November 28, 2017


Why is American Horror Story season 7 the best season of American Horror Story?


Because it does exactly what needs to happen within our living society... strong women and men need to rise up against the oppression of men's religions and politics, to help lead, to show the world a better way, so we can all be better than the ones who came before. We must throw off the misogynistic chains of indoctrinated lies and submission, and stand together, galvanized in a new truth... that never again will we give someone else the responsibility of our false sins, our feelings, and our hard fought and lost lessons... so we can learn, so we can build a new society that walks through this world with its eyes, hearts and minds open... no longer slaves to appetites and false ideals, no more ghosts, no more demons no more gods, only honesty, righteousness, love, and strength born of our achievements together through a listening that transcends the boundaries of our egos and our skin... so we recognize the world we all are in.


November 24, 2017


I'd make my bed, seriously, I had plans, but then I fed the cat, and now she's sleeping on the unmade bed, so I'll drink my coffee, I mean my cofvefe, commune with the alien soul hidden in silent brass, and remember that stillness is not my enemy.




In Atypical, Sam says he likes snow because it has a sort of soundproofing element to it... that's part of why I love snow too. It dampens the earth music like the perfect slipmat on a planetary turntable.




I must be on a spectrum, cos I enjoy making lists in my free time, like.. a lot.


November 23, 2017


If you think about Life is Strange and Before the Storm... in its most realistic terms... Chloe's dad dies, Rachel dies, Chloe dies, well, it seems to me the sole purpose of the game is to get its audience to appreciate one another, because everybody dies. And what could be a more powerful and sobering lesson? Oh, and buy a turntable, because even in the Amber home, Chloe was tapping her feet and bopping her head to the music while waiting for dinner. So, get a turntable, buy the Life is Strange soundtrack on vinyl, do things you're afraid of, fall in love, and often... reach out don't run away. Beauty is often sad, silence is not always contentment, and lastly, learn from your mistakes.


I've had a rough life, a large part of that is my own doing, my own choices, I am so thankful for those who love me and put up with me, I know I'm a handful, or two...I guess what I'm saying is, life is strange, there is no before the storm, not really, it's always storming for somebody somewhere, and in our calms, we can be the lighthouse for others. We are all in this together, whether we know it or not... the butterfly whose gentle wings stir tsunamis around the world... could just be a thought stirring your future.


November 21, 2017


There are two forms of conversation that appeal to me. There is the back and forth and there is the dance. The back and forth is like knocking on your friend's door, and the dance is what you do once you're inside.


November 18, 2017


The reason we create the paranormal is because while it scares us, it mostly fascinates us and it is that distraction which we crave, because what we truly fear is what if the paranormal really didn't exist? Then all this fullness we've dreamed of, would be seen for the emptiness that must accompany all things, and we are not ready to integrate those two truths, sides to the same coin... samsara and samadhi. So we run to the good, while staying sharp by keeping our fascination with the darkness, with the unknown... but it is not through indulgence of appetite that we create balance, but by cultivation of compassion the breath and the rain... Love brings balance, but first it brings the storm.


Or it's all real. But then why is it that believers are not the kind of people I've ever wanted advice from?


November 15, 2017


Never spout truths at people, it doesn't matter if you're trying to be helpful, there's skill involved... it's like this: when you want to plant a seed, you don't throw the seed at the ground and hope for the best... sure it may grow, but a skilled gardener prepares the soil, he nurtures it, he communicates with it, through touch, through smell, through all the senses he knows its needs... he knows when to drop in the seed... knowing he may never see its fruition, but it is not about him, and in that way it is about him, because it is about all of us.




We all have our out of it times, knowing how to balance and return to center and gratitude and motivation through recognizing unhealthy habits, and reinforcing the ones which propel us towards our most precious goals is what matters. 




We are wired to get rewarded for behavior which supports our survival... whether through sex, food, or other indulgences which activate the reward center in the brain... and the problem is in tough times we can forget to rely on a higher reward with self control and confidence and rather, give in, and lull ourselves into a sort of amnesiatic state.




I've been a fan of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters all my life, but lets be honest about something here...


Pink Floyd breaking up was really Roger Waters' fault. The guy had become an ego-maniacal asshole, who betrayed and backstabbed everyone. He didn't pay Claire Torey fairly for The Great Gig in the Sky, he treated Richard Wright like crap and got him kicked out of the band, thankfully the rest of the guys brought him back once Waters left, and the man is utterly obsessed with himself and The Wall.


Now, I think The Wall is a brilliant and enduring psychological masterpiece, but you're not supposed to spend your entire life reliving and touring the same album for 40 years, that's a sickness.


Also, after watching The Wall movie 2015, it becomes cringefully clear how stuck Waters truly is. The new album, just in my opinion, is awful. As a big fan of all his major solo works, Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, Radio Kaos and Amused to Death, I can say without flinching, that his new album is not up to snuff.


David Gilmour has always been a fairly laid back guy and it's always shown in his work with Pink Floyd and solo albums, Richard Wright's solo album "Wet Dream" may be the band's most underrated solo project. And it usually takes a balance of an insane obsessed genius balanced by some laid back musicians to create a masterpiece... we see it all the time... Serious: Lennon, Laid back: McCartney, Harrison, Serious: Neil Peart, Laid back: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, we see it all the time.


There's no denying that Waters has achieved a lot, and impacted rock n roll forever, but while I've been hoping for a new solo project from him for 20 years, we always expect and hope that an artist will bring something new to the table, some new information, like they've really been doing the work, and have something to say... but I don't think Waters has anything new to say... I think he's stuck in his past, and will likely stay there for the rest of his life. If that's what makes him happy, to work on this past for the rest of his future, that is his choice, but I was really hoping for more.


November 11, 2017


I know a lot of girls who liked The Doors when I was growing up, I don't know what guys thought of Jim Morrison and The Doors, I think Ray Manzarek? Yeah, he's a great musician, probably the best in the band... Jim Morrison on other hand when I really listen to the guy, seems to be a bit of a poser. His singing is too structured, there's no soul in what he's doing, the whole ghosts and indian bullshit was pandering some pre-emo generation, the fact is Morrison approached singing a bit like a lounge act, check out The Doors' song "Touch Me" for the ultra cringe example of this little reality tunnel...

Face it, the best thing about The Doors was their use of Albinoni's Adagio on An American Prayer.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the poetry of The Doors, just not really the music.


Jim Morrison once demanded that you cannot petition the Lord with prayer. Well, if you believe there is a Lord, why would you not be able to petition to them? In heart and mind, I imagine one would not find that difficult to consider logical. But then what or who is God, and I don't mean an answer you got from a parent, a teacher, or a book, I mean if you never ever heard the word God, and you experienced something you could never explain... nothing extraordinary, just exactly ordinary but overlooked or unseen... amplified by emotion... the brain reels, it demands a definition, it correlates itself, it like water fills the cup of the form you heard before... and calls it God, calls it Jesus, calls it enlightenment, calls it being, a passing away in the fullness of time...


November 10, 2017


The artist struggles in society not because there is anything wrong with the artist, rather they are sensitive enough to feel everything that is wrong with society.


If you refuse to see the sky, to rebuke the beauty, because you will not be seduced by false hope and the byproducts of longing, how then will you rectify the air you’re breathing in the coffin you’re detailing?


To embrace is to be embraced.