Original Poetry Wraps
By Jonathan Berman

Existence is Beautiful (4/9/2013)

My new rap is dedicated to those who dare to believe in love.

((Draft 2))

My cats eat their breakfast from Hoya cut crystal
We owe a better life to our children, it's that simple.

Everyone's asleep indoctrinated by the media
The truth lives amongst the stars not in an Encyclopedia

Look it up in a book, you won't find it
Recipes for war, they're all behind it
Lies buys your soul and you supply it
Wake up and take it back don't deny it

I've danced with the devil and flown with an angel
Fictions and mythologies miracles and angles
Everybody vyin and supplyin a story
TO make it all meaningful and find some kind of glory

The truth is greater than anything thought
Feelings are reeling from the vastness of it all
Open your heart and close the book
Because life's the drug that your soul just took

You're high, you can't trust your senses
Everything we dream becomes new defenses
If we are all one than why don't we hug it out?
Laughter the medicine and everyone buggin' out

Sleep walking, thorough politics
Everyone knows how everything ticks
Silence talks, but nobody's listening
Love is all around us, just look for what's glistening

The roads are paved with our intentions
Nothing exists beyond recollection
A walk along the beach I'll meet you there
Holding hands in the midnight air

Everything's a poem without rhyme or reason
Nothing ever ends it creates the season
Don't live your life hiding out on a shelf
But until then just believe in yourself.