Life Is Mysteriou
By Jonathan Berman

" Life is Mysterious"


This is the story about how one schools a family
They didn't enroll, but
I'm writing the curriculum
Nobody told me that the strangers to this kid
Would feel more kindred
Than my own parents did


My papa left home when I was three
The bruises were still fresh with their blues on me
The empty garage and the scent of eucalyptus 
And empty boxes where my heart said "You did this"


All my childhood memories by design they flow 
like ocean waves at the end of an undertow
A wrought iron mouth with the teeth of fast cars
Tadpoles and bees are my water's stars
A wide staircase that was much too wide
And the foundation caving in to the center of the fault line


Tough love is the game that they sold me.
But they don't call or write even emotionally console me. 
You got a million in the bank, and you say that you care,
but when I go down for the third time, damn you're nowhere.


I do what I love but it doesn't pay the bills, see
I refuse to sell out, even if it kills me. 
People judge you if you don't give in and pay your dues.
I guess no matter how you live your life, you're bound to lose. 

People tell me be yourself, it will all work out,
but they won't put a cent forward to help you out.

So I forgive cos I know that I believe in love
When my friends are down low they need not pray to what's above.
I come to the rescue, when my fellows fall
So I guess I'm just better than ya'all


I give compassion to everyone
I really don't think I'm better but I don't abandon
Even in this moment where I feel alone
I'm searching for the answer to bring you home


This life is mysterious, 
My cat beside me it's amazing she can sleep through this

Ya life is mysterious,
My cat beside me it's amazing she can sleep through this