Empty Handed
-For my cat Rasta

D Asus

I slipped into the wrong side of the mirror
Waking up in dreams you're always nearer
And I'm always heading somewhere with purpose
The sky's alive it's easy to see me

The ocean turned upside-down, a dolphin trade for stars
Awakened eyes now open, lit up like passing cars
The salty sea licks my feet on starlit shores
The earth unveils in mighty layers and reaching to the core

Picking up coins for inspiration, it hadn't dawned on me they'd been dis-carded
Suddenly it's not enough to need you, everything expected and nothing left

D F#mi Bmi
At the end of the world where will you be?
F#mi G
Losing your laugh or loving me?
D F#mi Bmi
At the edge of the world where will you stand?
F#mi G
Lost in love, or drowning in quick sand?
with the one tree, or waking up empty-handed

She comes to me an angel born of starlight
Her eyes aflame I don't know her name, and it's all right
I watched her grace this strange way around me
A spiral stair and long blonde hair ascending

I lay my body down in the desert
A silent crow beside me and the mountains
The horizon's sign the heart flatlines
The silent hush and the bell is all I hear now

I let it go but you I still remember
The look in your eyes in the cold of winter

A back draft of memories telling me it hasn't been for nothing
Suddenly I know just how I need you, nothing expected and nothing to lose