Short little improv blues song I recorded today.


Long For The Life Ahead


Don't I know what I say?
Something got in my way
Don't I know where I been
Holding on to yesterdays

When the dream is gone
Sleep becomes all you have to say

All I watch is sentimental
Dreams are open wide

I long for love and I take what I get
But I leave it all behind

Do not do what I said,
Long for the life ahead

Do not do what I said,
Long for the life ahead


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Another Day


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17 Years In A Day


Everyone has a friend who comes in and out of their lives, and when they do return, catching up, picking up where you left off is sometimes effortless... like catching up on all those years in a single conversation... this is one of those times.


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Jonathan Berman - Empty Handed (Original)


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Tom Gilliand's Memorial, 2013

A triumphant and wonderful man who will be missed

Thank you to Joyvce for having me and letting me dedicate and play a song for Tom



Just thought we could all use a little light-hearted kitty love today, my prayers go out to everyone in Oklahoma.


First Youtube Video! (Luna guest stars)