November 30, 2014




If thinking about a crime is a sin, than it's only fair that thinking about an exercise should be a workout.


November 29, 2014




Where is the virtue in a God who does nothing when you need him most?




Scripture is the flawed art of being too sure of one's script.


November 26, 2014




The religious say they believe in Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve... the secular say they believe in Lucy, not Eve... now in the argument of creationism vs evolution, if we were to base them on the humanity of those two arguments alone, I'd have to wonder why evolution is so much less inhumane than those who swear a spiritual allegiance and moral divinity?


November 25, 2014




If all things are possible through Christ, it's time to consider that God made gays, Jesus smoked pot, and women are just smarter, not only is this possible, it's the truth, and it's time to stop saying all things are possible through Christ, and start realizing all this shit that exists, happened because of Christ, and what I mean by Christ is, nature.


November 23, 2014




"Media influence on public opinion has been studied for many years now. We know for example that the media often play what's called an agenda setting role. Public concern about issues tends to follow media coverage of those issues, rather than any changes in the real world." "The media create the impression of the American public has a real choice. You could choose Bush or you could choose Gore, the implication being that they are both very different. But on substantive budgetary or economic issues, the differences between them are really on the margins. Both leading Democrats and Republicans support a privatized health care system, they support corporate-backed global trade agreements, they support maintaining a co-board defense budget, and they generally favor the interests of big business."


"But the media give the impression that Democrats and Republicans represent a broad range of opinion by focusing on civil liberty non-monetary issues like gay rights or abortion, where Democrats and Republicans really do differ. And this masks the degree of the lead consensus."


~ETHOS (Through pause/play transcription by Jonathan Berman); Netflix Streaming





Our money is our power in this system, but people are too bewildered by the machinations of the system, and strategically so, to make the wise choices they know they should, too worn out to defy the convenience of unseen evil they support bit by bit through their every purchasing decision.


Every purchasing decision has to be taken individually, we can all just do what we can in what areas are priority for us... for instance... I am very careful where I buy eggs, milk, produce and meat.


Cleaning supplies, and bathroom supplies. Pet food.





No matter how open a heart and mind with which I read the ten commandments, I cannot imagine that any divine being could ever have come up with such an obsequious and small minded, list of arbitrary tenets in the name of a timeless and loving eternal truth.


November 20, 2014




The difference between a left wing radical and a right wing radical? The left wing radical is always a comedian, and the right wing radical is always without a sense of humor.


November 16, 2014




George Bush possibly took his cues from the best serial killers to get away with war crimes... the logic is really quite simple... if you act like a simpleton, people will treat you like one, and never suspect you of any more, because people are quick to validate the simple mind, especially in positions of power because they validate the ego of the participant. If throughout Bush's presidency he had behaved as Obama, articulate, intelligent, and aware, he would have been impeached for lying us into the Iraq war which led to the avoidable deaths of a half a million people.


November 5, 2014




Nothing gets done in politics where there are two sides and each believes the other to be destroying the country. Democrats moving away from Obama should not have surprised anyone, candidates have always run away from the incumbent to try to show voters that they intend something better for the country. The problem is that people are simpletons who only vote in presidential elections where it matters least, which is how a Congress with a 10% approval rating gets 90% re-election. Until you educate people and give them the clarity and hope to reason through prioritizing health and balancing wealth, and rebuilding our neglected cities, you will cultivate a people who are too clouded and terrified to care. I believe that is precisely how they want us, society has been strategically built this way, with the drug of religion, faux news, and every consciousness constricting distraction one can think of, readily accessible, while consciousness awakening and self empowering tools become less accessible and more legal or simply villianized and ignored to be forgotten. We live in the grand experiment society of the misrepresented spirit of mankind...


There's a separation of powers, checks and balances in this country, which is why simply voting for president changes nothing... to change the system you must change who represents your city, and that's where so few are voting... more people are voting for American Idol than in deciding who runs their city.


November 3, 2014




There is a 2-3x more risk for Alzheimer's and early on set Alzheimer's in people who get acute damage from blows to the head, ie... football players, boxers, etc.... and people are getting hit so hard that it's clear the padding and helmets are not staving this off, perhaps it's time to stop the barbaric roman games of football, exploitation of women through cheerleading, and awaken our culture to a deeper and more substantive potential for goodness... there is an important work mankind is specifically designed for, a responsibility as self aware beings who can ponder past and futures, and we are squandering our time one Earth at our own peril by forsaking it. All living things have a job to help clean up the world... ants, lady bugs, spiders, all doing their jobs... humans, instead of doing our job, have created a false system atop the natural one and created new jobs to chase an illusion of financial gain to keep that false system going... we are

all insane.




Moral certainty is what justifies every atrocity... and this is the banner the religious wave, are you sure that's a good idea?


November 2, 2014




When I look at the world, at the billions who believe in religion, the billions who believe in ghosts, angels and demons, at the ones who hold hands down on the beach expecting prayer to heal the dying planet and people, at the ones chasing money, beautifying their homes more than their hearts, the abuse of nature and beautiful creatures great and small, and then how insane the world is, I can't help but think there must be a connection.