Sweet, Caring, and Lovely
By Jonathan Berman

Sweet, Caring, and Lovely


I leave you with a poem, for as leaves carress the darkened street, treating them to welcome rain...
your glances o'er me gently creep, and give me want to rise again...
and in the morning when I wake, my dreams entrenched in softly stirring...
I look around, the gentle sound, is my lover softly purring...


sweet: I imagine kissing you is like tasting the nectar of a berry rare and sweet, dripping over me in my sleep, keeping me floating in liquid deep, warm, and gentle.
caring: a hug to hold you and show you that you are always loved, in this world where life is so uncertain, I will always be there for you.
lovely: You make every night and every sight, a magical adventure and a wonderful life


I am the shadow, and you are the sun,
but together we are the earth which nurtures everyone.
The sky embraces us, the ocean mends,
our love is the doctrine that the angel sends.
To each their own favor, to each their own light,
but each moment made whole in your mind, heart and sight.