December 20, 2014




The flaw in much Atheistic thinking is that it assumes magical stories are inherently flawed or without purpose or importance, but all great stories of depth become magical stories... their credibility and verifiability becomes not only impossible as time goes on, but irrelevant.


December 17, 2014




Titanic is a great metaphor for the American Dream... a great nation that no one believed could sink... but we've hit the corporate iceberg and we're going down.


December 15, 2014




The Bible states that the loss of faith is a sign of weakness (Mark 14:38), but it is not weakness, it is strength, and the first step towards wisdom.


December 4, 2014




Jesus said, destroy this temple and in 3 days I will raise it up... and he was literally talking about a temple. So when Jesus dies and allegedly rises after 3 days, perhaps what really happened is that 3 days after his passing, his memory and life was used to rebuild a temple in his name, and that is what was meant by he was resurrected, not that he literally resurrected, since obviously that's not possible. Whatever you say about Jesus as a spirit, he was still living in a body, constrained by the realities of that body and the physics of the earth... after all, he was born, he did die, he did eat, and he likely slept, had brothers and sisters, a wife, it was unheard of for a man, a Jew at the age of 30 in first century Galilee to be without a wife, and what of children? None are spoken of, but hey, anything's possible...




Perhaps the only miracle is that there are no miracles.


December 3, 2014




When Christians tell me God is a jealous God, I think... I'm more enlightened than God, and then I realize, no, Christians just don't know God at all.




God did not give Israel to a chosen people, rather false leaders demanded mass murder to cleanse the promised land of foreign blood before Israelites could settle there... it is a rewriting of history to create a divine context, like endless cultures had done before... drowning the land in blood. Men, women and children alike, even livestock... nothing was allowed to remain that might worship a different God... a horrific cleansing, greenlit by the plagiarized signature of the God of the Israelites.




Invisible sky wizards argue amongst themselves as much as humans do, perhaps they are merely a reflection of our confusion, or we theirs... perhaps they are an externalization of our neural synapses firing in terror at the gates of eternity... or perhaps theirs are a heirarchies of sky wizards, elemental telepathies beyond our known knowns... or even our known unknowns... something we humans cannot even begin to comprehend... the ain soph aur of reality, a consciousness seeking form... the ghosts of horror, perhaps they are our biographies... even moreso than our fictions.