The Long Road
-For Fred Tondalo

Cmaj7, D/F#

Can you hear me? Out on the long road
Out on the shoreline
Between the sea and the foam
I swam to heaven from the depths of Hell
Doing the backstroke
Where angels fear to tread
And Gods fall awake
I can listen, listen to the stars cry

G, D, C

I spent more time singing that I forgot to learn to talk
I spent more time running that I forgot to learn to walk
I slid right off the mountain when it got too steep
I drowned in conversations [1: My lies] [2: Your eyes] were much too deep

Can you tell me? Am I standing beside you?
Out on the long road
Between the sun and the clouds
I climbed the staircase from the alleyways
Into your warm light
Where people don't believe
Where answers hide, in the darkness
I can listen to the stars cry

Can you show me? How to unravel
Empty the cup and fill it up
Between the truth and the lie
I walked alone along an open road
Going in Circles
Where all but myself
In the land of the dead
The stars stopped crying and listened to me instead