I Fall Awake

V: Em B7 C G Ami Emi B7
C: C G D B7 C G D


I will not go back to sleep
Even if it means that I--
Must let you fly from me
And if I--
Fall awake and see
My only enemy and meaning leaves me
And meaning leaves me...


Inbetween every heartbeat is a Mise en scène
Showing us there's more to what we long to be
On a path within you'll find us, binaural energy
Dancing in the ancient falls beyond belief


I jumped through a window and up into the clouds
Flying with a family of dragons proud
Our wings beat so gracefully, in the open air
And then I found another world and you were there



Behind every nightmare, a longing for the dream
In our own private movie with a reflective meaning
To love and know how to lay my body down
And lead me back to myself the long way 'round