February 18, 2017


2:38 AM EST


i used to think life on the moon was pretty rough, until I saw a black hole sucking up solar systems like it was bubble tea. What I'm saying is, sometimes you should just stop and appreciate the view. This doesn't mean your problems aren't valid, it just means they shouldn't dictate how you feel.


4:35 AM EST


Every day we choose between a whisper in the dark, and an oratory to the dead.


February 16, 2017


7:25 PM EST


Whatever gets your attention, put your heart there. Every time you find a moment unimportant, you delegitimize yourself... be present. Respect the moment...


February 15, 2017


9:04 PM EST


More drunk on snow than the whiskey
Heartbeat burdened by the blood of a memory.
Waterfalls that lead
Return the blossom to the seed.


February 12, 2017


12:58 PM EST


I am planning on constructing a new window-side zen garden, to take my meditation space to the next level... I will keep you updated... as I simplify everything else, working hard to save money, I am moving out what is clutter, and creating space for what is more beneficial to my practice, and feeling connected...


2:11 PM EST


The original Japanese tale of Sadako of THE RING, is a deeply biblical story mythologically speaking... in the stories of the Bible, Jesus is a boy, born in a manger in the desert with 3 wise men... in The Ring, Sadako is a girl, born in a cave in an inlet to the sea, with goblins... Jesus brings the word, the Bible becomes God's word in writing, Sadako brings the word, the tape becomes Satan's word in video... like Jesus, Sadako has certain powers, powers which make people fear her/him, and she/he is killed at a young age because they are different.

Whether the writer, Koji Suzuki did this on purpose, or I am simply making connections, is hard to say without verification from the author or original creators of the film. I have often found compelling connections between films that were unintentional... for example, I spoke to the creator on the seemingly clear similarities between Charlie the Unicorn and Citizen Kane... he assured me although he wishes he had thought of that, he did not base his animation at all on Citizen Kane. He did get a kick out of my thoughts on the matter though.

Perhaps, ultimately, there are simply universal themes, archetypes and folklore, these threads that can be found in all cultures... like dreams and ideologies... because we are all human, with similar drives, and fears, it is not unusual that our folklore should all be similar as well...


2:16 PM EST


I remember about 15 years ago, Yahoo didn't think social media was very important, and look how they wound up? It destroyed them... now it seems we're back to thinking social media isn't important anymore...
The government shutting up all social media.
Amazon shutting down the IMDb message boards.
This is a mistake. People are just going to replace you like they did with Yahoo.


10:17 PM EST


There's a womanizer in the white house, and both men and women of the country are coming together to rise up against tyranny at home.


This is not a new fight, but an ancient one, and it's seeped deeply into both secular and religious societies... but darkness can only hide for so long, life cannot thrive in eternal night... but suns do die in time, so we must fight, together, overcome the existential crises of our times.


We've hit rock bottom and the woozy are waking up after the fall. Lets all come together and move forward, hopeful and strong.


10:27 PM EST


Protesting is effective when you have a president on your side who can push Congress to get legislation through... what will our protests accomplish in 2017, when Trump is in office and the Republicans run both houses of government? They are in a position to ignore, and that's what they're doing... silencing all social media, from the halls of government... this is why I found it so bizarre that after 15 years, IMDb (owned by Amazon) is shutting down their community.


When you have absolute power, you don't need the voice of the people anymore.


February 11, 2017


5:30 AM EST


One of the worst things that can happen to someone is to convince them that they are guilty of a crime because they fought back after being victimized. But it happens every day... this is why so many stay with their abusers, they desperately try to change themselves, convinced they did something wrong, whether they were brought into this world by those who abused them, psychologically twisted their young minds to believe it's their fault they were being abused, neglected, abandoned... we begin to see ourselves as terrible people, as criminals, when in fact, you did nothing wrong... you merely lived through a very bad time. An experience no one should have to go through... it's time to stop blaming yourself. You didn't bring yourself into this world. You didn't hit the child, you were the child. You didn't abandon the child, you were the child. You didn't do all those terrible things to the child, you were the child. You were broken so young, no wonder you cultivated unhealthy coping mechanisms, no wonder they didn't understand them or respond with compassion, they weren't compassionate people. It's time to stop blaming yourself... it's not your fault.


10:57 AM EST


In 2008 I thought Idiocracy wasn't just a movie but a documentary, now everybody sees it. Well today, that has been replaced by a new prophecy of media... Ichi the Killer is an extreme Japanese horror flick about a world caught between the destructive extremes of overly sensitized and desensitized psychologies... I believe that is becoming the new documentary for our times.


2:21 PM EST


As far as the world is concerned, Utopia will never happen, and perhaps it shouldn't since struggle is what makes us grow compassionate within... but no matter how the world treats us, it does not need to change how we treat the world 


February 7, 2017


3:02 AM EST


The Internet seems to be suffering from a disease of apathy, and it's suffocating people's empathy... and I think it's vital that we don't become too clinical, too analytical in our treatment of human behavior, that we don't let the safety of our own absence of interaction make us too judgmental.


We have entered a dark time, and it is important, maybe more now than ever that we remember our light... to be compassionate, to be patient, to be kind. Remember: There are always options.


5:44 AM EST


A few ways of seeing the world:


PTSD expresses itself in many ways, sometimes in the need to control situations out of extreme hyper-vigilance... this is where religion can help some people, since it teaches one through comfort lies and delusion that they can let go of the reigns, that there is another force in control... some refer to this as God's plan... yet why then do so many adherents to Abrahamic religions which teach this path become extreme anyway?

Imposing their way of thinking and living onto others? It sounds like the methods of the past to help someone through this dis-ease are no longer working... and I believe perhaps that is exactly what happened... people outgrew the placebos... it is as though false rivers mollified by false boats have been overturned, and now we must create real boats for the real rivers we are finally aware of...


To give true comfort in time of real need requires real honesty and real action, and people have been lied to for generations by governments and religions in order to maintain control over societies.


In therapy they might teach you that you don't have to be the general manager of the universe... my way is to teach that through reason and achievement, and accepting all situations as positive opportunities, that at their core, each moment is beautiful, and can be respected and lived to its fullest... that to run from perceived ill, and chase perceived good fortune, either way we become shackled by the discriminating mind...


And that our behavior can settle us deeper into the negative mindset we currently inhabit and that out of fear, we keep feeding that mindset because change can be terrifying, even when that change is good for us in the long run. Even when we know this to be true...


What is the most beautiful thing to you? A baby? A kitten? A video of a mother ferret holding on to her child? A waterfall? A rainbow? A hug? The dew drop on a leaf reflecting the world? A dark and endless hallway spinning into eternity in a sea of raging fists and screaming eyes, butterflies?


Whatever it is, is a reflection of the beauty that is within you... be the child of that beauty, but also be the parent who nurtures it. There is no truth you must get to right this moment... There is no manner in which anyone around you could behave to make you whole... there is no blessing for you to look for, you are already blessed in being here.


Listen now and like a flowing stream, life is in endless conversation with you, and you with it.
~Jonathan Berman


7:56 AM EST


People recognize how they've been pigeonholed sexually for so many years, how misogyny has run rampant in religions and societies, that it seems this generation has decided the solution is absolute liberation and asexuality... if you cannot see any clear lines, you cannot make boxes, you cannot reduce people, you cannot so easily discriminate... some will call this confused, some will call it an over complication, but I'm beginning to see a little genius in the madness now.



February 4, 2017


7:45 AM EST


Idiots in the fifth dimension are called fractards.


February 1, 2017


4:00 AM EST


Just spent the last hour tromping through the snow carrying boxes from the basement and the garage to the porch for tomorrow's big donation pickup... that to me is the best workout: The one that helps everyone.


4:03 AM EST


Best video game quote of all time, just in my opinion, is at the end of the console game SHADOW MAN, when the kid tells you a little story, before you realize, it's not the kid, it's the killer...


I don't know it verbatim, but this is pretty close...


"A killer was walking through the woods with his young victim, and the victim looked up at the killer, shaking, scared and said, Please mister, I'm scared!" And the killer looked down at his young victim, as he hurried them through the deep, dark woods... and said, "You're scared?! How do you think I FEEL? I have to walk back through these woods by myself!"


4:15 AM EST


If you want energy, don't take drugs, have gratitude. Gratitude is an amazingly powerful battery. Gratitude and perspective are the gas and oil in your spiritual vehicle.


4:00 PM EST


Every time you turn away from truth toward fear, you choose the blue pill.