February 6, 2018


Movies can be like Checkers or Chess

Checkers appeals to the gates

Chess appeals to the gatekeeper


It is why differentiating between the words movie and film,

is not pretentious, it's discerning.



To speak of empowerment with an eye to glimpse the problem

but never to solve it. Seems utterly tragic.


So you unravel, you simplify and spool yourself back to a place of

integrity, you try anyway...


sometimes... and insanity quakes outside, like a stranger who needs to

use the bathroom.


Appetites lean in all directions like rolling magnets on a warped floor

overlooking an abyss with a magnetic core.




A human obstacle. To believe the only way to be is reactionary. To have certainty like locking oneself in a prison and throwing away the key... we do it to ourselves, and we must get something out of it in return for our freedom... security. It brings to mind a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, those who would give up their freedom for security, deserve neither freedom or security.


"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." According to Wittes, the words appear in a letter widely presumed to be written by Franklin in 1755 on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly to the colonial governor.


Seekers of truth will always be met by the defended walls of the certain.


February 13, 2018


It always amazes me when someone says they have no interest in seeing or reading The Lord of The Rings... because I've always related so deeply with the story, the naivete of Bolbo and the integrity of Frodo. I've been lucky to have my share of Sams in life... the music, the dialog, but I guess we all have our own languages of truth... Some see how Pink Floyd's The Wall is a perfect heroes journey from darkness into light, some say it sucks. we are each on this path together, but what alights it is so personal...trust your light.




Most give in to society.
Dreamers at some point will feel the pull of two worlds. 
Some seek balance. 
Some give in entirely to one or the other. 
But somewhere, somehow, a choice is made.




The truth is everywhere, like flowers, and like flowers, most overlook the gifts best left to themselves, for that which they can possess.


February 14, 2018


I want a sign outside my door which reads, "Solicitors may be abducted and impregnated with alien DNA by drug addicts with a very fast and loose grasp of reality, a Google-search medical background, and a moral compass that may or may not align with your belief system and comfort level. Upon release, you may experience some temporary loss of motor function, time and dermal tissue."


February 17, 2018


We judge the convenience of film plot points that come to light, and yet cling to the synchronicities in our own life. Perhaps some hack writer is writing us as well, eh? Or perhaps, the alignment of our lives that we hold sacred are merely reflected in the films we see, right? What is fate then, but an unveiling of that which is ever present, the interconnected tapestry of eternity, and our place within it.


February 27, 2018


I think the world is so uncertain, there's terrorist attacks randomly all over the world, school shooters, people high on fast food and prescription medication watching their dreams die and becoming resentful, politicians who cannot connect with the people, corporations in bed with govt and the media... it can feel pretty overwhelming, so most people just put blinders on and pretend it's not happening, but some of us are just not capable of going back to sleep... so we seek balance and a positive passion. We do our best to wake up and love other people, so we can together, start to make a better world. Always hopeful, because the alternative is what "they" want, and fuck that.




Why is it the same guys who say men and women can't just be friends, also believe you marry your best friend? How does she become your best friend, if you're not friends first? It makes no sense. That's like dad saying to his daughter, we want grandchildren, but we also want you to remain a virgin until we die. There are some realities we just have to embrace, and recognize that just because some terrain is dangerous and full of landmines and poisonous snakes, doesn't mean there isn't a well-lit path to get through there... we just have to find it.




There are always going to be people in your life who simply do not know how to communicate with you unless they're criticizing you, and it's because they aren't comfortable around you, they don't understand you, but they know how to pick out what you're doing that's wrong, and that gives them the confidence they need to forget the rest... but then they don't understand why when every interaction with them is critical, that you think they're an asshole. They don't invite you anywhere, they don't ask about your passions, they don't know how to engage... so they criticize... and I think at some level we all do this... but if we want people to not hate us, we have to recognize that while criticism is a great thing that can be helpful and create mindfulness and pass along knowledge, if you really cared, or wanted your message to be heard, you'd approach people differently... a little slower... you don't break into people's homes and then tell them how they're living is wrong, right? And social media should be treated with the same tenderness... imagine you are in someone's home... knock on the door, say something nice, get to know them, listen to their shit... and then tell them everything they're doing in their life is wrong. I'm just kidding, of course, but you get my point. We need to spend more time empathetically getting on the same page as people before we start criticizing. Whatever happened to walk a mile in someone's shoes? Right? Lets try that for a change.




The only way Churches can tell you God is everywhere but you need to come here to see him is because they want your money, they want your obedience, it's all about money and control... that's it... because any one who knows the truth knows community is great, but God is not community-required... church is your body, it's your home, it's your world, it's your relationship with your life and the universe, it's anywhere you are... God doesn't need money, he just needs your attention... that's it. Everything else is bullshit.


February 28, 2018


the soul heals to be near you.




May He who is without stone, cast the first sin. 
~On why God created marijuana




Everything in our lives is a teacher. We are like prisoners in shackles who keep turning away our key to freedom when it is offered. Why do we do that? Cocoa deficiency perhaps? Unlikely, but it's always good to keep yourself hydrated and focused. Light a fire in you. CIgarettes are basically just poisoned breathing exercises, and I think we need to learn how to trust in the breathing more than the poison.