January 17, 2020


Upon a mountain of endless hills I fly through open doors The mind's hawk flies down the higher hills towards the sea out past the shore Beneath the last of the shaded trees Our spirits meet to talk And in that terminal velocity we take our final walk For Linda Sennett

June 27, 2019


Most people perpetuate the lie of what it means to make it, because they want what the definers and framers of success have to offer... I prefer what nature has to offer because it offers it openly in the form of truth not lies. There is a war going on between entropy and security... but true security does not derive itself from things staying the same, but in our ability to adapt to change. Beauty is everywhere for those with eyes to see, ears to hear... and peers to tickle.

June 26, 2019


It is an interesting concept, like out of a science fiction movie where a wise woman gives a boy a scrying tool when he is very young, but grows up to forget how to use it and when the boy focuses upon it and just beyond the periphery, that which is within the blur, that stirs within a sort of window or mirror or gateway to another dimension only ccessible through a sort of curtain system between realities... That thought is what leads some people to believe they are psychics or mediums, but what is really happening here? Is it perhaps simply a reflection of self awareness we are unaccustomed to bouncing back at us from the mirror? he difficulty in answering that question aggressively is what makes it an interesting question. When you are simply open, a dislocated shadow filled-in with our own fear gives a voice to what is perhaps merely a reflection, but what if something were stirring in those blurs? And what if the more you looked into that abyss, the more it looked into you? Hmmm, now I'm starting to sound a bit like Stephen King's Dark Tower series. The attitude from cynical people, I won't say left/right conservative/liberal... I'll just say, cynical people, is that they hate immigrant because they think the immigrant comes to America and just complains like their better situation is still not good enough for them, but that's actually not what's happening at all. The liberal complainer appreciates how much they have been helped and now seek to help others still trying to get there... To avoid thinking along those lines, I have heard people call empathy a mental illness... having an enemy is convenient as it allows one to focus all their fear onto another which takes no courage, instead of having empathy, opening up, listening, having courage and reaching out to truly understand the value in the discussion. That is the sad truth and why nothing changes... no one is willing to listen to others. The United States colors are red, white and blue. Because first the red man was here, then the white man, which means we're either about to be invaded by tiny blue men, or something big is coming...

June 25, 2019


Cultivating Compassion means patience for the very small There are certain things in the mainstream that go so completely against my personal morals that it's like we're living in completely different societies and realities... I saw a Raid commercial showing a proud woman in her house, slowly killing a line of ants... now movies that show the real deaths of animals can get you in serious trouble, well, last I checked, ants are living things... and they deserve to live too... they don't hurt you in any way... yet she's just slaughtering in slow motion all these happy little ants going about their day... and I was just like, wtf, how is this okay? How is this normal? The tagline is like, being tough is cool, killing is cool, it's that whole humanity vs nature thing, like we have to keep our homes hermetically sealed, it's completely insane... the best way to live imo is in tune with nature, not at war with it, because we are nature... murder is an attack on ourselves, whether it's a human being, a dog, a cat, a frog, or an ant... we should never go out of our way to kill another living thing. Look, I'm not perfect, by any means... but I just know for me in my household, I want to be a beacon of love and tolerance and understanding that is in tune with nature, not at war with it... and I believe it takes more strength to not kill the ant or the fly than it does to kill it thoughtlessly... we can catch and release anything, there is no need for all this killing... it starts with us. It starts with an intention, with the little things. I believe that is how we change the world. My cats don't help me as much as you might think... Quality control for them deals primarily in treats and sleeping areas... No one found it all weird that Kurt Cobain married a woman named Court...ney. I believe her name is not Courtney Love, but was an obsessed fan who changed her name to be similar to his, and then killed him when she discovered he's just a guy and was worth more to her dead than alive. This is my conspiracy theory, and it's 100% fact until proven otherwise by Alex Jones, Joe Rogan or Joy. I don't know from best or most beautiful of anything from colors to clouds, I only know what gets me there... a song that is the sound of my heart beating... who knew the very fire that destroys is the same fire that creates? Arms out to the horizon, the sun is coming up again... sometimes when the day is done it's gone forever... I'll see the sparkling lights and smile, unafraid to shine for they are the semaphore that came before and the dust that comes too soon... but the song goes ever on before us and without us... and in the end we are a small solo in a sweet ensemble, like dew drops dancing in still water. The leaf sinks and is forgotten, but it feeds the leaves to come... When Linda and I were about to live in together, I had this little dual phone charging bedside lamp made for us to share, the painting by Elgato Gomez represented Linda and Luna becoming friends. There is nothing to say, there is nothing to be done. There is only the feelings and using them as batteries to power my love and expression.


June 24, 2019


If I ever crave a cigarette now, I think of my life and realize a cigarette would be an over indulgence in my life, after all, I'm responsible for every step that has led me to where I am today, so instead I'll have some of my favorite wine in the mug Linda made for me and some chocolate.