May 2, 2016


Some people look at the seemingly current oversaturation of gay relationships in TV as pandering, but I call it an important landmark... and am stirred deeply to be able to live at a time where I see progress made on the human front. Where what I see on TV is a reminder that there is a fire of suffering that has begun to be snuffed out. This is just one thing that gives me hope for humanity. And there are many others...




The beauty of your heart is a hidden treasure, your words shall be interpreted not by their merit, but by the merit of the reader.


May 3, 2016


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a TV series-length Public Service Announcement, subphylum: Cautionary Tale, for Proper Parenting.




How cat's minds work...

The cat lays down and looks at you with longing and love, so you reach out a hand and kitty rubs against it but instantly looks at your other hand as if to say, "This is nice, but what's that other hand doing? Bring that thing into the mix...."




The gang on It's Always Sunny act like the love children of Mr. Mxyzptlk and The Joker.


May 4, 2016


Cats are wax, and you're the candle mold.
Love keeps you liquid, so you never grow cold. 
Lit fires from the chakras, wild healing in your blood.
Dancing to the water, we disappear into the mud.


May 9, 2016


The little kid who bought a shirt for 25 cents in 1956 was laughed at in school, and you buy that shirt for $200 in 2016 because it looks cool... I hope when you put it on, you think about everyone who ever wore it, think of their stories, you are the story of the traveling pants.


Luna sleeps on the vintage blanket I bought super cheap, love rests her head anew where someone else's hopes and dreams once were spun.


Fuel-injected from the heart to the brain and back again...




Some say thunder is God clapping, and it is, but so is the bird chirping, the cicada wing fluttering, and every little rush of blood through a valve into the heart. God is not clapping, he's applauding... a thunderous applause...




Finding the perfect Les Miserables Production


Seeking out the perfect Les Miserables recorded production... and it's not easy... but I believe I've done it.

Most people know either the original London or Broadway recordings, but I insist, they are just okay.

The vocals in the London don't do it for me, and the orchestration in the Broadway sounds like a cheap CASIO keyboard.


I believe the best production is actually the eclectic Complete Symphonic Recording, and for a very specific reason...


Not only is the music a full beautiful and bright orchestration, this is a various artists cast. They recorded the music in one studio, then roamed the world getting the stars of different production. Eg, Phillip Quast, Debbie Byrne and Anthony Warlow from Australia, to do singing. They were Javert, Fantine and Enjolras. Garry Morris as Valjean, Tracey Shayne as Cossette, chorus and minor parts from America etc. They got them because can act with there voices, as there was no visuals. It is produced so well that it sounds like everyone is on the one stage and it sounds live.

It's absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.


May 10, 2016


"People have become so unaccustomed to conversation that any original thought is immediately assumed to be a quote."
~Jonathan Berman


May 11, 2016


Cause and effect measurable by forces of momentum created by habitual activity of the body and mind.


May 12, 2016


The open rational mind says all that is may be limited but that is what makes it beautiful. Those who cannot grasp this fear death and thus seek an infinite spiritual to crawl inside and hide their whole lives.


The spiritual one experiences limits as only one aspect of nature, tapping not into delusion but the truth of the reality of consciousness. Those who cannot grasp this fear death and thus seek a logical egocentricity to crawl inside and hide their whole lives.


The prime mover may forever be obscured from us, or perhaps there is no prime mover to be ascertained from the vantage point of our enlightened minds, or perhaps we as humans are still evolving...


It is said, seek and ye shall find, but is this a beautiful truth or a poetic yet deluded mind, comforted by confirmation bias?


I lay myself down within the boat of my spine, the sails of my breath on the ocean of this world. Not the one you know, but the one you cannot know, and on the churning formlessness I set my course to the heart of God.


May 13, 2016


its not that I'm a genius, but I make up the yang to your yin in the genius spinning sandwich we make
life is interdependency.
there is no weakness in it
it is one dimension of beauty relating to another in order to manifest their perfect ideal.
Perhaps that is how the universe was created


May 14, 2016


People talk of love but never live it. There is a point at which people just don't care. People talk too much, but when you need them they're nowhere.




They keep it for want of their own.
They keep it afraid of the seeds they've sown.
They keep it afraid of screams were the silence to escape.
They keep it just in case.
Love kept after flowers given.
Forgive the garden, it's soil is hardened.
But you are so brave, so forgive the drought it's fear of rain, it's hoarding is afraid of tomorrow's losses.
And here you are, giving away the rain.
Abundant and hopeful... mythic as a unicorn. Neglected as a summer rose whose thorns have become its cage.




You can ask me how I'm feeling, but if you don't know, it means you haven't been paying attention. Hey I get it, we're all busy. Perhaps too busy. But, the answer is written in everything we do, have done leading up to this moment; the blossom is visible to those who are looking. So if you paid attention to the momentums of seed and cultivation leading up to this moment, you should have an idea of what has blossomed. What flower which bows before you now, or which weed.


The wind blows through the things we don't say.


May 16, 2016


You are not a citizen of a country. 
You are a freedom fighter.




Short people always buy the higher quality toilet seats because they know they're going to have to stand on it to get things up in the cabinet all the time




Are politically charged social concerns just false flag issues concocted to distract the public from what the power elite are really up to? Some think so... and I'm not too sure... obviously false flag events are a real thing... but what if our entire lives are a false flag event? The education, the media, the religions, all of it...




Here's an interesting thought... Judeo-Christian belief is that God births you into your respective family, and that is bound to the religious practice of that family... I believe that up until the second step... the religion... I believe that is manmade and actually has no bearing on the matter... yes, "God" birthed you into a family... we must make the most of our circumstances... but the religion no, but this explains the gender debate as well, you see many people now believe that like being born into a family, being born into a male or female body does not obligate one to be male or female... just as I don't believe being born into a family obligates me to inherit the family religion... now one can say religion and gender are false equivalencies, I probably would, but I just found it interesting....


May 17, 2016


When you constantly do things for those who do not share your loyalty, your purpose, your vision, your friendship, or your dedication to their well being proactively... you have a broken sense of loyalty... and I grew up cultivating a very broken sense of loyalty... as a youngest child, to a single mother, who kept us in psychological cages, afraid of a mess, afraid of uncertainty and sacrifice, the kind of choices a maternal instinct-driven parent would make without a thought were never an option because we were a threat to her, and not a troubled child needing love and warmth and protection... it was all about her protection, never our own.. a broken sense of loyalty for those who would watch you drown, even if they had the resources, the life preserver to throw... a broken sense of loyalty.




Base your integrity on love, for the foundation of finance and pleasing others will always fail you. It matters not if anyone else sees the value in you... only that you see it in yourself. Disillusion must always follow idealism.




Everyone is different, and the problem with many organized religions is this effort to smash the identity into belief systems that might not match the true heart of the individual from the time the child is alive, and too young to find their true path they feel... I teach people to listen within, follow what is true within... whatever works for you... whether that's a religion, or something more expansive and inclusive like Buddhism, or more secular and analytical like cognitive behavioral therapy or through the use of cannabis even... many paths up the mountain... do what is best for you.




People always believe the world is getting worse because they had it tough growing up and think the world is becoming too PC, too coddling, everyone gets a trophy bullshit... and while I agree with that to an extent... I have to wonder; if we who are trying to make the world a more loving place are doing our job, then shouldn't we consider it a success that kids are better protected than we were? That they don't have it as tough as we did? Are we worried they're being sheltered into a sort of new sheep Nouveau riche, or are we just missing the big picture?


May 18, 2016


Liberals for Hillary are the ones who think if you're against Hillary you must be a Fox News, Republican... yet they were rightly against Bush saying if you're not with us you're against us... so now they've devolved into using Bush's rhetoric... Liberals have become the new Republicans, and Republicans have become the new fascists.




What if there is no deficit, and it's just a lie by the wealthiest to explain why trickle down is valid but isn't working? See, it's not their fault it's the deficit, and then they try to say the deficit can be fixed by taxing the poor, the sick and the elderly, because you can't tax businesses, they create jobs! Then you create a famine mentality and a war of rights, while eroding liberty, security and social justice a distraction from the real issue which is why then have we not replaced trickle down with profit sharing? If the idea is that a rising tide lifts all boats, why are the haves sailing on the high water while everyone else drowns in debt and disparity? Because perhaps it's all a lie... designed to keep us as infighting rats to political parties and religious ideologies, while they keep laughing all the way to the bank, and we are herded like sheep, except they don't even need shepherds anymore, we shepherd ourselves into the mental cages through our conformed and brainwashed fear. Hey, it's just a thought...


Seriously though, if we can spend trillions on tanks and planes that never drive or fly... don't we then have the money to do the other things, like rebuild our infrastructure, work on education, healthcare, the homeless, poverty, the environment, roads and bridges, the space program? Aren't a healthy and educated people and our ecosystem the most crucial national security issues? Yet they are the 3 most neglected issues in our society.




If you get ostracized, demonized, for asking questions, you're dealing with a totalitarian, and a fascist in all the ways they mean it. Somebody who is totally intolerant. Skin color, sexual preference, what goes on in your mind is precious and needs to be preserved... as well, as it being fun to just ponder random things, it's the exploration of the mind that broadens our imagination, our culture, our capacity to learn, to feel, to solve problems...


Do ants sleep?


Don't stamp out curiosity.


The way of the world is for people to cast their own self-loathing on someone else and get them killed for it.


May 20, 2016


Haunted houses don't prove that ghosts exist, they prove that people are afraid of death, and that fear stops them from gaining the wisdom of history...




The silence between our words are backed up by an orchestra of our love.


May 21, 2016


The Joker isn't wrong... it's his methods that are... and the reason for that is that while he recognizes the corrupt machinations of society, he is essentially the most negative byproduct of it... thus he too is a slave to that machine... but since he doesn't realize it, his self-righteousness becomes violent... those of us who have seen through the machine to something greater beyond, a world that does not rely upon the machine, but is itself far more powerful than it... the natural world... are not slaves, but are free to fly beyond it... no cage can hold us... and so we use the power of our freedom to live within the world, but not just for ourselves, but for the freedom of all others...




Do not look for that which is shiny, look for that which makes a shiny.
~Advice from one cat to another


May 23, 2016


We create homes to protect ourselves from Nature.

What will Nature create to protect itself from us?




If you think about today's superhero films from a generationally broad perspective, it could be interpreted as a story about parents of millennials (the authority), reigning in the powers of the superheroes (millennials) who have heretofore been behaving like Gods without limits, structure or accountability...but are they reigning them in out of wisdom, or fear of creativity, and what it could do? People fear change, and it is my belief, as a Gen X'er, that Millennials have an innate ability and responsibility to carry on the work that my generation carried on from the best of our generation... to further that creativity, to see through the illusions and not be shepherded by them... made prisoners by the selective hallucination that we have been brainwashed into believing in, into fighting for. Dying for.


I hear Millennials pile my generation into the others, as if we are all the same, as if we were part of the problem. And maybe some of every generation is to some extent, but perceptions of things always change, like a frightened worm desperately trying to reach the surface of the earth... so too do we, frantically cling to so many ideas, we use them as long as they work, like stepping stones we make our way through nothing to get nowhere...


I believe all of us need to stop blaming, and recognize where we can learn from one another. Perhaps these movies are a metaphor for all these things, what we spend our time on is eternity. The eternal now, and the truth is everpresent...


How are men and women represented in these films? Men and women fight together, equals on the battlefield, for the common good... imagine if we could do this as a species. It will never happen, but that is my dream.


I am a drop of water but I feel the entire ocean, wrapped around the earth like a blanket... The teardrop around an eye-suspended, that simply cannot fall.


The truth is every moment.




Bad Guy: My plan I will spell out for you now... A nation which is destroyed from without can rebuild, but one that is destroyed from within is dead forever... now I will show you a video of your friend betraying you in the worst possible way, thus manipulating you into fighting each other to the death or at least long enough to be a distraction for me to do what I need to do to take over the world...


You always think superheroes will see through this and say, hey, deal with that after we save the world... and sometimes they do, but not lately... lately all superheroes are not that bright, they're overly emotional and reactionary instead... Kylo Ren having a tantrum, they're all like this now... villains and heroes... they're not that sharp.



May 25, 2016


If you feel sad in the face of beauty it is only because you mistake a reflection for a ship disappearing over the horizon.




Scripture is written from the perspective and power of the patriarchy, and we simply do not live in that world anymore. We have evolved. The egalitarian balance isn't perfect, but it's a vast improvement on the world of men who wrote The Bible.


And while each generation and ancient culture had men wiser than men today, that should not be confused with science and understanding based on the pursuit of knowledge.


I find those drowning will accept any lifepreserver, and those suffering and alienated will accept any way of life or community who accepts and loves them unconditionally... It is like Stockholm Syndrome... wanting to belong, to be accepted, encouraged and loved... of course is part of the most primal attachments for survival and fear of death... we are an exploited and exploiting species.




If you really want to solve the bathroom issue in America, just make one large bathroom that is beautiful and well-ventilated, with hired staff as security and cleaning... We live in a world with disgusting bathrooms. We live with high obesity, poorly treated animals that become food, no mandatory relief wells on drilling, and don't tell me they can't afford it without blinking an eye... we have roads and bridges and schools to repair, poverty to declare, and more empty homes than homeless... we all know the work that needs doing... so stop being so entertained, and realize who's really doing the screwing, and how to get your power back, aware and responsible, voting with the money you spend, the energy you lend, and the deception you defend.




It's time to end cult mentality and group think... honor your own value. Value your own honor. A bouquet of different flowers will teach you more than one of only roses.




Political correctness is the shield of the good and the evil... it's extraordinary to see myself talk about how political correctness can stifle free thought, and then see a white supremacist or bigot say that political correctness stifles their free thought... the difference being, my goal is love, and their goal is hate. This is why it's so important that we see beyond the superficial layers of the world: First, the physical. So many men will listen to a hateful girl simply because she's attractive. Second, the tone. So many will listen to an ignorant idea if it is expressed in a pleasing or authoritative tone. Third, the words used... many cannot see the forest for the trees. They get caught up, polarized, triggered by words because they are programmed by their past trauma to react with a specific emotional response when they hear a word, and that reaction stops them from hearing the message behind the words. This lack of insight and clarity into our own nature is destroying careers, families, and relationships. The world is clinging more and more to the superficial, and seeing less and less of the divine. The truth principle which is our connection to the world, and each other.


Thankfully there is a clear solution. Meditate. Simplify. Let go of negative habits and self-talk. Cultivate warmth of being through mindfulness, appreciation, and gratitude. I am so full, I just ate a delicious vegan burrito, it was amazing. My heart breaks for the kid starving somewhere. So I will work hard, galvanize my strength, and help create a better world to the best of my ability.


Be well. Be loved. Enjoy this day.




When you constantly seek to appease the lowest common denominator, you systematically lower the bar on what people expect from themselves and others in terms of honesty, in terms of rigorous understanding and factchecking and bang for your buck... we are being strategically dumbed down through what we choose to accept from news, from journalism, from entertainment, from food, from law, from all areas of our lives... and we have to push back against the landslide of mediocrity or you will continue to accept a de-evolution and insight into reality. But what happens is, people just accept less and less, liberty and quality for sheep-like comfort and false security. We must push back against the Idiocracy of America, or you will wake up to what I have seen all along... Idiocracy isn't a movie, it's a cautionary tale... And you had the chance to stop it all along, by simply not accepting what you are given... everything you are fed as a society, from casual convenience without artistic expression, where our moments have no meaning, and our lives are pre-fabricated with religion and sports and separation... we must expose fraud and injustice to move forward... I will not eat the poison when it's the only thing on the menu, I create my own menu.


May 26, 2016


The last bastion of slavery is faith. The last battlefield of humanity is mind.




Don't take your life for granted... make the most of every day. My grandparents died with new clothing unopened in their drawers... I think about that a lot.




The metaphors you use to describe the relationship between humanity and the world is simply the excuse you use to justify your treatment of yourself and others... it is learned, it is beaten into you, it is a lie... Choose a new metaphor... The time of sheep, shepherds, and slaughter is over... the time of an interdependent beauty, of drops of water in tune with the ocean is what I believe... "The ocean is one of the most powerful forces on Earth, and what is an ocean, but a multitude of drops?" That quote is from Cloud Atlas... and aligns with what I've experienced, and what I've been saying for many years.


May 27, 2016


There was a time when I believed that people sought God out of fear, and that as time went on that fear turned into suffering or awareness of the futility of seeking and clinging and always losing, and this would surely give way to disillusionment, where the naked body finally touches the hand of the maternal mind, the rays of sunshine, the air of breath, on the body of the earth. And with this not knowing, but being present and mindful, loving and loved... The twinkling self like a distant star would be seen from behind as it was all along; a canoe left at the water's edge, leaving a trail of memories, adventure, and good intentions. We are created clinging, like algae roots on rocky shorelines where the water keeps us warm in the heartbeated break of the crashing and soothing waters. I will not concern myself with believers for we are all believers of something, and it is not necessarily what you believe that matters, only the quality of those ideas and if they serve your highest good. End Program, and walk on down the hall...


May 29, 2016


The reason we make stupid people into celebrities is because insecure people are no good at being alone, they lack confidence... so they cling to stupid people who don't challenge them, but make them feel a little better about themselves, and thus the stupid people become famous... if we all just challenged ourselves a little, to be the bearers of our own vision, and our own truth... instead of hiding in our insecurities and being coddled by the sociopaths of the world, we would find our legs were there all the time, and we can stand on them, and we can walk our own path without the self-inflicted strait-jackets of fear we've been wearing all these years...


Part of the problem also might be that we are being systematically dumbed down by the media, exploited for our insecurities, so it happens from without and within... and most just give in...


We must stop giving in... we must rise and walk in light and in the glory of our gifts... or this world is surely doomed.


And don't call me Shirley.


May 31, 2016


Do you judge or do you understand? Do not confuse the stifling, blinding, deafening power of judgment, with the clarity of love's monacle of discernment.




When all else fails, there is one thing left you can do. Be grateful.




It's not you. Some people are just really boring conversationalists. No wait... it is you.




If you live only by your appetites, you will drink chocolate milk and soda, and wonder why you get a stomach ache...




Give respect to the troops, because while you rush to work with an umbrella, afraid to get your hair wet, they're running into battle certain that they are about to die...