Fly Away
-For Eileen Yoshida

(Capo on 3)

Everybody has a song that makes them cry
I live my life just learning how to sing mine
So I don't feel my sorrow wishing I would die

Cos baby when it's over
It's never really over

Everybody has a question in their eyes
I live my life just learning how to word it to the wise
So I can ask of life, "Whose dreams are reconciled?"

Cos baby when your heart beats
It's never what your mind thinks


And I did, Oh I didn't get far
I thought oncoming traffic was a shooting star
And I did, wish on you
Where fairytales and dreams come true

She taught me how to spread my wings and fly away

Everybody is a phoenix, I confide
To the endless sea: devotion, to take us to the further side
So I can swim through oceans and overcome the tide.

Cos baby when you're near me
It's like you really hear me

Everybody is too hard on themselves in life
Even the lazy ones don't believe they're worth it to even try
I sing without being burned by the light

Cos even when the ghost speaks
Amplifying the lonely


End: And I'll play in the mud bog, until my Venus touches down
And we'll run through the mazes, from town to town
At the end of every road, I see you running free
And we'll dare to find something, to believe