April 2, 2017


2:25 PM EST


We are thinking people who call all thought illusion and seek to end its rat race.
We are feeling people who call all feeling a distraction or illusion, evidence of attachment.
Why do we deny who and what we are? To transcend? To become free? Liberated? Mindful and aware? Or simply... paranoid, afraid, taking the rat race to a higher rate of desperate vibration.
Is not peace found through the embrace of thought and feeling, for what they have to show us? To feel deeply, we embrace 3 worlds spinning in elaborate and beautiful dimensionality.... a dance, together... the head, the heart, and the grace.
So feel...
Sow think...
and breathe...


April 9, 2017


6:25 AM EST


One day we'll all look forward to the ocean... to the trees, to the hope floating like butterflies on the breeze and realize... we're looking back.


April 12, 2017


12:25 AM EST


I haven't seen or heard what he said, but I know what he said, and I know what your typical reactionary liberal ‚Äčand conservative thinks about it, which is the usual: Liberal thinks someone just said something insane and terrifyingly offensive... and conservatives think liberals are being too literal and not understanding the simplicity of what he actually meant which wasn't intended to be offensive at all... and I think there's a little bit of truth to both sides... liberals have become reactionary and overly literal and sensitive to the point that we are becoming an incredibly Orwellian society... we are 6 degrees away from thought police... and Conservatives have become so insensitive and sufferers of Dunning Kruger, that they have completely lost sight of their humanity...


We need to seek new middle ground with one another... or we are truly lost.


Or we're the movie "Ichi the Killer" which let me tell you, doesn't pair that well with Idiocracy.