January 15, 2015




9/11 was not an inside job. If you think about it sensibly, it makes no sense... it would require too many people to coordinate, and while we had the motivation, we also suffered the incompetence verifiable by our track record historically.


Why kill 3000 people in downtown Manhattan to get into a war for oil? No sense on any level, because buying the oil from the Saudis would have cost less, and Saddam had never stopped trying to shoot down planes, we had a no fly zone for ten years over the area, so all you have to do is let him shoot down one, and you have your reason to go to war... the elaborate conspiracy theories about 9/11 is simply too elaborate... you cannot call someone (Bush) both incompetent and a mastermind, and this is what Liberals do, sound familiar? It's exactly what Republicans do to Obama. And that my friends, is politics in a nutshell.


January 19, 2015




The United States is controlled by corrupt corporate interests, you cannot change the system from within, that's like trying to eat a vegetarian meal inside of a steak...


The Abe Lincolns, the Bernie Sanders, the Elizabeth Warrens... they will never change a thing. The Supermen are warriors, they are pawns of patriotism, they don't see the big picture, they're too drunk on koolaid.


I wouldn't be surprised, because I know they are there... but I doubt their ability to undo the plague of industrialization from destroying us either through war or famine or other disaster... if we are going to change things, it has to come from those corporate giants, and they are speeding up, not slowing down.


Our lives are short, too short, but eventually mankind if it survives long enough, will transcend old age, and it's not that far off... we are already replacing body parts with more durable ones, eventually we'll be able to replace it all, and no longer worry about cell death, falls, and bullets, and fire, and drowning, etc... we'll effectively live forever, or as long as we desire... until we are ready to ascend... and not be forced to by biological malfunction brought on by a society that does not care for our well being.


I imagine this reality must be hundreds of years off though, if not longer.... hence my concern for humanity surviving long enough to get there. What humans are right now is merely a step towards what we are toiling away blindly to become.


Nostradamus was usually wrong. I don't believe life will end on Earth, and the sun has a few billion years left in its life, which means if we don't cause our own extinction... there's still time.... and if mankind goes extinct, nature will seek another way to survive... remember Earth has faced MANY extinction level events in the past.


There are so many places in the universe where life cannot thrive, the odds are against us, it's truly a profound thing that we exist at all. Consciousness is the gift of nature reaching out to EXIST.


January 20, 2015




We all must own our actions


The problem with many liberals is that they aren't actually liberal at all. They don't believe in free speech, except for themselves, they're for aggression against aggressors, physical injury for verbal offense. This form of Liberalism is Elitism... True liberals are always learning, trying to understand, we dislike offense and insult but we don't seek retribution for it, we wish to engage in civil debate. This is why the Pope's words this week upsets me... when he stated in light of the Charlie Hebdoe murders this week in France against the cartoonists, that if you say something insulting, you will get punched... yes, you can expect that amongst stupid people, but when he said if you hit my mother you will get punched, is that really what he should be teaching as the tenets of his faith? When his own book talks of turning the other cheek?


Remember, everything you say will insult or offend somebody, should you then live in fear? Or should not people master their own hearts and minds? But why would I expect any different from the Pope, after all, one of the main staples of all Abrahamic religions is to oppress others, specifically women, so as not to tempt men... so they're not exactly teaching self mastery on fundamental levels to start with.


It seems the Pope would have been okay with them punching them lightly on the arm, but not murdering them... A charlie horse for Charlie Hebdoe perhaps?


Physically assaulting someone for verbal insult is the act of a violent person who does not own their violence, they want someone to blame for their violence so they don't have to take responsibility for it. In this way we empower ourselves.


January 21, 2015




If God created the universe, and mankind explicitly as we are, why create a universe that is almost entirely inhospitable to humans, and why even waste the time making all those uninhabitable planets, and all those endlessly far away stars... logic dictates, that if the world were only 6000 years old, most of the stars we see in the sky of the 300 million or so just in our visible space, could not exist, because it would take much longer than 6,000 years for much of the light we observe to reach earth. I am not one who disbelieves in God, even though I recognize how silly and possibly dangerous such a belief can be amongst humans, but I also don't believe in the God from the books of man. I think what I'm saying here is, I believe God made the ingredients, but he didn't bake the pie. But if there's a God, why would he even leave it up to chance, unless God is not what we believe, nor what we experience, for what we experience is filtered, labeled, limited by the instruments of our biology. The last time I looked for God I believed I found him. It was quite a profound experience. Obviously it would, when you see people looking for God and having a relationship based on apparently no experience but what they learn on Sunday... but acting so shallow with one another, I had to know if God exists... and the answer I got was yes.


I could be wrong, it could have been a meeting of higher personal intellect, who knows? I thought I did in the moment... sometimes I wonder if I could have such an experience again, and find out if it was real... but what is real? Ah yes... if I could know for sure, and tell people yes... God is real. That sounds a lot nicer than, hey guys, we're an anomaly... nature pushed self awareness purely as a survival instinct, we're a fluke, we're not meant to be, this is why civilization after civilization, we wipe ourselves out... but... no, nature has faced extinction many times, perhaps it too remembered, and we were created in order to save nature from the next extinction event to come...


And I look around at society, I close my eyes, I shake my head in sorrow, for we are not... but many are... and that is good... but I fear the side careening us into oblivion, are working harder, with more resources, while good people remain distracted by the political playhouse designed by the rich and powerful to do exactly that.


Where is God during these events? If there were truly a God, would he put nature through that kind of Hell? If we humans grow through struggle, what is the world becoming but Heaven?


Philosophers and Madmen, Scientists the world over have been asking these questions since the dawn of time. Men much smarter than I, and they never found an answer, the wise ones perhaps found their dichotomy destroying answer in repose, in the Zen, in the letting go, i the quiet of mind there is no mind. Perhaps they visited that space... and stayed.


And they too desperately wanted to know. They say family is everything, this is not true. It is everything of this earth, but there is more to life than earth, there is the love that infuses it. And I'm really nowhere nearer a answer, or I am, I mean how would I even know really if I was right next to it, with my mind just a half turn away from one dial marker and another... but that is fear talking. Fear is the deadbolt we place on our own imagination for fear of opening a door that spills us into eternity, well.... it's sink or swim time boys...

(To be continued...)


February 20, 2015


Even Gandhi knew pacifism wasn't an absolute... he knew it would work with the British, but obviously we had to help stop Hitler, and we have to stop ISIS... action has to be taken sometimes, because we don't live in Utopia... we live with terrorists in this world, and rapists, and people who murder because they like it. People live in their first world, sweet consumer, disconnected worlds and mistake it for the real one... but the real world isn't holding hands down on the beach expecting oil spills to clean themselves, this isn't a fairytale, and too many liberals are living in the blanket of their own fear and denial, dreaming awake that the president is their messiah, the news is telling them the truth, the whole truth, and they go on their way each day, just trying to get through, as the tunnel society crafted for them grows smaller by diameter every year, with every civil liberty slowly being stripped away as the country gets pulled more and more right through the compromise of the spineless good Left, to the psychotic Right, we end up absolutely nowhere, and in this Nowhere, the sleeping spin their good fantasies, too afraid to wake up to even hear the truth, so truth bearers become just one more enemy, the distraction the power elite wanted for them all along... and now they're plugged into the program, they're not even human anymore, and those of us watching, most not get overwrought, we must not let it overcome us too, we must be strong, we must maintain compassionate vigilliance, and work on waking people up.


February 15, 2015


Hitler believed by killing the weak you protect the strong, but I put to you this question... if they're so strong, why do they need protection from the weak? Perhaps what they are is not strong at all, but insecure, ignorant, and afraid.


February 5, 2015


There is an interesting similarity between the Jews leaving Egypt and Columbus coming to America... both wandered aimlessly for awhile, one in the desert, the other at sea... and when they each found their destination they decided out of some delusion of divinity that God had chosen for them to be there over the natives and this led to endless war and bloodshed... for the Jews it was the Palestinians, for Columbus it was the Native Americans... oh the stories have their differences, but their similarities are too intriguing to ignore.



April 15, 2015


The resulting experience born of a lack of faith in Church or State is not Anarchy, for one still has a ruler... themselves.


April 6, 2015


Using religious beliefs to oppress another is effectively slashing a bicycle's tires after you have just finished putting on the training wheels.


December 14, 2015


We are all against a victim mentality. An idea that one who gave so much to others should now make them obligated to them... if I said that, if anyone you know said that, you'd think they were being manipulative and you would shun them... and yet so many people think it's okay for the story of Jesus to say the exact same thing.