May 3, 2018


Reality and Politics


Trump is trying to win over the black vote by appealing to their dumbest representative... Kanye West, and from a reality host president point of view, that's smart tactics, and will probably work, just as he pandered to the lowest common denominator to become president, this is his tactic for re-election. It doesn't matter if what Trump says is untrue, because people will believe it. They don't fact check, and when they do they check the sources whichconfirm their bias, and then they don't fact check those sources either. We are so far down the rabbit hole of corruption in this country, I get why Bill Burr gave up the conspiracy angle and just started watching sports... I get it, because most of us like Bill Burr who see what's going on, often get to a point where we either lose our minds, become angry all the time, or just waste our lives with this shit that it stops us from cultivating our own happiness... so i can't fault him for giving up on the good fight, but me? I'll continue to speak truth to power, no matter who it offends, no matter who misunderstands me, because I know the truth is the only thing that can plant the seeds that set future generations free, and even if I don't see the fruition of these seeds, man, the times that I do make it all worth it, and the integrity of trying makes it worth it... because ultimately, all that matters in our lives is that we can live with ourselves, and until we live our lives right by ourselves, we will always feel like frauds. We will always feel disconnected from one another... and that's just not reality... reality is beyond these games and constructs and machinations... reality is One already, waiting for us to wake up.


February 25, 2016


Where is God's mercy?


You learn pretty quickly the things people tell themselves in cold comfort when tragedy strikes. This week 10 year old girl Kiera Larsen, died while saving the lives of a 1 and 2 year old who were left playing in their front yard, when an SUV started rolling backwards toward them... and if you clicked on the Facebook news story you could read what everyone was posting in their share of this article... and it went a little something like this:


God needed her back, she was an angel, etc... and I have to wonder why so many people turn to Biblical sources in times of tragedy, as if it's not absolutely Machiavellian for a deity to send a child for the sole purpose of sacrificing themselves for others, which is the basis of their whole story, right? How cruel though is that for the child? Why are we so inclined to believe that a God would think that's a fair trade? If there were such a God, why not just save the kids himself without the need for a sacrifice?


I think we can all appreciate sacrifice, when it happens, but I don't give God credit for that sacrifice, I give the girl credit. Because on that terrible day, when this ten year old lost her life, God didn't do shit for her.


According to The Bible, God desires mercy, not sacrifice. And yet so many believe in sacrifice by God, with a strangely absent merciful nature on earth.




It is ironic that one can believe God forgives, while also believing in cause and effect, the very nature of the universe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, because ultimately then, there is no forgiveness except that which one provides for themselves that is in balance with the universe... theology is enough to drive you a little mad


March 18, 2016


There's this ignorant notion on the right that kids on the left are just stupid and buying into an everything free stance of Bernie Sanders, as if there's just money out there to pay for it all... and they disvalidate the left by asking rhetorically, "Where does the money come from?" But if they really thought about it, maybe they'd realize where the money could actually come from....

1. Trillions spent on wars
2. Trillions spent on planes that don't fly, tanks that rot in the desert, etc
3. Trillions in untaxed offshore corporate profits
4. Trillions in bailouts and bonuses

Trust me the money IS out there, but instead of doing the right thing, the rich assholes get us into debt and then try to pay for it on the backs of the voiceless, the poor, the elderly and the disabled.

This is no different than any other corrupt government that we allegedly fight against around the world. The corporate run government is the biggest threat to American's national security, and they are not only destroying the economy, they are destroying the environment... now who's going to stop them if we won't? Too entertained by the superficialities, and hopelessness of a David vs Goliath nightmarefest?

Perhaps there truly is nothing we can do. Perhaps we will simply go extinct, and the earth will have to start over again... it wouldn't be the first time.


June 12, 2016


I just heard what happened in Orlando... something terrible happens every day, and people ponder it a moment, think about the tragedy and they feel bad... but what we need is for people to get mad and start putting a real plan into action to change things. You cared for Kony for a day. You care for this or that for a day... and nothing changes... we want wars to end but we keep sending our kids off to war. We want obesity to end but we keep sending our kids to the fast food drive-thru. We want gun violence to end but we keep teaching our kids how to shoot. We need to start putting our money where our pain is... and stop supporting the corporations who develop the things that are killing us. There is no lesser of two evils anymore, only two puppets, one in one hand, one in the other...


June 13, 2016


Answer to tragedy isn't apathy, that's surrender. We can't all be innocent kittens, cute and cuddling. Someone has to protect the innocent




Telling killers to stop killing is the same as telling the poor in some 3rd world country to stop killing manta rays... desperation changes you, and what you have to do... if we want an end to the killing, we must balance the haves and the have nots... globally... we must work to the common good. We talk of corrupt nations keeping the wealth for their dictators, while the poor struggle and unnecessarily suffer and die... generation after generation... it's the same everywhere. The national disparity is the global disparity. Wheels within wheels... nothing is sacred, nowhere is safe. Mankind rushes headlong into its extinction, and some will adapt to the new world, they will survive... but a change is coming, will you be ready?