"Laura's Song"
-For Laura Foust

Verse 1:

C Cmaj7 Emi
If you called my name
F Dmi G13
Would I feel you know me?

I've seen your face before
In the darkness glowing


F Dmi G
We all need a hand to hold
C Emi7 Ami G F
Even when we're alone and outside is so cold
With you I am warm

Verse 2:

If I touched your face
Would you turn to grace me?

If I kissed your mouth
Share a little breath with me




C /maj7 F
And you I'll never leave

Dmi7 G
Even when it's hard and the walls come tumbling

What I'm supposed to do?
When I'm putting down roots are you just passing through?

Verse 3:

If I fell in love
Would it be forever?

I'm not the kind to give up
Tell you it gets better