mock them, and focus only on the negative which makes them really unhappy people... A sociopath is someone who takes the negative road but never feels unhappy about it, because they have no empathy for the person they are mocking... most good people who get frustrated in life, might mock others, but they eventually feel remorse for it, and try to make up for it and become better people because the natural empathy becomes abused by our own negativity... basically, the energy you put out always comes back to you. Not a new idea, but just a manner in which I see it playing out today.


March 5, 2016


I think I just realized something about Syd Barrett's song "Word Song" that no one has ever mentioned before. The whole song appears to be made up of very organized cross-phrase anagrams... I first noticed this when looking at the lyrics signal, island, which is an anagram if you replace the g/d, which fits the next lyric coral-cold, and the lines Refraction, faction, ultra-action, there's definitely something intriguing going on... it reminds me of the time I heard Douglas Adams say the number 42 for the answer to the equation, Life, the Universe and Everything was absolutely arbitrary, and I think he's lying, because he wants to see if we can figure it out, and I did figure it out, and it's really quite simple...


Life,(x) Universe and(+) Everything
Count the letters and do the math...




So chalk that up to the second mystery of the universe I have been seemingly first to solve. Now I haven't scoured the Internet to see if anyone else has figured these things out in a few years, but being I first figured it out about 20 years ago, it's safe to say, I may very well be the first. What humanity can do with that information that is beneficial, you might ask? I leave that for you to decide.

Thank you.



March 7, 2016


All behavior and identified attitudes become magnetic to the self, until what was once experienced as imbalance is mistaken for balance, and the mind becomes a reckless tornado, wreaking havoc on all who come before it. Truth becomes aggression, light becomes splintered, and like tumblers in a lock, the way forward appears blocked... but it is all illusion, and an opportunity to find the resonance of the true residence.




I've got my own pair of shoes, and I like it when they fit, how about you? Ya of course you do. Well, I may prefer to go without, but life is more than having doubts of living without you. Ya I prefer it too. But that don't fit my metaphor, ya, that don't fit my original score, ya that won't heal my open sore. And those who have come and gone, putting windows in the floors that were two-way roads. I will not feel any remorse. I gave my gift, ya, I left it at the door.




Few people fact check anything these days. Everything is a gut feeling based on track record. We are all judged by our past. The appearance of wrongdoing is wrongdoing, with no opportunity for innocence. And any explanation to the contrary is seen as the defense of the liar. We have moved into a new era... an era of endarkenment... it is imperative one speaks the truth, but know best when to keep silent. Make friends with stillness, and silence, and cats... they know what's up, even if they don't understand it's importance.


March 8, 2016


I love how people give Kim Kardashian such a hard time, when there's a thousand others just like her on Instagram, and giving it away on cam sites around the world, daily... it's time to give Kim a break. She's the queen byproduct of her environment, and we live in very dysfunctional environments... but just perhaps, the demystification and diffusing of sexual taboo in our culture will have a positive result towards a balancing of female sexual glorification and male sex drive demonizing we see prevalent in today's society, leading to all kinds of depravity... the negative is always easiest to see, but the toiling away towards something we learn from can be generations in the seeding... but it is those currents I really see the most, because, "Once I rose above the noise and confusion, just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion..." it enabled me to be able to see the bigger picture, it helped me to see further and clearer, to recognize that all these sufferings and darknesses we humans go through... they are simply another layer of soil we are growing through... and we will come out the surface of a new world.


March 9, 2016


I think everyone chastising Kim kardashian's nude photo online are forgetting one thing, the body is a beautiful, living ecosystem, it is art like the earth... Perhaps instead of acting all offended, we can switch to a different gear and just celebrate it. After all, hiding the body hasn't done too much for us, and demystifying and simply appreciating the art of our bodies will make us more compassionate towards others... we waste too much energy as prisoners to all these judgmental attitudes, and we must rise above.

I have no problem with this photo.


Which is weird, because we do live in a country which glorifies women's sexuality, but it's a possessive glorification, because when women show that their bodies are their own, people tear them down, feel betrayed? That's because people want their fantasy to be their own... it reminds me of the movie "HER", what a brilliant film, when he discovers she's in a relationship like this with... perhaps millions of men, and he's really just a very predictable, and un-unique man... what a brilliant movie.


All anyone has to do is look at any Prehistoric Mother Goddess Statue, to realize, the more that things change, the more they stay the same... Kim is simply a modern day symbol of the mother goddess.




Sometimes we get caught up in organizing our sand and elements just so, that we forget to enjoy the feel of it sliding through our fingers.




Whatever you focus on, is a distraction for the things you want to avoid. The more you avoid, the more you are privately running within yourself... and then you wonder why you cannot sleep... stop running... sit with discomfort, embrace silence, embrace your life, embrace your feelings... to do this slowly, and safely, close your eyes and open your hands palm up, and visualize you are accepting the gift that is your life, into your own hands... and just breathe....


March 10, 2016


Facebook has so many ads, it's become less a social media platform and more a simple reminder of merchandise I've looked at this week.




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March 11, 2016


I give myself credit for not staying safe, for pushing the envelope and raising the level of debate in social media. When so many people told me to shut up, that Facebook is not the place for substantive debate, I proved them wrong time and time again... and I think people need to stop playing it so safe... it's not easy, I have a lot of growing to do too, but I'll take my knocks, I'll make bad choices, I'll show bad judgment, but I'll grow because of it, because it's important. I have friends tell me if it weren't for me, they wouldn't be on Facebook at all... that means a lot to me, that's an amazing thing to hear from someone... that you helped change someone's life for the better? That's why I do everything I do.




We need to rewrite the Constitution, we need to rewrite scriptures... those people who wrote all those things effectively lived on a different planet than the one we do now. They knew very little scientifically. When the Constitution was written there were like 237 people living here, now there's 315 million. They tried to turn on a light with a kite, come on... it's time to rewrite everything. We know better now. It's time to start fresh.




Roots is being remade, because all we need right now is a reminder of why we hate white people. I'm not saying Star Trek is racist, but the only black person on the original series was a glorified secretary, and on the next generation the black guy was stuck down in the engine room and wasn't even allowed to see normal. Also, the first episode with an alien black person turned out to be a total womanizing asshole, so... ya, case closed. Gene Roddenberry was possibly a little racist.


March 12, 2016


Political correctness in comedy is murder, it's how we get absolute lukewarm crap like "Git er done"... stop censoring and interpreting comedy the same way you interpret politicians. We need those who are brave enough to scurry through the unexplored periphery of consciousness, to bring us back shit and gold.


March 13, 2016


Season 1 Episode 8 of Star Trek The Next Generation, entitled "Justice" can be experienced in many ways... sometimes a bit silly, a judicial system of extremism that applies to visitors as equally as citizens for example, the idea of crime and punishment, as well as the profound experience of the Edo girl being face to face with what she perceived as God, creates a multi-layered story that can be both powerful, moving, and easily dismissed depending on the viewer's state of mind...


Sometimes I like this episode, sometimes I don't, but like most episodes, I am perhaps because of this, intrigued and invested.




I think the real reason when women get offended by men appreciating them physically is because men don't understand that women do the makeup and all the rest as competition with each other, and men don't even factor into their thoughts on the matter... so when men enjoy it, and give attention, often times, she feels objectified, because she isn't prettying up the edifice to be admired, she's doing it in a sort of chess game with other women.




 Not knowing is actually a position of strength, because most people live in a state of pretending they know to not live in the moment and feel the true uncertainty of life... give yourself some credit for being courageous, to feel what you're feeling. I admire you for it.




It is funny that we turn out the lights before we sleep, but it is precisely in dreams in which we are shown the light. It is true that they say it is darkest before the dawn...


March 14, 2016


Candles, music, rosemary, darkness, and shadows, every where you look is a path of possibilities.




Standup Comedians should not run podcasts, because I find that most standups aren't really funny people in general, they just come up with funny observations now and then, and they compile all that into a standup show... but man, you get most standups together to run a podcast, and nothing's funny, and they're just boring narcissists. It feels a bit like two thorns having a conversation waiting for a rose to show up. It's painful.


March 15, 2016


If "I do not know" is truly the beginning of wisdom's journey, then religion must surely be an outright refusal to even lace up one's boots, for no matter how open-minded the religious may insist they are, they have embraced a certainty by way of inculcation and bias that has a way of locking all the doors.




I believe we can live, fully, without killing those creatures who clearly love, who clearly teach, and who we can surely learn from... but no, I am not perfect in my meat abstinence.  I hold to my standards is me, for all others there is love. We're all a work in progress, but it is not for us decide how far along another should be.


I may have a quality program running along the wires, but we are much more than our intent... or our ideals.


Every atom and space between them is a marvel. It's when I say things like this that people think I'm on drugs.




I prefer emphasizing the final syllable in words, rather than the worst.. it is less aggressive... case in point, take the word 'detail'. Perhaps emphasis on the first syllable does not have to be aggressive, it could simply be... assertive.


March 16, 2016


All that is conscious derives from a single source, thus all things granted a body are born of one family. This is not a belief system, this is reality.


If you're intimate with an Asian who was raised sheltered in a bubble, do they taste like mochi?


Don't feel bad, sometimes we need to take a few steps back in order to get a running start.


March 17, 2016


It can be tough when no one shares your vision. So many lost in a world of value-chasing, safe revision. Fine, learn the fundamentals, we've all been there, but if you don't appreciate that which breaks the mold, what are you doing it all for? To find your own voice, or snuggle safe in mediocrity, too afraid to venture out beyond the waterline for fear of drowning? Take the risk... take off the training wheels, fall down, get back up... again, and again, and again.


March 21, 2016


What is the difference between a flame and its reflection to the one who cannot tell the difference between a mirror and a window? Does it not live as long?




Sometimes it's good to just stop and observe our loved ones, perhaps like an Anthropologist, a parent, a friend, an alien, a companion. We get so little time, we spend so much time doing that we forget to just bask in the wonder of it all. How lucky we are to simply exist. And relish the little, innocent ways in which others exist, and how we co-exist. We need to get some light on our own path sometimes, and we can't do that constantly worrying.




When did we become such pussies that we complain about every little thing... we've become too fragile. We're softening ourselves up so much we're going to melt our spines. No wonder people get sick, they believe they they will. They forgot their warrior spirit. Their life's short, can-do attitude of grabbing life by the balls. There's a lot of real issues we gotta take on, but please, choose your battles, stop mistaking yourself for Lalique, you're strong, you can take it. No one gets sicker faster than those who are certain that they will.


March 22, 2016


If we are ever open to the truthiness that surrounds us, encompassing all our time alone, and with others, through their responses and reactions, as integral to the dance of life... we will forever live in our truth, listening at ease with universal peace... the open lines of communication do not close, we constrict to their flow.




The clouds do not obscure the sky, they reveal the movement of our mind. There are always things unseen, and what is seen is a gift... perhaps little birds fly by off in the distance... the grey clouds become icing, or a maze, a smoke signal, a curtain... a letter to a dear friend. Yes, we live in a crippled world, but we are still learning about this place, and what we shall be to it... a guardian, a destroyer... we must separate the eternal from entropy, cling not but appreciate its fleeting beauty and meaning... and perhaps, have a little faith. I love you brother, and wish you only brotherhood and joy.


March 24, 2016


One of the coolest things we can do today is take a name of some artist, album, or song... plug it into Youtube, and listen to it. I imagine if I were a musician living a few hundred years ago, a few thousand... and I feel so incredibly amazed by life. The cup of coffee, the dog barking outside, and my heart turns to those less fortunate, and I'm fortunate that I care deeply for them. I wind my late grandfather's watch, I take a look at my life, I take a sip of my coffee, think of the woman who loves me, the friends who support me, the quiet and the buzz of entropy that sees between the atoms.