Love is the only true religion
By Jonathan Berman

When I look at the pope, at his darkened and sunken in, hateful eyes, who hates on gays, protects pedophile priests and is just generally a hypocritical bigot with the soul of Emperor Palpatine, I truly wonder how so many can follow this man and the tenets he spews forth represented in his idea of religion. A man who makes a vow of poverty living in a city mansion with the hired help of the President... a holy man he is not. Tear down your false and hateful civilizations, tonight we dine on love and compassion, not just for those like us but for all. It is easy to love those you like, whose foundations rest in shallow desires that feed you, but true love has roots in deeper feeling, and feeds those with which you have trouble dealing. One of the profound teachings is to love your neighbor as yourself, the pope cannot do this, but you are better than that, better than a title, a definition, a religion, you are the universe who decided to become human for awhile... lets show the blazing suns what we can do; our fire of unextinguishable love. Lets show the gentle winds our patient and kind hearts. Lets show the Earth our quiet acceptance. Lets show the sky our expansive hearts, and the oceans the depth of our feeling.

Close your eyes, open your heart and mind, we are One, its always been this way. In joy, in pain, in wonder.. may you discover an unimaginably joyous new year, and fulfill your every dream. God bless and Goddess, the perfect union upon us and not beyond us. No heaven no hell but that we make, in the moment here for all our sake.

Any true religion must teach a path towards compassionate living, and liberation from personal suffering. False religions tell us we can segregate to create unity, and hate difference with impunity. The indoctrinated understand, the blind lead the blind to holy land.