Another Song that sounds like it was written in the '70s

G GM Cmaj7


G GM7 Cmaj7 F
I will wait forever for what will never come
Emi C A7 D D7
I remember waiting and believing in "The One"
B7 Emi D C G D C G
Holds the face, of the setting sun as it fades from the sky and is gone.


I had a dream that you were taken from my side

My arms were wide open and absently denied

Holds me still, like a frozen tide as it lays on the shoreline


C G D B7
This is nothing compared to what you've been through
Is there something buggin' you?

If you let me show you I can show you

How to be like me and start loving you.


The winter closes in like ghosts on all sides
A poem to share, a garnish for the winter air.