By Jonathan Berman

By Jonathan Berman

Everyone understands the political scene
Some are honest, some are greedy, and others just obscene.
Lately in my heart I fear Civil War
is the only answer left knocking at the door.

It's easy to grow up feeling less than hopeful
When every one around you seems set up to fail
Exploited by entertainment like a Stephen King novel
Tommyknockers need a knock just to get rocked from the pale

We give too much value on the things that surround us,
Money and clothes, the things we think we know found us
But we'll always be lost letting others define
Every meaningful vision that grows deep in our minds.

This song is a reflection of some ideal
But I'm part of the problem to say it will never be real
To conceive of the meaning, that you're possibilities gleaning
Who am I to say what you find, how, and where it's all leading?

I leave it to you then to be the new light
A compassionate heart like a star in the night
You can give in to sorrow you can give in without a fight
But you'll never be free, until you stand for what's right.