What do you feed a program...
By Jonathan Berman

What do you feed a program but new software?
What can fill the sails of a boat tethered to the dock?
What sensation inspires the senses when the defense at each
entrance discerns no lock?


Where simplicity is scrutinized
Elegance to reap and to sow
Pain's focus, light's echo
As above so below


What shadow of the shade to harvest light
What gentle stir with strangled inaction
By ones own hands, to still their plight
Each sense in waves of satisfaction


A bird to flock there and thus returned
What wax now lies hardened can't be unburned


Sweet is the sound, the river still running
A cat longs for whichever direction is barred
Wounds of the healing in the form of their maker
And harvest a reason in the breath of the stars