"Children in the Afterlife"

G /maj7 Ami (E /maj 7 F#mi)
D D7 C

The first time I turned around
Just to turn away
The sun was going down
Like a distant memory

A longing for you followed though
I forgot your name
The tide that laps against the shore's
carress on every grain

D D7 G
We all need a shelter from the storm
Ami D C
We're children in the afterlife just waiting to be born

And I

G /maj7
need you more than then

Ami D C
Without directions can we make it home again

And I

Bmi D G
Will lead you blind.
The way I feel is darkness in the midst of so much light

And I

The second time I turned around
I couldn't turn away
The stars gather like angels
Falling through the rain

A longing for you followed though,
I forgot your face
I close my eyes and realize
I can't forget the taste

We all need...